The Property Brothers' Best Tip For Making A Small Space Seem Bigger

The dynamic duo of home renovations, otherwise known as Drew and Jonathan Scott from "Property Brothers," have a reputation for making homes look fabulous. But they're not just about fixer-uppers; the brothers also have decorating advice that can help you transform areas in your home. They can even help you make that small room in your house seem bigger.

The trick to opening up a small room is to keep things light and bright, as Drew told Yahoo! Entertainment. "Use a lighter color palette and light fixtures that will brighten the space," he explained. Interior designer Nicole Gibbons agrees, adding that bright colors reflect more light than darker colors, making a small area seem more spacious (via Martha Stewart). She suggests painting walls with off-white or light blue-green shades. In addition, Gibbons also says that painting the ceiling white will also make a small room appear bigger. To take this one step further, you could use a paint with a high light resistance value to help reflect light and add to the appearance of more space (perĀ Southern Living).

Use less bulky, multifunctional furniture

Another tip from Drew Scott involves furniture, as noted by Yahoo! Entertainment. He suggests using slim, less bulky pieces of furniture because they will take up less room, making a small room feel less crowded. Designer Nicole Gibbons expounds on this idea in Martha Stewart, adding that putting some distance between furniture pieces creates an illusion of more space, where items crowded next to each other make a small room feel even smaller.

Since space in a small room is limited, Drew added that it's a good idea to use multifunctional items. For example, an ottoman that can also be used for storage can help you keep clutter to a minimum. He also suggested using a Murphy bed in small guest rooms, so it can be put away when not in use.

Finally, you can also use mirrors to open up small rooms. Like lighter colors, mirrors reflect light, creating an openness in small areas. Try hanging a large mirror with a small frame to expand visual space. If you can pair a mirror with a light source, such as a lamp or a candle, you can also enhance the light-reflective effect (via Apartment Therapy).