The Most Expensive Apartment In The UK Costs Even More Than You Think

It's no secret that cities are expensive places to live. Market Watch attributes this to cities becoming "more and more popular all over the world, leading to a surge in demand for urban housing," and their status as "economic powerhouses" within their respective countries. From Hong Kong to Tokyo to Zurich and Singapore, these cities are some of the most expensive places to live in the entire world — and they're not showing any signs of becoming any cheaper (via Time Out). Of those expensive locations is none other than London, England, which consistently makes the list of most expensive cities in the world.

We can't help but wonder where the most expensive apartment in the U.K. is, how much it's going for, and most importantly, what it looks like. As it turns out, the apartment in question can be found in London's Hyde Park — and it's more of a luxurious penthouse than a simple flat.

This is how expensive the property is

Currently on sale for a whopping £175 million — that's about $206 million — this Hyde Park property is located specifically in Knightsbridge in central London, and boasts an impressive five bedrooms, a massive swimming pool, and according to The Sun, is nearly the size of a combined 18 average-sized homes in England. And as for the view? It offers an incredibly panoramic view of the beautiful Hyde Park area, and allows onlookers to gaze upon the city of London. The spectacular 18,000 square foot penthouse reportedly includes a private spa, gym, two terraces, four parking spaces, and even a champagne room and a wine room (via Celebrity Net Worth).

The property is owned by billionaire real estate mogul Nick Candy, of "Candy & Candy," an estate agency owned by the brothers Nick and Christian Candy. According to CNBC, Nick lived there for five years with his wife, actress Holly Valance, and their two daughters.

Nick describes the two-story Hyde Park property as "a world-class real estate asset in the heart of London that will continue to perform as a solid investment for years to come." So, think the property is on your budget? According to Celebrity Net Worth, Nick is happy to accept an all cash offer as well as Bitcoin and Ethereum.