Jasmine Roth Reveals A Clean & Casual Design Trend That Stands The Test Of Time

HGTV designer Jasmine Roth knows style. Not only is she the host of "Help! I've Wrecked My House," where she helps homeowners who ruined their houses with DIY attempts, but she is also a working designer with her own firm. You can book a virtual design consultation with her to help transform your space, so she knows what she's talking about when it comes to design trends. And one trend that she loves to implement because it's clean and casual and stands the test of time is California Casual design. 

When Roth designs homes, her plans focus on not only creating beautiful spaces, but also ones that are comfortable and liveable and not difficult to upkeep. You won't catch her recommending overly fussy knick-knacks or luxury fabrics that you would be scared to sit on. That's exactly why she likes California Casual decor style so much — it's a coastal look inspired by beach living, so by definition, it's laid-back and relaxing. It's a beachy aesthetic, but rather than relying on seashell and sailboat motifs, it instead uses elegant organic touches, like wood-accent couches and fur cushions. Here is a closer look into the trend.

Jasmine Roth loves California Casual design

Roth's main design aesthetic is California Casual, so it's no surprise that she promotes it. "We'll never get tired of a California Casual design style," she posted in an Instagram video of a house she designed. In the video, she highlights tips on how to incorporate the California cool style in your own home, helping fans mimic her personal style. She recommends using calming neutral color palettes, but adding blue accents to create some contrast and drama. She also recommends mixing and matching different materials and finishes, with an emphasis on earthy elements. For example, a room will feel more dynamic and cozy if it mixes leather with fur and stone with wood. She also advises adding character with vintage accents, which makes it feel more curated and "lived-in." This can include a vintage brass mirror over the fireplace or a vintage Turkish rug on the floor. 

Another main factor in this style is plenty of sunlight, evoking an "I-live-next-to-the-beach" feel. This includes swapping out heavy curtains or blinds for sheer curtains and pairing down bulky or dark window dressings to something airier. If you don't get much natural light in your house or apartment, then you can make up for it with lots of lamps. Add plenty of ambient lighting so the room feels bright when you turn on the overhead light, and also tons of task lighting so you can brighten the dark corners of the room. 

Jasmine Roth has endorsed California Casual for some time

Roth isn't a new fan of California Casual. Instead, she has used this aesthetic in the majority of her designs. "If you've been around here a while, you know by now: my bread and butter is a design style I like to call 'California Casual,'" Roth wrote in a blog post on her website. "This is a design style that feels relaxed and airy, but filled to the brim with texture and organic materials." She explains that some of the easiest ways she creates this aesthetic in spaces is by keeping the rooms light and white with a neutral color palette and adding plants and wooden textures wherever you can. 

Not only do you see this style in her TV show, "Help! I've Wrecked My House," but she also used it in her own family home. While she has since put her Huntington Beach, California, home on the market, the HGTV designer completely revamped it while living in it to match this grownup beachy aesthetic. When she made over her backyard to match the casual style, she told People about the transformation: "I always have this underlying California casual look that even if I tried to stray from it, I don't think I could, because it's just more of a lifestyle than it even is a design trend." It's inviting, comfortable, and attainable, just as a home should be.