This TikTok-Approved Hack Will Clean Your Microwave With Barely Any Effort

Anyone who owns a microwave knows that cleaning one can be a pain, especially after heating food that has caused a splatter effect. Not only do you need to clean the bottom, but you also need to scrub the top, sides, and back. And to make matters worse, the process of heating other items in a dirty microwave can cause those splattered particles to get baked on. However, since most people primarily use their microwaves to heat food and beverages, you may be hesitant to pull out any chemical-packed products to help with the job. Luckily, there's a TikTok-approved hack that will make the process an absolute breeze — and it requires chemical-free items you likely already have at home.

As EatingWell advises, you don't necessarily have to worry about hand-scrubbing the tray that goes on the bottom of the microwave. You should be able to toss that in the dishwasher, allowing the appliance to do the hard work for you. With one component of your messy microwave handled, you just have to worry about the interior surfaces. To make the process effortless and super quick, all you'll need is a bowl of water. Seriously, that's it. Heat the water for two to five minutes, which will allow it to boil and release steam into the microwave, softening any baked-on messes.

Level up the hack even further

Since the TikTok-approved cleaning hack works because of the steam, all you truly need is some water to help loosen the food stuck on your microwave. However, if you want to improve the process even more, you might consider adding something extra to the water. Vinegar and dish soap are popular choices, or if you're looking for a microwave that smells fresh and citrusy, try adding lemon or orange slices to the water, as HGTV suggests. They're all items you likely have at home already, so you don't need to rush out and buy expensive cleaning solutions, which is always a bonus.

When it comes time to clean the stains the steam has loosened, it can be tough to navigate the small space with your usual cleaning tools. That's where unconventional items can come in handy. For example, an old toothbrush can be a great way to tackle tricky areas in your microwave, such as spots around the vents. Just be careful when touching the surfaces after heating water for extended periods — the interior of your microwave might be hot. Proline Range Hoods recommends removing your bowl with oven mitts, so the interior is likely as hot as the bowl. You want to ensure you don't accidentally burn yourself on a too-hot microwave in your quest for a sparkling clean appliance.