If You're Not Using A Butter Knife To Clean Air Vents, You're Doing It Wrong

Everyone has their weekly cleaning to-do list, but how often do you do detail work? You might have your bathtub cleaning hacks down pat, and maybe you dust your baseboards once a month, but how often do you deep-clean things like air vents? For most people, that's probably a chore they do once a year, if that, and it's easy to see why. 

Cleaning air vents can be a total pain thanks to their height, and it gets harder to do once dust accumulates and creates grime. Because the vent slats are so thin, it's difficult to get in between the openings to dust properly, forcing most people to skip the chore entirely out of frustration. 

But there's a cleaning hack for air vents that will make dusting them much easier, which, in turn, will make the chore all the more enjoyable. And isn't that something we all want? Keep reading to learn why you should be using a butter knife to clean your air vents.

Use this kitchen tool to make cleaning air vents easier

Smart homeowners and renters know that you don't have to buy fancy cleaning equipment to dust tricky things like air vents. Instead, use household items you already have on hand to get the job done. 

A case in point: You can use a butter knife to clean your air vents. Tackle that hard-to-reach space with just two things: a microfiber cloth and a butter knife. According to Green Frog Cleaning, one of San Diego's highest-rated cleaning companies, all you need to do is wrap the microfiber cloth around the butter knife, and then slip it into the vent slats to wipe away the dust. If you need a little extra help, you can also wet the microfiber cloth to catch more dust. It's as easy as that!

Air vents are one of those things people should be cleaning but aren't. However, thanks to this cleaning hack, the chore just got a whole lot easier.