Inside The Giant Potato You Can Sleep In For 200 Dollars A Night

You can prepare potatoes in a whole slew of delicious ways: mashed, scalloped, baked, fried, or even in salad form. The classic comfort food is a staple in many households and a favorite of carb-lovers everywhere. If you enjoy working in the dirt, they're easy to grow in your vegetable garden, and produce a generous harvest. Outside of the food realm, you can even use potatoes to clean your chimney.

While it's true that the pros of this powerhouse veggie go on and on, did you ever consider sleeping inside a giant potato? The thought would probably never cross the average person's mind, but one Idaho native and lover of all things potato thought it made perfect sense. The Idaho Potato Commission created the 28-foot-long by 12-feet-wide spud (made from steel, plaster, and cement) as part of a touring circuit to celebrate the potato, according to Roadside America. Airbnb host Kristie Wolfe worked for the commission and builds tiny houses on the side. When it was time to retire the giant potato, she convinced the commission to give it to her so that she could create one of the most unique, memorable Airbnbs in the U.S.

Your boho potato awaits

According to Kristie Wolfe's Airbnb listing, the giant faux potato can sleep two guests. It's a one bedroom, one bathroom combo, although the bathroom is technically steps away in a separate silo. Don't let visions of a dusty grain silo sway you, though. This is a luxurious, spa-like setting. Inside you'll find a giant soaking tub, a skylight for stargazing, and a cozy fireplace.

If you're expecting the interior of the potato to match the lumpy brown exterior, prepare to be pleasantly surprised: Just like the inner white, fluffy goodness of a freshly-baked potato, this interior is bright and welcoming. Even with a lack of windows, the gleaming white walls make everything feel airy. Modern finishes appear in accents of bubblegum-pink and green. Wolfe's decor choices are a blend of boho and rustic for a space that feels cozy and unpretentious. She even includes old records for guests' listening pleasure to enhance the mood.

The giant potato sits on 400 acres of farmland, so you'll have peace and privacy in spades. One unexpected but delightful guest you may encounter? An adorable jersey cow named Dolly who lives onsite. If all of this sounds like an a-peel-ing slice of rustic heaven, reservations start at $200 per night.