Inside Robert Downey Jr.'s Unique Windmill Home

"Iron Man" star Robert Downey Jr. and his wife Susan Downey, a Hollywood producer, showcased their unique summer home: the Edward DeRose Windmill Cottage in East Hampton. In a video tour with Architectural Digest, Robert, who has a reported net worth of around $300 million (via Celebrity Net Worth), playfully proclaimed, "This is Susan's house." According to Curbed, the home had an $11.9 million asking price and was built in 1885. It sits on four acres, and as Downey explained, "The reason that it's situated exactly where it is, is because they wanted to be able to see the church spire, back in the late 19th century." As for the direction the house faces? Downey wouldn't divulge, saying with a smile, "that would be a security breach." As for the design, "We wanted something we haven't seen a million times," Downey told Architectural Digest. "We didn't set out to do something conspicuously wacky. We just enjoy a bit of whimsy and fun. And we definitely don't like boring." Boring isn't something we could see the actor ever being!

The fairytale-style home was initially a playhouse, and while it doesn't have a working windmill, it resembles the one. The abode also has unique artwork throughout and whimsical features, including the prominent 15-foot praying mantis sculpture by Andrius Petkus on the front lawn and several design-worthy touches that make it special, including the fireplace. The property has 8,500 square feet of space between the main home and the guest house.

The sunken living room features an incredibly artistic fireplace

Joe Nahem and his design team at Fox-Nahem Associates worked about six weeks on the property, and boy, did they transform this space that is located at the base of the windmill just off the unique octagonal foyer. According to Architectural Digest, they dropped down the living room by several feet, creating an ideal recessed area with a comfortable oversized sofa that is the perfect spot for naps or entertaining — and the place where Susan enjoys a meditation session before her son wakes up.

Per People, the team gave the room a central focal point with a distinctive fireplace created by ceramicist Peter Lane, who has a 10,000-square-foot studio in Brooklyn (via Architectural Digest). One would be so fortunate to have a Lane masterpiece in their home. Steven Learner, the founder of the Collective Design fair, told Architectural Digest, "The scale and quality of Peter's work is really unmatched. His remarkable wall reliefs manage to be both fantastically ornate and viscerally raw, while his furniture pushes the boundaries of what we know as ceramics." And as Downey told the outlet, "Part of the joy of working with [Nahem] is sharing his excitement about reaching out to these incredibly talented artisans. These kinds of collaborations require a leap of faith, but that's part of the fun. We enjoy the experimentation." The room also has beautiful wood beams on the ceiling and artwork by Stan Ynry and Osgemeos.

There are wood highlights and pops of color in the custom-designed kitchen

The kitchen of the Downeys' windmill cottage is another top spot for the Hollywood power couple. This is where they can whip up pancakes for their children, Exton and Avri Downey, on a quiet weekend morning. The room is done up in mint and pink shades, which is noticed throughout the space, including the unique tile flooring, countertops, and seating (via Digs Digs).

Wood accents are also seen throughout the gourmet kitchen, including wood planks on the ceiling that warm up the room, contrasting with the white beams. But, the kitchen area aspect we honestly can't get enough of is the wrap-around pink bench, which as the Downeys' pointed out in the house tour with Architectural Digest is the ideal spot for afternoon naps. "When these two pillows are correctly aligned, it's like the Roman vomitorium where you can eat and then lie down," Downey quips in the video. Additionally, the family has a more formal dining room to feast in with yellow walls, a black Wendell Castle table paired with structured Sergio Rodrigues chairs, and a teal chandelier resembling crystals. The Downeys' lighting throughout the home is downright inspirational, and you can find a slew of ideas to recreate their looks at home from the Lighting Stores blog.

The artistic master bedroom is where the couple recharges

The Downeys' master bedroom is a place to recharge and is filled with exciting art, too. When it comes to working with art, Joe Nahem and his team have a process. As Nahem explained to Sotheby's, "We try to be aware of the art, but we don't let it intimidate us. A lot of designers, when they are dealing with art and clients who switch out pieces frequently, choose to make the design low-key. Not us." He added that it was also tricky to make sure that the art and the gorgeous views don't come into conflict with one another. But, perhaps Downey's bedroom wasn't a challenge, as it appeared to come together seamlessly.

The Downeys enthusiastically pointed out the Shepard Fairey portrait that resides just over their bed. Another standout is the ocean waves piece by Thomas de Leliwa that takes over the entire wall near a sitting area with velvet chaise lounges and a colorful, round custom Henzel Studio rug (per Architectural Digest). This area in the master bedroom is yet another perfect spot to relax and possibly take a nap. Do we see a theme here in the Downey household?

This eye-catching colorful bathroom might be everyone's favorite spot in the house

The Downeys' young daughter, Avri Downey, has the best bathroom in the house — it is colorful and fun! Forget about those basic neutral bathrooms seen in many celebrity homes, from Kim Kardashian's Calabasas mansion to Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas' Encino, California retreat. Susan noted this is "everyone's favorite room in the house for some reason" in the video tour with Architectural Digest, and we can see why everyone loves it. Once you push away the white shower curtain, the colorful polka dot walls with hues of purple, white, and black (also covering the entire floor) are revealed. 

Per People, Robert Downey Jr. wrote the foreword for Joe Nahem's book "Fox-Nahem, The Design Vision of Joe Nahem," and said, "Our previous experience with designers was sucky. We'd pretty much surrender to the will of the experts, then harbor a white-hot resentment." We can say that there's nothing sucky about this next-level bathroom. But, Robert has the right idea, noting during the tour that "it's like Good & Plenty in there." If you would love to add some color to your bathroom but don't want to go all out like the Downeys, House Beautiful suggests adding accessories, painting your walls a vibrant hue, or even adding a colorful shower curtain.

The outdoor spaces make this house a retreat

This windmill house has it all: a total of seven bedrooms, 11 bathrooms (five half and six full), a unique library, and an office located within the windmill, per Curbed. But, spending time outdoors is what the Downey family loves as this is a big part of their everyday lives, according to Architectural Digest. And who wouldn't love this property, which boasts beautifully landscaped gardens, a 50-foot swimming pool, and even a tennis court (via American Luxury). There is also an adorable two-bedroom guest home that sits on the property, perfect for entertaining guests.

To create what they call the "poolside pavilion," designer Joe Nahem brought on Alveary Architecture to create an outdoor oasis that includes a living area with a large TV, the ideal place to watch Downey's blockbuster hits, including "Avengers: Endgame" and "Iron Man." "We now spend the whole day out there, hanging out with the kids and our friends," Susan told Architectural Digest. "Plus, the old pool was dropped into the middle of the lawn, which made me crazy. I hated stepping out onto wet grass. [Nahem] obliged me by installing a proper deck."

What we loved most about the video tour is seeing how down-to-Earth the couple is, including the messy office, filled-to-the-brim closets, and the signs around the house that read, "Don't let the cats out." See, celebrities can be just like us, even if their bank accounts and homes are anything but!