Celeb Pets Who Live In A Fancier Space Than You

How much do you love your four-legged friend? Enough to take them to a groomer, or buy them a cute little outfit? Most people are more than willing to give their pets a little pampering now and again — but when you factor a truckload of money, fame, and success into the equation, things can get a little out there. Indeed, some folks love their animals so much that they're willing to bestow a frankly astonishing amount of money on them; the richest dog in the world, Gunther IV, tops the 2018 Pet Rich List (yes, that is a thing!) with a net worth of $375,000,000, inherited through the doggy bloodline from German countess Karlotta Leibenstein. Just when you thought the world couldn't get any weirder ...

Naturally, the lifestyles of the rich and the famous extend to their pets, and the fortunate felines and pooches of some of the world's biggest celebrities get to share their spoils and their incredible homes. And if you thought you've seen every dog house out there, just wait until you see the spaces that some of these celeb pets live in.

Taylor Swift's cats live it up in her Watch Hill mansion

Imagine, if you will, that you're a young kitten looking for a mom — and you look up one day and see literal Taylor Swift ready to tuck you under her arm and transport you to her home. Such was the pretty fortunate fate of Swift's three cats, Olivia Benson, Meredith Grey, and Benjamin Button (via Cosmopolitan), who between them get to share Swift's net worth of $400 million, as noted be Celebrity Net Worth. And Olivia Benson herself? Worth a cool $97 million (!!), partly thanks to her acting work.

Between them, the three kitties have had the run of the roost of Swift's mega property portfolio, which has encompassed two homes in Nashville, three in New York, three in Beverley Hills, and perhaps the most famous of them all, her 12,000-square-foot home on Watch Hill, Rhode Island (per Architectural Digest). Swift's 1930 Watch Hill estate, bought for $17.75 million in 2013, has eight bedrooms, 10.5 bathrooms, gorgeous seafront views that can be enjoyed from the endless patio and balcony space, and enough space to swing a cat (we're hoping Taylor's cats will forgive us for that phrase), says House Beautiful. We're willing to bet her kitties have a pretty good time living it up.

Paris Hilton's dogs have a two-story luxury doghouse

Paris Hilton's love of dogs is no secret, and some of her pups have achieved a pretty hefty amount of fame and fortune in their lives. One of her most beloved dogs, Tinkerbell, was so successful that she even boasts her own IMDb page, racking up appearances on "Saturday Night Live" and "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno." Additionally, Hilton puts so much time and attention into her dogs' care that she went to the length of building them their own house, a two-story luxury doghouse which comes complete with living room, bedroom, closet, air conditioner, and miniature Philip Starcke furniture, according to People.

Hilton said that she wanted the space "to be elegant, girly, comfortable, pink and beautiful. I even had a black crystal chandelier installed, as well as gorgeous black ceiling moldings." Hilton showed off photos of the chandelier, as well as the trademark pink walls, in a series of snaps on Twitter. And if her dogs ever get lonely out in their mini-mansion? They can always pop over to Hilton's main house, which boasts enormous, airy rooms, a cavernous kitchen, and copious splashes of color balanced by the classy white walls and fixtures, as seen in a YouTube house tour. Love it!

Kylie Jenner's dogs have a luxury doghome of their own

What do you get the dogs that have everything? This is probably the dilemma that Kylie Jenner faced, who was named a billionaire by Forbes Magazine in 2019 (and later being removed from their billionaire list, per USA Today). Luckily, she had a solution: their own house, adding to the impressive collection of Kardashian homes. Jenner's dogs, Norman and Bambi, and her newest dog, Kevin, seen on her Instagram, have the run of the roost in their own air-conditioned "guest house," according to Business Insider. The doghouse, which comes with its very own porch and white fence, is also equipped with a heater for colder nights.

When Jenner travels to one of her other homes, the dogs can enjoy the treats in store there, too. Norman, Bambi, and Kevin have no doubt become well-acquainted with Jenner's various properties in Hidden Hills, Beverley Hills, La Quinta, and Calabasas, as seen on House Beautiful. And it's likely that her Holmby Hills compound, bought for $36 million, has been a particular favorite for them. Stretching over 15,350 square feet, with seven bedrooms and 14 (yes, 14) bathrooms, we can envisage more than a few dog races through its spacious interiors.

Miley Cyrus' dogs join her in her L.A. home

Miley Cyrus is a well-known animal lover; and after her "best friend" Mary Jane, a pit bull mix, sadly passed away (per People), the singer adopted rescue dog Angel to join her pack, which includes sheepdog Emu and shepherd mix Bo Cyrus. We're willing to bet that Angel is feeling very much at home in Miley's stunning Los Angeles property, designed by her mom, Tish Cyrus, and design partner Mat Sanders, according to Architectural Digest. The 6,800-square-foot home has plenty of bedrooms (six) and bathrooms (seven) for the dogs to chill out in. It also has a swimming pool to take a dog-dive in and a wellness center, should they need any dog-specific treatments. (Hey, you never know in L.A.)

The home, designed in a maximalist style in line with Miley's personality, champions "East Coast vibes," according to Tish. This means bright, vibrant interiors, furniture, and fixtures bursting with color, balanced with the serenity of the architecture and the surrounding L.A. landscape. Miley herself points to a specific chair, an Anemone Armchair by Giancarlo Zema for Giovannetti, in which she hangs out with her pooches. The dogs might have to make do with the sofa opposite — this chair is for mom!

Oprah Winfrey's dogs are written into her will

There are around 90 million dogs in the U.S., according to Finances Online, so that's about a one in 90 million chance of being owned by Oprah Winfrey herself. Her current pooches, cocker spaniel Sadie and springer spaniels Sunny and Lauren, really lucked out in that case, as did the 20 or so dogs that she's had over the years, per Oprah Daily.

With a mom that's one of the richest and most famous people in history, Winfrey's dogs also lucked out on their inheritance, particularly should anything happen to their mom. Winfrey has put aside a whopping $30 million in a trust fund for their care in her will, says News 24. Nowadays, though, the pooches get to enjoy the spoils of Winfrey's hard work, including her luxurious property list that includes homes in Montecito, Maui, Telluride, and Madroneagle, seen via Love Property. Her main home, dubbed "The Promised Land," is set on 42 acres of Montecito land with a 23,000-square-foot main home and a 6,000-square-foot guesthouse, and cost Winfrey around $50 million, notes Architectural Digest. Oprah, if you need anyone to walk the dogs, we're here.

Queen Elizabeth's corgis have a literal palace to live in

It's hard to get a sweeter gig than being the pets of the actual queen of the United Kingdom. So it must feel pretty good to be one of the world-famous corgis that join Queen Elizabeth II in Buckingham Palace. Over the years, the queen has seen her beloved corgis come and go and was famously photographed with them by Annie Leibovitz for Vanity Fair. And in 2021, she was gifted a brand-new corgi puppy to keep her company, on what would have been Prince Philip's 100th birthday, according to Metro.

So what kind of home do the corgis live in? Naturally, a pretty nice one, with their pick of the 775 rooms that Buckingham Palace contains (via the royal website). And when the Queen travels to one of her other homes, so do the pups — often dining on a bespoke menu that centers around beef, chicken, lamb, or rabbit, designed by royal chefs and fed by the queen herself, according to an interview with former royal chef Darren McGrady for Hello! magazine.

Joe Biden's pets live in the most famous house of them all

Joe Biden re-ignited the long-standing tradition of pets in the White House when he assumed the presidential office in 2021, bringing a cat and his two German shepherds, Champ and Major, into the building with him and his family, according to The New York Times. Sadly, Champ passed away in June 2021 (per NPR), but Biden's other pets continue to help the first family occupy the White House's 132 rooms, according to Insider.

And it's not a bad place for Major to lay his head. The most famous house in the world even contains its own restaurant, and the pets have plenty of space to spread out in the Executive Residence where the family lives. While the interior of the White House is notoriously private, former President Obama gave Architectural Digest a look into his former space, which is decorated tastefully, with grand, ornate furniture and sweeping floor-to-ceiling windows. Biden, as Obama's former vice president, has no doubt kept some of the influences that his former boss kept while adding his own touches.

Lady Gaga's dogs live a luxury life in Malibu

Sometimes, celeb pets can be embroiled in high-stakes drama as much as their celebrity parents can. This was the case with Lady Gaga's beloved dogs Miss Asia Kinney, Koji, and Gustav (per PopSugar). In February 2021, two of her dogs, Koji and Gustav, were stolen in an armed robbery in which Gaga's dog walker, Ryan Fischer, was shot, according to BBC News. The dogs were later returned, with Fischer making a recovery but experiencing ongoing medical issues, as he discussed on CBS Mornings.

The dogs are now safely back at home in Gaga's Malibu home, bought for $22.5 million in 2014, according to My Domaine. Extending over 10,270 square feet of space, the open-plan design of the home encompasses five bedrooms, seven bathrooms, a home theater, a bowling alley, and once-in-a-lifetime views of the Pacific. Miss Asia Kinney, Koji, and Gustav even have other animal friends to spend time with, as the property boasts a horse stable, constructed in the same Mediterranean aesthetic that the rest of the property exhibits. Not a bad place for a trio of French bulldogs to call home!

Justin and Hailey Bieber's dog enjoys their mansion

We wonder if Justin Bieber's dog is a Belieber ... okay, we're getting side-tracked. We're willing to bet that Justin and Hailey Bieber's dog, Oskie, is a pretty big fan of his dog dad, perhaps likely because of the plush lifestyle that the canine has been offered. Oskie's not-insignificant social media presence shows off some of his day-to-day living quarters, with one video on his Instagram showing him bounding down a luxurious-looking staircase lined with bespoke skateboards in the Bieber property.

And, likely, Oskie won't want for luxury in his parents' properties, which include a $25.8 million Beverly Park mansion with 11,145 square feet of space, according to Dirt. The property, which sits on a section of the 2.5-acre estate, is the height of elegance, with a two-story grand foyer, a chef's kitchen, a walk-in closet, and an enormous pool. And, if Oskie ever gets bored, he's got a home theater to relax in and watch movies with the Biebers. We're willing to bet he's voting for "Beethoven" when it comes to movie night.

Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra's dogs have 11 bathrooms to choose from

Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra live a lifestyle that most people can but dream of, and their two dogs do the same. Their pups, Gino and Diana, have a pretty sizeable social media presence in which they showcase their celebrity pet goings-on. One picture shows Diana reclining in an antique-looking dusty pink dog bed (via Instagram), which we're willing to bet costs most people's rent.

And when Diana wakes up, she and Gino can explore Jonas and Chopra's $20 million Encino home, built on three acres of land with awesome views of the Los Angeles valley, according to Dirt. The home, which has seven bedrooms and 11 bathrooms, has a jaw-dropping two-story foyer and living space, with a black marble fireplace that extends from the floor to the very top. Elsewhere, an open-plan dining space opens up for indoor-outdoor living, leading to the angular infinity pool. The property also offers a restaurant-grade wet bar (although we can't see the dogs making too much use of that one), an indoor basketball court, and underground parking for more than a dozen spaces for cars, for when Gino and Diana's friends come over for their doggy playdates.

Reese Witherspoon's dogs have two homes to choose from

Ever since Reese Witherspoon starred as Elle Woods with her chihuahua Bruiser in "Legally Blonde," we've suspected she's a dog fan. And turns out, life emulates art, with Witherspoon being the owner of three super-cute dogs, Hank, Lou, and the newest dog, Minnie Pearl, according to PopSugar. No doubt they'll enjoy living it up in Witherspoon's incredible Brentwood home, bought in 2020 with husband Jim Toth for a cool $15.9 million, per Dirt. The super-private property is built in an English Country-style, with 9,500 square feet of livable space and an absolutely enormous master bedroom, with a separate sitting area sitting underneath the high vaulted ceiling where Witherspoon can hang out with her dogs.

And when they feel the need to go South, Witherspoon and dog family can head over to her four-bedroom home in Nashville, seen in Taste of Country. One big bonus for Hank, Lou, and Minnie Pearl here? The 6.5 acres of rambling space that the property sits on, perfect for an early-morning walk.

Kendall Jenner's dog enjoys her tasteful home

You might not have Kendall Jenner pegged for a dog fan, but she's a devoted mom to her Doberman Pyro, according to Life & Style. The super-cute pup has been with Jenner since 2018 and lives it up with her in her deeply cool L.A. crib, which she showed off in a house tour for Architectural Digest. Designed in partnership with Tommy and Kathleen Clements and the iconic Waldo Fernandez, the home has a farmhouse-like aesthetic and oozes subtle style and charm, with art liberally displayed throughout the property, including a piece by British artist Tracey Emin.

In the main space, Pyro has an abundance of seating options to choose from, from lush earth-tone sofas to cool art deco-esque armchairs. It's got to be the backyard that the dog likes the most, though. Connected to the master bedroom through a patio door, the expansive lawn space is completely enclosed from prying eyes by high trees, and sits next to chic outdoor cooking and seating space. And when Pyro gets warm, he's got the obligatory L.A. pool to cool off in. We didn't know it was possible to be this envious of where a dog lives.

The Weeknd's dog lives in a jaw-dropping mansion

A few years before The Weeknd (the stage name of Abel Tesfaye) was dominating the charts with "Blinding Lights" and showing the world how it's done at the Super Bowl, he was lovingly tending to his Doberman Caesar, which he got following his split from Selena Gomez in 2017, per Elle. And if you thought you'd seen it all with the kind of luxurious spaces that celebrity pets can live in, you haven't seen The Weeknd's mind-blowing Bel Air mansion yet, bought for — wait for it – $70 million dollars, according to Architectural Digest.

Over 33,000 square feet, the palatial property offers its own music studio (in case Caesar wants to get a featured credit on The Weeknd's next album), a movie theater, a sauna, and a hammam. Outside, the home has an infinity pool with a waterfall dropping into the lower grounds, and a sweeping staircase that connects the upper patio space with the lawn area, as well as an outdoor sports court. The property is surrounded by trees for a sense of privacy (there are a lot, this house is huge), and boasts 1.6 acres of land, so Caesar can get plenty of exercise while Dad's off touring the world. Get. Us. There. Now.

Karl Lagerfeld's cat has the most luxurious life ever

The grand dame of all celebrity pets, Karl Lagerfeld's cat, Choupette, set the standard for what you should expect as the feline of a famous designer. And Lagerfeld didn't disappoint. After acquiring Choupette in 2012, he wrote the cat into his will, employed two separate maids to look after her, and had four separate meals prepared for her each day served "in fabulous bowls," according to BBC News. In 2015, Choupette earned herself $3 million through sponsorships and social media deals (per The New York Times), had a bodyguard and a private doctor, and likely split her time between Lagerfeld's homes in Hamburg, Gramercy Park, and Paris, as seen on Love Property.

After Lagerfeld died in 2019, Choupette inherited a chunk of his $200 million fortune, and now apparently lives with Lagerfeld's former housekeeper in Paris, no doubt in mind-blowing luxury. She also regularly updates her Instagram (well, we mean, she doesn't do it, obviously, it's probably ... never mind) with glimpses of her still-glamorous life, such as one photo of her celebrating her 10th birthday surrounded by balloons and cakes, below a crystal chandelier in a palatial suite. We're pretty sure our tenth birthdays didn't look like that, but hey!