If You're Not Using Dryer Sheets To Clean Dirty Dishes, You're Doing It Wrong

Why have a pantry stuffed to the brim with cleaning supplies when some of those products can work double duty for you? There is one tried and true dish washing cleaning hack that will allow you to stop buying scouring pads and allocate that money towards something a little more fun. (Like perhaps towards a coffee treat after your grocery store run?) The less things you need to buy and store, the better, so this trick will seriously come in clutch.

There are a lot of dishwashing hacks out there, which include everything from space-making dishwasher tray hacks to tips on how to avoid getting spotty dishes. While washing dishes is a simple enough chore, people are always looking for ways to complete it more efficiently. After all, no one wants to stand over the kitchen sink chipping away at caked-on food. We all want shortcuts. That's where this clever dishwashing hack comes in handy.

Ditch your scouring pad, and head to the laundry room for a great alternative

Rather than using an expensive steel wool scouring pad, you can actually use a dryer sheet to clean your dirty dishes. If you have scorched casserole dishes or greasy frying pans, skip the elbow grease and use this simple dryer sheet method instead.

To start, The Kitchn suggests putting a drop or two of dish soap into your pan, and then filling it with enough warm water to cover the burned food and grease buildup. Afterwards, place a non-scented dryer sheet inside the cookware, and let it soak for about an hour. (Or if you have a charred mess, you might even want to let it soak overnight. It all depends on how messy things got in the kitchen.) Once the allotted time is up, take out the dryer sheet, and pour out the now-dirty water. You will see the grime come right off — no scouring (or internal grumbling) necessary! Hand-washing in the kitchen just got so much easier.