Light Up Your Outdoor Space With This Adorable DIY Using 2 Dollar Tree Items

The good folks at Dollar Tree have an outdoor lighting hack for homeowners to replicate that's simple, affordable, and appreciably chic. Even better, this DIY project primarily uses just two products from the store: A pair of lantern solar light yard stakes and a round plastic planter. Together with other smaller items, this unlikely group can be used to form a free-standing lamp that's perfect for illuminating an outdoor lounge, doorway, patio steps, or garden pavement.

The solar light yard stakes are thoughtfully designed for outdoor environments since they don't require electrical outlets because of their solar power system. The light sources are protected by Japanese-inspired casings while the pointed lower halves secure them in place. Apart from the tiny transparent lamp windows, everything has a matte black finish. The shot-glass-shaped plastic planter, on the other hand, is as simple as it gets, so it's effortless to add to your décor.  

Building a DIY outdoor light with Dollar Tree products

The assembly process for this hack begins by coating the planters with gray paint. This may have been done to complement the all-black yard stake since the planters only come in light brown and blue shades but it also reinforces the stylish look by imitating the appearance of traditional slate pots (feel free to use a different shade, though). You can also use another container as long as it meets the same dimensions, more or less, and is meant for outdoors. This is a smart way of repurposing your old planters if you have one hiding somewhere around.

Next, glue a block of foam onto the interior flooring of the planter, rising to about a third of the container's height. Then, stick the light yard stakes into the foam, which should hold the poles upright. Set the two lamps on varying heights to create an aesthetic effect. For further stability, pour coarse gravel into the planter, filling it up to about the same level as the foam. Finally, cover the remaining space with a layer of smooth pebble-stones for a chic finishing touch.

The importance of outdoor lighting for your home

Providing sufficient lighting for brightening up decks, patios, garden paths, and entryways is crucial for a safe and functional outdoor space. Without these fixtures, night-time tasks or simply walking to your house could be hazardous or even impossible. Moreover, and unknown to many, exterior lights are essential not only when you are outside the house but also when you are indoors. If you look through a glass window at night from an illuminated room and your yard has no lighting, your view will be blocked by your reflection on the glass.

As an added value, such features also bring visual appeal to your home. But since people spend more time indoors at night, outdoor lighting is often undermined by homeowners who deem it a less important investment. However, this useful Dollar Tree hack demonstrates that brightening your home's exterior in style need not be expensive or complicated. Sometimes, all you need is to know where to find your materials and a little bit of creativity.