The Coffee Grounds Hack That Breathes New Life Into Stained Fabric Around The House

What do you usually do if a favorite shirt, tablecloth, or fabric gets a stain on it? While you may have successfully used hacks for getting the toughest laundry stains out in the past, sometimes a stain is just too stubborn to remove. If you accidentally stain a fabric, consider embracing change — instead of throwing it out, go all the way with a brand new look instead. Intentionally staining the entire fabric can be a good idea and can help you hide a stain while giving it some fresh aesthetic appeal.

There are many ways to stain garments and fabrics, but one of the easiest methods is to use coffee. In many homes, coffee grounds are already in the pantry, and using them can be a sustainable solution for staining a fabric that's much easier and more effective than you might expect. While coffee might be helpful for darkening your dark-colored clothing, you can also use it to stain a lighter fabric and hide a stain that's present. For a convenient, non-toxic dye, consider using coffee to stain your garment or fabric instead of throwing it out and as an alternative to potentially dangerous chemical dyes.

How to stain fabric using coffee grounds

Staining fabric with coffee grounds is a very simple process that doesn't require any particular expertise. To get started, you'll first want to clean your fabric thoroughly and soak it in water to keep it damp. Doing this allows the coffee to stain it thoroughly. Then, brew some coffee. Keep in mind that the coffee's strength will affect the color, with medium and dark roasts tending to result in a darker stained look. You'll then want to add the coffee to a large pot or container. Place the garment that you want to stain inside and let it sit for about an hour. After checking it, you can heat the coffee back up and leave it longer if you want to achieve a darker appearance.

After you're done, take the garment or fabric out and rinse it. You can let it air dry in the sun or another appropriate spot before placing it in the washing machine and then in the dryer. Be sure to use your regular laundry machine settings. The process will be complete, and your garment will have a new dark, stained look that helps hide the stubborn stain.