20 Lighting Ideas That Will Brighten Up Your Deck

A home's deck is where a family usually hangs out, especially during the warm summer months, where they may roast s'mores or share stories. Decks can be a fun and inviting space to create memories and enjoy your backyard, as long as they're designed and maintained well. But at night, the fun ends unless there is sufficient lighting. Now, there are so many ways to light up your deck that there's no real good reason to sit in the dark or stop the party.

The Spruce says that proper outdoor lighting can also prevent something from hiding in the shadows and make you feel safe. But when it comes to design purposes, lighting can help illuminate your overall aesthetic, Another Amazing Deck notes. If you're worried about wasting electricity, most fixtures now use LED lightbulbs, which are known to be energy efficient. There are many lighting options that you can install yourself, but it's also important to speak with an electrician before playing with electrical circuits.

1. Stair lighting

Illuminate your steps by adding lighting to the backing of them. Then, when night falls, and it becomes dark, you'll be less worried about tripping over your feet or loose material.

2. Fireplace

Go the traditional route and install a fireplace pit. The warmth and bright light are comforting, and adding additional lighting around it can create a safe and comfy atmosphere.

3. String lights

A cute and magical way of adding light to your deck is by hanging fairy lights. These are especially fun as they come in different shapes and colors.

4. Overhead lighting

For those of you who use a gazebo as your back patio, overhead lighting may be a simple way to brighten up the space. However, this is definitely a job for an electrician, so restrain from trying this yourself.

5. Fence lighting

If you have a fenced-off backyard, you can install LEDs against it to create a circle of light around your yard. This will illuminate all the corners of your lot.

6. Wall sconces

Have lighting attached to your home for direct shine wherever you are sitting. This simple, functional lighting design shouldn't hinder your overall home design.

7. Rail lights

Rail lights can be the perfect way to brighten your deck and lead you down the stairs. The one downside is that it may be hard to find ones that can blend into your patio as they should complement its color.

8. Torch lights

Torch lights are a unique and tropical way of adding light to your deck. Their design is reminiscent of the last vacation you took and can make the space great for entertaining. 

9. Planter lights

Planter lights are a way to introduce something unique to your style and design. There are several different options to choose from, so you won't have to sacrifice design for the functionality of lights.

10. Table torch

A table torch may not illuminate your whole space, but it can be a cute way of lighting up whatever activity takes place on your patio.

11. Colorful lighting

Set up a colorful glowing effect for your deck to create a fun atmosphere. This blue color brings out a calming effect, but you can use other colors depending on the mood you want to feel.

12. Pool lighting

If you have a pool by your deck, you can light up the area by having lights surrounding the water and reflecting onto your patio. This way, the lights are not shining too brightly and have a dim effect.

13. In-lite fusion lighting

Create a night sky effect on your impact by installing in-lite fusion lighting. It's possible to set it up yourself, but you may want to hire a professional. This lighting type comes in various colors and sizes to create your desired visual.

14. Tree lighting

To prevent critters from hiding in bushes and trees around your deck, installing lights in some of their potential hiding spots may be wise.

15. Grid lights

Install a grid of lights to display whatever shapes or images you'd like. These triangles are a perfect way to glow up a deck and lighten up any dark spaces while also emitting a playful vibe.

16. Light posts

A traditional route is installing decorative light posts around your patio. Pictured here are miniature light posts, but you can install large lights for added brightness if your space permits.

17. Modern lights

Create a modern look by implementing concrete lights for your back deck. The look of stone can blend nicely with other modern touches you may have placed around your property. 

18. Be abstract

Be abstract by finding lights in different shapes. These lights look as if they are shaped like stones and are piled around each other. This is an artful way of getting the exact design you'd like.

19. Patterns

This outdoor light with a leaf pattern accentuates a vacation vibe that would be great if you put a seat near. Of course, this light type shouldn't be relied on heavily to brighten up the whole space, but it can surely help.

20. Glowing pots

This may be your favorite option if you love gardening. These adorable pots that light up to look like orbs are a great way not only to illuminate your deck but also to emphasize the beauty of your plants.