8 Easiest Ways To Clean Baseboards

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Baseboards are generally the part of the home that is often forgotten when cleaning. It's also an area of a house where, when they are gleaming and white, you definitely take notice. Just as your walls can become dirty with debris and gunk, your baseboards can be a collector of dust, too. If you're wondering how often you must clean your baseboards, Hunker says at least every month. The Spruce notes that regularly making an effort to clean your baseboards can be beneficial so that dirt and grime can't accumulate, which may be some of the best advice for getting the job done fast and efficiently. The outlet also suggests cleaning them two times per month. Angela Brown, the house cleaning expert behind Ask a House Cleaner says, "The hallmark of a good house cleaner is clean baseboards."

You might be wondering, what is the simplest way to clean baseboards? We have found eight stellar ways to get the job done in the simplest way possible because when your baseboards are clean, guests notice!

1. Use a Magic Eraser

Anyone that has ever used a Magic Eraser knows what a godsend of a product it is for cleaning. Even maid service The Maids swears by these heavy-duty cleaning squares to get the job done. The company says you just need the Magic Eraser and warm water to have your baseboards shiny and white in no time, and maybe some extra help to speed the process along.

If you have baseboards that have been painted on, add dish soap for maximum efficacy. For wood baseboards, use your Magic Eraser with a little bit of distilled white vinegar, and you will be wowed at the transformation. Even Apartment Therapy recommends this product before repainting to get rid of even the toughest stains. The outlet notes that users should ensure that the Magic Eraser isn't too soaking wet when you're doing the job so that your boards can dry much quicker.

2. Wipe with a dryer sheet

It's true; dryer sheets are pretty incredible, especially when it comes to cleaning the laundry and keeping clothes static-free and smelling great. But, they also have another pretty shocking use: They can be used to clean baseboards, per Apartment Therapy. Dryer sheets actually work wonders for repelling all of the dust that can enter your home, which is ideal for preventing more dirt and debris from sticking to your baseboards in the future. "Protect the baseboards' newly acquired cleanliness by rubbing them with a fresh dryer sheet," says Thumbtack House Cleaner Michael Dimopoulos in an interview with Today. "Not only will this leave a fresh laundry scent that lasts a few days, but also — and more importantly — the sheet's antistatic properties actually repel dust."

Pro Housekeepers, a nationwide housekeeping service, says that a dryer sheet can be a magnet for unsightly dirt. The company says to add one of your dryer sheets to a Swiffer so that you don't have to wreak havoc on your knees.

3. Sweep with a broom

Here's a tool that we can guess you most likely already have that is excellent for cleaning your baseboards — and a gentle reminder to make use of your broom! Attachment tools are handy if you have a lot of animal hair from your beloved dogs and cats, too. Apartment Therapy loves this method as well, and the outlet suggests using a handheld or even a paintbrush to really tackle the boards to remove hair and dirt. A broom can help remove this debris from your baseboards in no time. If you have a broom with a long handle, it can be another excellent way for you to not hurt your precious knees in the process.

We already learned of a spectacular TikTok hack for sweeping floors that can also work for your baseboards. You can spray your baseboards with Mrs. Meyer's cleaning spray or another multi-purpose spray, and that will help get rid of all that hair and gunk stuck to your baseboards. Plus, this trick will make it so you can quickly sop it up in one swipe.

4. Use a sock and a yardstick

Who says you can't use things you have around the house to make your baseboards sparkle and shine like new? Grab a sock from the unmatched section of your laundry room (because who doesn't have those?) for this ideal, maid-approved baseboard cleaning hack. Cascade Maids, a housekeeping company servicing Snohomish County, advises attaching the sock to the end of a yardstick — however, the handle part of a broom could efficiently finish this task. As for the sock? The company advises against using wool or cotton socks, and suggests locating one made of microfiber instead for the best final results.

Merry Maids, a house cleaning company with locations in the United States and Canada, also approves of the sock and yardstick method for cleaning baseboards. They also note the importance of finding socks made of microfiber, which can truly make all of the difference on your baseboards.

5. Clean with a microfiber cloth, dish soap, and warm water

The right cloth is essential for cleaning baseboards, according to the Family Handyman. Just as microfiber socks should be used for the sock and yardstick hack, look for a microfiber cloth, dish soap, and warm water; this combination can be a game changer for your baseboards. Grab your microfiber cloth and get it damp (definitely don't get it soaked with too much water because that's never a good idea!) and begin the process of cleaning your baseboards. However, The Spruce points out that the type of baseboards you have in your home will dictate what you should clean them with. For example, for baseboards that are painted or made of vinyl, the outlet suggests mixing warm water with a 1/2 teaspoon of your preferred dish soap for the perfect solution. If your baseboards are made of wood, the outlet advises adhering to the cleaner's directions for the best results.

But what about ceiling moldings, which can also collect dust similar to baseboards? "For nooks and crannies way up high, use a microfiber duster on an extendable wand — get one that extends at least 4 to 5 feet," explains Maeve Richmond of Maeve's Method to Today.

6. Get the Baseboard Buddy tool

According to a review on Apartment Therapy, the Baseboard Buddy made the writer's "least favorite chore 100 times more tolerable." Bob Vila also suggests snagging this tool from Amazon for those that loathe cleaning. That's the kind of review we love hearing. Some of the tool's best attributes: It has a 360-degree swivel which is ideal for baseboards and moldings, adheres perfectly to different shaped baseboards, extends up to 60 inches for hard-to-reach spots, and you can clean the baseboards dry or wet for a bit of variety with your cleaning.

One Amazon reviewer raved about the Baseboard Buddy saying, "I have a whole house of five-inch baseboards. I had new carpet coming and was tired of moving everything, but wanted my baseboards cleaned before and after the carpet was installed. This works, and I did not have to sit on the floors and slide around the rooms. Nor did I have to bend over until exhausted. There is a slight learning curve on the best angle and where to stand, but it works."

7. Use vacuum attachments

Most vacuums come with excellent attachments ideal for cleaning hard-to-reach areas like baseboards or moldings, so be sure to use them! "Get the brush attachment of your vacuum to quickly brush up any of the dust along your baseboards," says Melissa Maker of Clean My Space in an interview with Real Homes. "If you want to wipe down your baseboards, take a dry microfiber cloth in one hand to dust, and have a damp microfiber cloth in the other hand to give that a quick wipe and that will clean your baseboards!"

Additionally, HGTV recommends using your vacuum attachments to clean the baseboards and get into the nooks using a cotton swab. It's the perfect size to really clean those difficult spots that are hard to reach. Good Housekeeping further notes that the crevice tool is ideal for cleaning your baseboards as it can squeeze perfectly into slim areas, such as baseboards.

8. Try the lubricant WD-40

Calling all homeowners with vinyl baseboards! If you are this homeowner or renter, The Spruce recommends getting rid of those ugly scuff marks on your baseboards with WD-40. The popular lubricant can be picked up at most local hardware stores and is a godsend for repairing just about anything. We would know! 

WD-40 has an array of uses, including cleaning stains, eliminating floor scuffs, and even upgrading your plastic outdoor furniture, per Family Handyman, so we recommend keeping a bottle on hand. However, the outlet notes that using a microfiber cloth is essential to get out the marks, just like the sock technique and the previously microfiber cloth method.

Molly Maids also swears by WD-40 for removing unwanted marks. The company explains that it is crucial to test the area to ensure that the product eliminates the scuff and doesn't cause further blemishes, which is always an excellent rule to follow.