Celebs Who Bought Epic Homes For Their Parents

It's easy to become envious and bitter of celebrities earning hundreds of millions of dollars per year and living in lavish luxury mansions in the most beautiful cities in the world. But despite their massive fame and fortune, many celebs choose to give back, both to the public and back at home. Lots of famous folks — including Elton John, who gave $38 million to several charities, said the Sunday Times Giving List (via the Independent), and J.K. Rowling, who fell off the Forbes billionaires list after she gave $160 million to various organizations, said Insider – use their colossal pockets to help others.

But they also don't forget where they came from. Indeed, many celebrities choose to take care of their parents who did just the same for them before they found fame. They do so by buying them cars, trips, and even amazing homes. Some of these celebs have expressed even more excitement upon buying their parents homes than they have buying their own homes. Read on to learn about just a few who have provided the ultimate gift for mom and dad. But be forewarned — don't read these heartwarming stories or watch their tear-jerking videos without a tissue box nearby.

Beyoncé bought her mom a $6 million Texas mansion

Queen Bey may now be one of the world's richest celebrities, according to Insider, but she'll never forget her number one fan. In 2013, she splurged on a $5.9 million mansion with 16 rooms in Houston, Texas, reported the Daily Mail. The 25,000-square-foot home features ornate French and Italian-influenced details as well as marble countertops, a grand staircase with wrought iron banisters, a mirrored elevator, and granite floors embellished with marble.

The luxe details become even more impressive from there. At her new home, mom Tina Knowles enjoys gold plated-fixtures, two walk-in closets, and antique plasters reliefs carved into the walls. There's also enough amenities fit for a queen here. On the property atop two acres of land there are lush gardens (which can also be viewed from the palatial arched windows), a four-car garage, a game room with a pool table, a private screening room with leather couches and suede walls, two jacuzzies, a pool, and of course, a guest suite. Here, guests — such as Beyoncé and Jay-Z themselves — can have their own living room with a balcony and fireplace. As stunning and upscale as the home is, it also seems to have been a great deal for Beyoncé. Just three years prior, it was on the market for a whopping $20 million before undergoing a price drop and being sold to Beyoncé on a short sale, according to Yahoo! news.

Taylor Swift gave her parents a $2.5 million Nashville estate

Most 21 year olds are still living off their parents, but not Taylor Swift. When she was just 21 in 2011, she bought her parents a $2.5 million 5,600-square-foot estate in Nashville, Tennessee — where the former country star got her start — right next door to where Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban lived, according to Curbed (via Insider). The home, which is also known as the "The Northumberland Estate," has four bedrooms and 4.5 bathrooms as well as luxe details like a marble fireplace, floor-to-ceiling windows with stunning views of the surrounding greenery, and crown moldings.

However, like a true house with Southern hospitality, there are also lots of cozy details at this Nashville property. Andrea and Scott Swift's mansion also has navy blue dining room walls in a space that overlooks the garden outside, a den with cozy armchairs and a cow-skin rug, a pool surrounded by lanterns and colorful flowers, and even a rocking chair in one of the bedrooms with a canopy bed. The abode also has historic appeal, said Taste of Country. The Northumberland Estate was built nearly a century ago by the former U.S. Ambassador to Denmark, and the Universal Music Group chairman has been one of its residents. But despite its long past, the column-style home has modern updates while maintaining its original Southern charm.

Russell Williams bought his mom a house for Mother's Day

NFL star and Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Williams put the usual Mother's Day gift of a bouquet, brunch, and box of chocolates to shame when he bought his mom a house for Mother's Day in 2019, which he detailed in an Instagram video. He captioned the post, "All these years you have never asked me for anything ... only thing you ever wanted is for me to LOVE. Well thanks for loving us the way you do. This ones for you. I love you momma." 

Clearly, Williams' mom was just as impressed as we were. As he handed his mother the keys while standing with his wife and daughter, the shock on her face was unmistakable. "It's your house, open the door!" Williams says to his mother in the video. She replies, finally realizing the gift is a real dream come true. "No, are you serious? For real? ... That's not funny! No, no, no y'all lyin'!"

Although we can't see too many details of the aesthetics of the home in the short Instagram video, we can tell that it's one impressive abode. The white house, embellished with stone details outside, is surrounded by a concrete perimeter at the base of the driveway. A huge gray double-door with glass features marks the entrance. There's also a detached driveway surrounded by lush greenery and a wood fence around the property.

The Rock gifted his mom a home of her choosing for Christmas

According to The Richest, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson is now worth about $320 million, but he didn't always have such deep pockets, as he detailed in a 2018 Instagram post. Growing up, he said, he lived in small apartments throughout the country with his family. Actually, the first house his parents ever lived in was one that The Rock bought for them in 1999. But after his parents' divorce, he treated his mom, then 70-year-old Ata Johnson, to "Willy Wonka's Golden Ticket" with an extra generous Christmas 2018 gift — a house of her choosing. As his mother opens the handwritten card describing the "Golden Ticket," she cries in disbelief and buries her face in the sweet writing underneath the Christmas tree surrounded by holiday gifts. It's all accompanied by a photo of The Rock and his mom in a red frame. She then says to her then-3-year-old granddaughter Jasmine Johnson, "Guess what? I get a brand-new house!" The Rock finally gets up to give her a hug and they share a sweet embrace.

The Rock may put forth a tough exterior, but he's not nicknamed "Dwanta" for nothing, according to People. Just a few weeks prior to his big gift to his mom, he also gave holiday gifts to kids as part of his work with the Make-A-Wish Foundation, Rays of Sunshine Children's Charity, and Starlight Children's Foundation.

Cardi B bought her mom a dream home in New York

Cardi B has a long list of exciting days that she could have called the happiest of her life, but what she did deem the happiest shows what a heart of gold this rap star has. She bought her mom a house in 2018, which she detailed through two Instagram videos, and she called the day of the purchase her most joyful ever. It was also a long time coming. In the video, Cardi B says, "Last year, I was so thirsty to buy my mom a home, and I could only afford a house that cost $600,000, and you know, we live in New York. I waited, I waited, I waited, I waited until I could afford a dream home."

A dream home it certainly is. Cardi B toured her fans through the home, showcasing a white kitchen with a gray stone backsplash, a staircase with wood and wrought iron details, and elegant molding and fixtures. But as Cardi B said, her favorite part is the basement. Here, down a set of wood stairs, there's a personal gym with a wall of mirrors, a huge room for entertaining with a fireplace and columns, and even a room with soft red floors and red walls for private screenings.

Michael B. Jordan purchased a home for his parents – and lived with them

Most parents don't like it when their kids overstay their welcome at the nest, but clearly that isn't a problem for Michael B. Jordan's parents, especially since he's the one that bought the nest. In 2015, he purchased a $1.7 million Sherman Oaks, California mansion for his parents, according to Realtor.com. However, the nearly 5,000-square-foot home didn't start out quite as upscale as it is now. It was bought in 2013 by a developer for only $710,000 and was later replaced with a Spanish-style contemporary home with four bedrooms and 4.5 bathrooms, which is where the Jordan family now lives.

With modern white details but homey touches like a plush living room couch, the house is a mix of the best of both worlds, as shown in a Vogue video. Outside, viewers can see barn-style light blue garage doors before entering a garage converted into a home gym as well as a swimming pool surrounded by blue chairs and an outdoor kitchen with a grill, ideal for entertaining. Inside, the estate is filled with pops of greenery as well as light-filled spaces thanks to the large windows throughout. There are also pops of color like eclectic pieces of artwork, a map of the country, and a huge red wall at the base of the wrought iron staircase leading to the second floor of the home.

Venus Williams sold a house to her mom – for $10

Can you imagine buying a house for less than the cost of lunch? That's exactly what happened to Venus Williams' mom, Oracene Price, when Williams sold her a 2,800-square-foot house in Jupiter, Florida for just $10 in 2013. Before she practically gave it to Price, Williams lived in the four-bedroom, three-bathroom home, reported TMZ. She bought it in 2000 for $310,000 on the heels of her wins at the U.S. Open, Wimbledon, and the Olympics. But that was just a small sample of her earnings of the year. The prize money from the U.S. Open and Wimbledon that year was $1.5 million.

According to Redfin, the home, which is atop an acre of land, was originally built in 1998 but was then renovated while Williams was living there in 2003. Williams went on to live with her sister in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. It was a homecoming of sorts and a double-whammy of a gift — there, the sisters lived very close to their mother's new Jupiter home, enabling lots of family time together. 

Demi Lovato bought her parents a $2.25 million house for her 18th birthday

Usually, we're the ones receiving gifts on our birthdays every year. However, Demi Lovato turned the tables at her 18th birthday in 2010 when she gave her parents a Mediterranean-style $2.25 million home outside of Los Angeles, California in Sherman Oaks. "For me to give [that] to my family on my birthday, that was the best present," she told People. But even with the new home, Lovato didn't plan to venture far; she planned to live on the same property in a detached home behind the main property.

Redfin reported that the private, 4,000-square-foot mansion includes upscale outdoor amenities like a patio, pool, hot tub, waterfall, and as every teenager dreams, a waterslide. Inside, features include high beamed ceilings in the living room, oak floors throughout the space, three fireplaces, and stunning views of the surrounding California mountains.

Justin Bieber gave his dad and half-siblings an Ontario home

Justin Bieber made sure his entire family — including his 3-year-old half-brother, Jaxson Bieber, and 5-year-old half-sister, Jazmyn Bieber — were taken care of when he bought them a five-bedroom cabin-style home in Ontario, Canada for $850,000 in 2013, said TMZ. With two levels, the stone and wood home features a forest-green roof and red details around the windows. The front patio also has stone details, which overlooks the lush front yard dotted with several trees. But unlike Justin himself, the house certainly wasn't hidden away despite its remote location in the lush Canadian forests — it said "Bieber" right on the mailbox.

Even though Justin was only 19 years old at the time of the purchase, it wasn't his first home buy, said HuffPost. Before purchasing this home in cash for his dad, Jeremy Bieber, Justin had also purchased a $2 million Cartagena, Colombia home and a $6 million Calabasas, California home, said the Daily Mail.

Pete Davidson bought a $1.3 million house with his mom

Pete Davidson has never been shy about telling fans that up until mid-2021, he lived with his mom in a basement apartment below her living space. But what Davidson often doesn't share is that he partially owns the home at 473 Holdridge Ave., Staten Island, which cost a whopping $1.3 million, according to Page Six.

The public home listing at Realtor.com shows that the 5,000-square-foot home with four bedrooms and four full bathrooms has an all-brick, stately façade surrounded by manicured landscaping and a two-car garage. Features include a custom kitchen with a tile backsplash, all-upgraded appliances, detailed cabinets, high ceilings, and a private master wing. At the entranceway before a dark wood door with etched glass, there is a grand wood staircase leading up to the second floor which overlooks the first floor. In the living room, there's also large brick fireplace and a door to the large back blue stone patio. There are wood floors and neutral beige tones throughout the house for an elegant ambiance.

Travis Scott gave his parents a house for Christmas

Rapper Travis Scott usually makes the news if it involves baby mama Kylie Jenner or adorable daughter Stormi Scott, but in 2016 after an Instagram post, he made it for a much sweeter reason. Scott shared a photo of a colossal pool with a waterfall, writing, "Gave my family a present I been working on my whole life. A home. Very thankful." This was alongside a video revealing the new gift of a home in his hometown of Houston for Christmas to his family. Later, on Twitter, Scott also said, "Bought my fam a crib for Christmas. Use to sleep on floors. Now we walk on marble." According to Hip-Hop Lately, Scott kept the secret of the new home for an agonizing two months as he completed work on the interior before presenting it to his family.

Fans get to see snippets of the home through an Instagram story, in which Scott showed the home's grand dark wood floors, marble floors in other spaces, curved pool with a firepit, and stone driveway among fun, unique features like a Pepsi machine and an arcade. Scott's siblings and grandmother appear just as shocked as viewers were to see the amazing mansion gift.

John Boyega purchased a home for his parents

It's clear to viewers that things have been going pretty well for actor John Boyega since "Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker," but even before that, he made the best of his fame by buying a home for his parents. In a video that Boyega posted in 2020, he shared that a few years prior, he gave the grandest gift a parent can imagine after first playing a bit of a prank. 

According to an Instagram post (via Metro), Boyega told his parents that they were going to an interview at what was actually their new home. There in the stunning living room, Boyega tells them the good news, which results in tears of joy from mom and dad, Abigail and Samson Boyega. "On behalf of myself I'd like to say thank you for everything that you've done and I decided to do a secret project for a few months, and I'm here to tell you that there was no interview, that was a lie, this is your house that I am presenting to you. This is your new house, it belongs to you," Boyega said with a smile. It was so unbelievable that even Boyega's siblings had to step in and tell them that yes, the house — which features a bright and airy interior thanks to glass walls as well as a colorful garden — is really theirs.

Brothers Osborne bought their mom a house

Country music duo T.J. and John Osborne and clearly close, but they love their mom just as much. That was obvious when in 2018 they revealed, with some help from CMT, that they bought her a house. Just like some other celebrities who did the same good deed, the brothers also pretended that their mom was going to be interviewed when they told her the good news. In the video, mom Trish Osborne is clearly surprised when the brothers preface their surprise by asking her, "Do you know where you are right now?" before handing her the keys to her new home. Her relocation to Nashville to be closer to the brothers is all the more important, according to the video, following a recent emergency heart surgery recovery.

In the video, viewers can see that there is a huge green yard surrounding a cozy brick home with a darkly-painted door and a wreath atop a set of stairs. Inside, there is a living room lined with bright teal walls and a white fireplace as well as a wood kitchen with large tile backsplash and fresh flowers accentuating the room. There's also a "Mom's the Boss" mug already sitting in the cabinet, awaiting its new owner. "I love it," Trish gushed. "[This house] is perfect for me. I love the area." This is a big accomplishment — apparently, Trish is one picky mom, according to the video.