Selling Sunset: The Most Expensive Mansions Sold On The Show So Far

Netflix's overwhelmingly popular real estate series, "Selling Sunset," is perhaps one of the most extravagant home-buying shows we've ever watched. But it comes with the territory — literally, as "Selling Sunset" takes places within the most expensive neighborhoods of Los Angeles. We're not sure what exactly it is about this series that makes it so popular: the gorgeous mansions, the riveting drama between agents, the glamorous outfits worn by said agents, the random A-List celebrity guests, or maybe a mix of them all. Regardless of the reasons for its success, "Selling Sunset" is a huge hit and has even been renewed for a fourth and fifth season, per Women's Health. As for the upcoming shows, we expect a whole lot of the same juicy content that made us binge the first three seasons in the first place.

But before we set our eyes on the season to come, let's take a look at some of the most expensive and extravagant houses that have been sold on "Selling Sunset" thus far.

This is how the Selling Sunset agents make their money

According to Zillow, the average cost of a home in Los Angeles is around $880,000, with that number having increased 16.7% just since 2020. But when it comes to the homes that the Oppenheim Group from "Selling Sunset" works with, things become much more expensive.

Let's start with something modest yet beautiful. Maya Vander took on the challenge of selling a stunning bachelor pad on Harold Way, Hollywood Hills. The property boasts an open floor plan, chef's kitchen, large infinity pool, and an impressive view of the Hollywood Hills as well as the ocean, per PopSugar. According to the Oppenheim Group website, the property has three bedrooms, three bathrooms, and 3,491 square feet. The property sold for a whopping $5,490,000.

As for how the "Selling Sunset" agents make money, according to the Radio Times, they don't actually receive a salary from the Oppenheim Group. Their money comes directly from commission, which is usually a huge paycheck due to the price tags on the mansions they deal with. So in Vander's case, selling this $5,490,000 house gave her a cheeky take-home commission of $164,700.

At $8 million, this Selling Sunset house is considered a bargain

A huge commission teased Mary Fitzgerald when she tried her hand at selling a property on Evanview Drive, Los Angeles worth $8 million. The home in question boasts, per PopSugar, being in the heart of Los Angeles, yet still manages to remain pretty quiet and serene. Listed as a "steal" of a property, this huge home includes 13-foot ceilings, floor-to-ceiling windows, and is 4,622 square feet. As of August 2020, the house has yet to find its next owners — so if you're interested, you should hit up Fitzgerald, as it's a $240,000 commission just waiting for her.

Next, coming in at $9,750,000, we have another record-breaking mansion that the Oppenheim Group managed to successfully sell thanks to Fitzgerald. According to The Tab, this home can be found on Doheny Drive in Los Angeles, but promises to be incredibly private and secluded. The property includes double gates that lead to an eight car garage, five bedrooms, six bathrooms, and a garden that Fitzergald and her husband can boast they used as their wedding day venue (via Screen Rant). And, if you watched the show, you would have seen that Fitzgerald managed to literally sell the house on the actual day of her wedding. In case you're wondering, that would be a $243,750 wedding gift for the agent.

It took three seasons of Selling Sunset before this house sold

The aforementioned mansions might seem like child's play once we reveal the price of the next home that was sold on "Selling Sunset." Indeed, this house is a pretty dramatic price jump, so hold on tight. 

According to The Tab, one of the biggest moments for the Oppenheim Group was when they were presented with the opportunity to sell a house worth a whopping $40 million. At the time, this was the most expensive house that the team had been approached with. Jason Oppenheim, one of the founders of the agency, introduced his team to the property on Season 1 of "Selling Sunset," showing off the home's entire 20,000 square feet. Then, by Season 2, according to PopBuzz, the house had been totally updated and renovated. However, it isn't until Season 3 that Oppenheim finally gets to brag that he sold the seemingly unsellable house, which agent Christine Quinn celebrates with a ring of the team's commemorative gong.

Who bought this impressive Selling Sunset property?

Jason Oppenheim had reportedly attempted to keep the identities of the home's new owners anonymous, with safety reasons in mind. According to Metro, Oppenheim shared that the couple who bought the home was "not someone who [he] would class as a celebrity. It was a very wealthy young couple and quite an impressive young couple." However, it wasn't long after that Variety wrote an exclusive piece on the young people who had bought the $35.5 million house, identifying them as Tom and Lisa Bilyeu. This married couple are the co-founders of Quest Nutrition, a food company that is best-known for selling protein powder and protein bars (via The Hollywood Reporter).

Variety reports that the couple's lavish Hollywood Hills home was designed by South Africa-based architecture firm Saota, and expands in great detail on all of the bespoke elements of the stunning home. Some of the most notable features include an indoor waterfall, a 163-foot wraparound swimming pool, a glass elevator, and even a walk-in wine closet and movie theater.

This is the all-time most expensive property featured on Selling Sunset

It's hard to believe that any property could top the aforementioned $40 million mansion. But believe it or not, the Oppenheim Group managed to get their hands on without a doubt the most expensive and luxurious property any of these veteran real estate agents had ever seen.

For several seasons of "Selling Sunset," Davina Potratz has been attempting to sell this immaculate home, but has yet to find the right buyers who could afford it. Indeed, the property in question is being sold for a whopping $75 million. According to the Oppenheim Group website, this contemporary Beverly Hills home sits on over one acre of land, and boasts an impressive seven bedrooms, 10 bathrooms and 15,605 total square feet. With a chef's kitchen, state-of-the-art movie theater, home gym, wine cellar, huge pool, and much more, this property is by far the most expensive ever presented to the "Selling Sunset" team. While Portratz has had many clients come to view it, with some even coming close to buying it, the house is still on the market. If she does manage to sell it, however, her commission is set to be around $1 million, according to PopBuzz.

If you're anything like us, then you'll be tuning in to the upcoming seasons of "Selling Sunset" to see what the Oppenheim Group will be listing next, and if Portratz ever manages to sell the seemingly unsellable property.