Cleaning Tips That Leave Your Bed Smelling Amazing

There is no better feeling in the world than sinking into a nice-smelling, fresh, fluffy bed after a long day of work. But it takes more than simply washing the bed sheets or cleaning pillowcases in order to get great-smelling bedding. There are cleaning hacks you can implement to make your bed smell fresh — even days after washing your sheets. 

While laundry detergent plays a big part in fresh-scented bedding, it's just one player in the cleaning process. You also have to strip back the sheets and work on the foundation, or the mattress. You can't expect to have a bed smelling of meadows and fresh linen when your mattress hasn't been cleaned and freshened for months — or even for years! But we understand that deodorizing a bed isn't necessarily intuitive, so we rounded up some helpful cleaning tips that will leave your bed smelling absolutely amazing. Learn everything from how to properly deodorize a mattress to how to soften crunchy linens, and get ready to sleep in a bed that will feel like it's from a five-star hotel.

A clean-smelling bed starts with the mattress

You can't expect to have a clean-scented bed when the mattress hasn't been touched for months. In an effort to help those who are struggling with a mediocre-smelling bed, TikTok home tips expert Chantel Mila created an awesome tutorial on how to make a bed smell oh-so pleasant. 

In this tutorial, Mila first begins the process by cleaning and deodorizing her mattress. The TikToker vacuums the mattress with a small handheld vacuum, which cleans both dust and any dust mites from the bed. And since four out five households in the United States contain dust mites lurking in their beds (via IFL Science), this is an important step when it comes to creating a clean sleeping space. 

Once the mattress is vacuumed, Mila then deodorizes it by using a homemade sanitizer that consists of three to five drops of essential oil mixed with half a cup of baking soda. She then leaves the powder on the mattress for a minimum of 30 minutes, allowing the baking soda to eliminate the odors trapped in the bed. (Those who have a fragrance allergy or sensory issues can also use simple bicarb to achieve the same results.) Cleaning the mattress ensures that you have a clean foundation, and it eliminates any trapped odors that a fresh set of linen wouldn't be able to mask.

Clean the sheets properly for ultimate softness

In the same cleaning tutorial, TikToker Chantel Mila shows her followers how to properly wash their bedsheets so they come out soft, incredibly fresh, and perfectly scented. In the TikTok tutorial, Mila uses a sheet washing hack that substitutes fabric softener for half a cup of white vinegar to obtain extra soft bedding. The TikToker then puts the freshly washed sheets onto the bed, and even spritzes the bedding with an essential oil linen spray from Sleep Rituals for an extra scent boost. Or if you rather make your own linen spray using essential oils, Mila also has a separate tutorial on how to do just that. (Take note that Mila wrote in the comments section, "Use discretion if you have fragrance allergies or pets.")

If you try all three of Mila's awesome cleaning tips, you are sure to not only have fresh-scented sheets, but likely have some of the best sleep of your life!