What Happens If You Put Dry Clothes In The Dryer?

Suppose you've been putting off doing your laundry and left clean clothes to sit for a few days, which is so relatable. However, doing this can cause your clothes to have creases and wrinkles, so you may want to give them another spin in the dryer to smooth them out. Or maybe you live in a cold area and want to dry your already dry clothes for some added warmth, giving you several moments of heated comfort before you head out into the freezing cold — which we can also relate to. Sometimes when life gets busy, those items on our to-do list get pushed to the back burner ... literally. According to The Spruce, there are several rules to follow when using the dryer, from reading the manual to not overloading the machine. In fact, the way that you dry certain items can affect their longevity, says Better Homes & Gardens.

But what happens when you put dry clothes in a dryer for another spin? We couldn't help but wonder this ourselves, so with our commitment to finding the answers to your most crucial house cleaning questions (with laundry hacks often at the top of our minds), we just had to find out. Read on to see what happens to your already dry clothing items when you dry them again.

Putting dry clothes in the dryer can smooth out wrinkles ... but take caution

Whenever we have a question, cleaning or otherwise, we love taking advice from the Internet. One Redditor agreed that you can place your already dry clothes in the dryer, but there are a few things to watch out for. The Redditor noted that "Yes, you can put dry clothes in a dryer. It's a good way to bounce the wrinkles out without a steamer or having to break out an ironing board." But, they advised that by doing this, certain fabrics can be prone to shrinkage, which is, of course, a problem. Another issue to watch out for? Your denim buttons can get extremely hot after making a spin in the dryer, so be careful not to get burned as you pull your clothes out of the dryer.

Additionally, according to The Washington Post, it's essential to pay attention to the materials your clothing is made of; that's the real issue when it comes to over-drying your precious pieces. What can happen is the fibers of certain fabrics can become weakened, resulting in clothes that don't have long-term wear, which is definitely something to consider when drying your already dry clothes!