The Surprising Reason You Should Use Brass Doorknobs In Your Home

Thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, many of us have discovered the joys of interior design. While for some, that joy came from watching reruns of real-estate shows on HGTV, for others, it took the form of working on at-home projects that we never thought we'd have time to tackle. Spaces that we might have viewed as simply functional are now transformed into endless opportunities to DIY and customize to our heart's content. And, as it turns out, there are so many different ways to design your home that don't involve buying expensive furniture or painting the walls. In fact, interior design can be pretty quick and inexpensive — if you know what to look for.

Integrating your own personal taste into your home can be as simple as changing a lampshade, buying a plant, or even just switching out your throw pillows. But we've recently discovered that one of the best home hacks involves installing brass wherever possible throughout your home, particularly your doorknobs.

Brass is perfect for doorknobs because it's antimicrobial

It's no secret that the coronavirus pandemic has made us all extremely sensitive to germs, especially now that we've learned how quickly and easily diseases can spread. So that's why it's vital to take as many precautions as possible to keep yourself and loved ones healthy, even if it's a step that seems small.

According to the Copper Development Association, copper, brass, and bronze have the capability to kill more than 99.9% of bacteria. In fact, it's even suggested that the Egyptians would use copper to clean and treat wounds due to its antimicrobial properties. In a nutshell, copper releases ions when germs — transferred by touching or sneezing — make contact with a copper surface. The release of these ions prevent cell respiration, destroying the DNA and RNA inside, which prevent mutations and indeed the spread of germs (via The Conversation).

Your doorknob is one of the germiest areas of your home

Of the many places that are recommended to implement brass in your home, including light fixtures, mirrors, and frames, amongst others, doorknobs are perhaps the most encouraged. According to a study via CBS News, touching one germy doorknob has the power to spread germs throughout entire spaces within just hours. Furthermore, another study from the same outlet found that a virus that had been picked up by 40 to 60% of workers and visitors had been detected on the high-touch items of the communal space. Doorknobs are some of the most touched items in your entire home, making them one of the germiest — which is why experts suggest replacing all your doorknobs with brass ones.

"Brass doorknobs will typically disinfect themselves in about eight hours," says realtor Shannon McNulty. "This is because the metal ions in brass and copper are actually toxic to mold, viruses, and other living things" (via Best Life Online). And it doesn't hurt that brass and copper are some of the trendiest metals to incorporate into your home right now and can be added to virtually any corner of your abode.