Get Rid Of Grimy Oven Racks With This TikTok Hack

TikTok trends come and go, but some genres have only gained popularity since the app launched. Enter CleanTok. CleanTok is a space where creators share cleaning hacks on how to get their houses and appliances looking brand-new with less work, whether that's cleaning stove grates with ammonia or dusting baseboards with dryer sheets. But if your problem area is the kitchen, then a tip from TikTok user Tanya of Tanya Home Inspo will help you clean grimy oven racks with much less hassle.

Tanya explained that one of the easiest ways to make light work of the chore is to use frozen dish soap. You read that right. She outlined that when it comes to cleaning her own oven racks, she takes an ice cube tray and fills it with dish soap. She then puts the tray in the freezer and allows the soap to freeze. Once frozen, she rubs the dish soap ice cubes against the grime and dirt on her oven racks, and the buildup falls away. Tanya shared the before and after images of her project, and there is no denying that this hack works for her. Country Living suggests baking soda as an alternative to cleaning oven racks, but since ice creates a more abrasive texture, it may get rid of hard-to-remove grease faster.

Tanya's hacks are backed by experts

Tanya Home Inspo is known for using lesser-known tactics to clean her appliances and freshen her home. For example, 1.3 million people watched her video where she created salami roses using champagne flutes. Similarly, 2.6 million people watched her use blue dish soap to make her white clothes whiter and crisper. While many of her hacks align with those recommended by experts online, they often have a slight twist. 

"By freezing washing up liquid, like in the TikTok video, it gives you a quick and easy way to handle the detergent on wire racks, which are often difficult to deal with," Nigel Bearman, managing director of cleaning company Daily Poppins, told Yahoo! Life. "Some may also find soaking the racks in a combination of baking soda, washing up liquid, and water can effectively break down grease and reduce the amount of scrubbing you have to do when cleaning." Real Homes suggests that cleaning your oven racks is as simple as using a hot soak with dish soap. The website also advises keen cooks to stay on top of cleaning their racks so grease doesn't build up in the first place.