Why Painting Your Bedroom Red May Be A Huge Mistake

Paint is one of the easiest ways to completely transform a space on a low budget — simply adding a splash of color or incorporating a different hue can give a room an entirely different look and feel. However, there are a few things to consider when it comes to choosing your paint colors, and there are particular hues that you should try to avoid in certain spaces. Any shade of red in your bedroom is one of them — here's why.

While the human response to the color red isn't quite as intense as a bull's might be, according to Jeneva Aaron, founder of The House Wire, the color red does have a particular impact on the human mind (via Best Life Online). Since it is the color of blood, seeing any shade of red can potentially ignite a danger response in the brain that can cause an elevated heart rate and quickened blood flow. It's also a color often associated with very energetic, active things such as cars, energy drinks and more, according to Restonic.

While those might be desirable reactions and associations in an energetic space like a home gym, it's not quite the way you want your body to react in a room that's supposed to be calm and peaceful. Basically, seeing the color red tells your body it's time for adventure and passion and dangerous activities, prompting your body to respond accordingly — not exactly what you want when you're trying to fall asleep.

Tone down the color for your bedroom

If you adore the color red and decide you must have it as a featured hue in your bedroom, there are a few ways to incorporate it while toning down those intense visceral responses. First of all, instead of painting every wall red and splashing the color over the entire space, consider adding a few pops of color through items like throw pillows or art, suggests HGTV. A rug can also be a great way to include red without it taking over your serene space. Or, if you want red splashed on a larger area such as a piece of furniture, consider looking away from the vibrant stop sign red palette and looking for shades that are a bit on the softer side, with a bit more pink, purple, and white incorporated into the blend to reduce the intensity of the shade.

Additionally, if you're using a few different red pieces in your bedroom, consider mixing up the hues to add a bit of depth, for example opting for a deeper oxblood throw pillow paired with a more vibrant barn red piece of art (via Decor Aid). Also, make sure to consider your overall decorating style when choosing your preferred hue of red — shades like garnet and ruby fit the bill for a glam Art Deco-inspired bedroom, while a rusty hue would be perfect for a Boho-chic space, per My Domaine.