Use This Fun Lego Hack To Never Lose Your House Keys Again

Unless you have a designated spot for your keys that you faithfully use each day, chances are you've dealt with the frustrating experience of losing your house keys right in your house. It's easy to misplace them, especially after a long day. You get home and toss them somewhere arbitrary and can't find them once it's time to leave the front door again. Not only is it frustrating searching your house high and low for the keys, but it's also seriously time-consuming. You may have even found yourself running late before because of a key-finding mission, or found yourself installing new locks because they were permanently lost.

Well, if you're sick of the key-locating struggle and also are a Lego fan, there is some good news. There's a great hack that will ensure you never have to be searching for your keys again. And, it may just add a hint of whimsy to your home's overall look. The organizing hack comes from Family Handyman and is a budget-friendly solution to the misplaced house key problem. All you need is a few pieces of Lego, eyelet screws, and drill screws. Best of all, you can easily customize this hack to accommodate as many keys as your household needs.

The specifics of the project

It's time to grab your tools. As Family Handyman explains, you set up a home base for your keys by mounting a Lego plate to some type of surface. You can use drill screws to mount the plate directly to the wall, but you could also affix it to something like a closet door or a piece of furniture if you don't want to drill right into your wall or are looking for a renter-friendly solution. You just need to make sure that the Lego plate is attached strongly enough that it won't fall under the weight of the keys.

With your home base established, get a few pieces of Lego. If you're looking for a visual way to ensure people don't grab the wrong keys, you can assign a particular color to each member of your family for an easy way to identify who each set belongs to. Drill a small hole into the base of your Lego piece and wind in an eyelet screw. Repeat with as many Lego blocks as needed — each Lego piece will hold one set of keys. 

The Lego piece essentially becomes a keychain of sorts, with one major difference. Rather than just looking decorative, the Lego block keychain is something you can attach right onto the Lego plate home base. Plus, if you were a Lego lover as a child, the daily ritual just might give you a welcome dose of nostalgia.