Here's How Much It Costs To Sleep In Harry Houdini's Mansion

When you hear the name Harry Houdini, you likely think of grand illusions and great escapes. What you probably don't think about is real estate. However, it turns out that the famous trickster had a home that was just as magical as the rest of his life. And what's even more amazing is that you can spend a night or two in his mysterious mansion.

Before Houdini's death on October 31, 1926, per Biography, he lived with his wife and onstage partner, Wilhelmina "Bess" Rahner, in a Los Angeles estate that perfectly suited his passion for the unusual. Dating back to the early 1900s, but built in an Edwardian style, according to Airbnb, the home is nestled on a private property where Rahner apparently threw a 500 magician-filled party that was unsurprisingly quite a notable event. It was also a place where Houdini actually practiced some of his stunning tricks, which is why there's still some amazing, ridiculous, and arguably dangerous features, such as a deep-water tank at the residence, as well as hidden tunnels, captivating caves, terraced gardens, a natural waterfall, and a heated pool.

Although Rahner lived in the home for years following the death of her famous husband, it's now available for you and your guests to stay in. But how much will that cost? Read on to find out while also discovering what else this magical home has to offer.

A night at Harry Houdini's magical estate is pretty pricey

If you decide to stay at Harry Houdini's estate, prepare yourself for some luxurious touches, according to the Airbnb listing. Inside, the home boasts a mantelpiece from carved stone, a whirlpool jacuzzi bathtub, as well as four bedrooms and four and a half bathrooms for you and your guests. Outside, among the sprawling five acres and whimsical décor, there is an idyllic walking trail as well as a whopping nine different areas for entertaining, including patios for barbecuing and an enviable spa.

Although the home is a little older, it's also been upgraded with modern conveniences such as satellite TV (so that you don't have to miss out on the latest episode of your favorite shows), and high-speed internet (so that you can post all of the pics from your stay immediately to Instagram).

Granted, if you want to spend a night at Houdini's estate, it's going to cost you! Normal weekdays will set you back $1,750, while anything on Friday through Sunday will be $3,000, and holidays (e.g. Valentine's Day weekend) are an additional 10%. But wait! You better budget in a bit more if you want the pool heated ($100 per day), firewood ($59), outdoor heating ($89 each), an extra bed ($59), or the cleaning service ($399). If that's a little costly for you, then maybe you could split it with a few friends so that you all can enjoy a stay in this magical mansion.