This TikTok Hack Will Keep Your Kitchen Sink Super Fresh

From a stinky sink to pesky fruit flies, there are many reasons you may be frustrated with your kitchen cleaning routine. But, lucky for all of us, there's a TikTok hack that has the answer to a fresher and bug-free kitchen sink. DeannaHooker shares her easy cleaning tips in this TikTok video.

You'll need a few ingredients before you get started, but you may already have what you need on hand. The first part of the hack requires some ice cube trays, limes, white vinegar, and lemon juice. You'll also need baking soda, some dish soap, and a scrub brush. She also uses some sea salt.

There's some scrubbing involved, but the reward will be a clean and shiny sink that doesn't stink. The only downfall is that the hack's ice cube part is no good if your sink doesn't have a garbage disposal. In this case, you wouldn't want to put chunks of anything into the drain and cause clogs.

How this TikTok hack works

There's a reason why so many people suggest using white vinegar and baking soda as staples in household cleaning. LiveScience breaks down how these two ingredients are the perfect combo for cleanliness. The baking soda dissolves all the nasty leftover food particles and grease that's stuck in your sink, while the white vinegar takes care of stains and soap scum. The addition of sea salt adds more abrasiveness for a deeper clean, but you get that with the baking soda.

For those pesky bugs, the soap and fruit ice cubes both attract and kill fruit flies and drain flies. Country Living offers some other ways to deal with drain flies, but the basic idea is that the flies drop by to munch on the fruit and perish because of the soap and vinegar. Using ice cubes to dispense the deadly mixture allows for prolonged treatment, but isn't the best choice for anyone without a garbage disposal, as we noted.