Celeb Couples Who Don't Actually Share A Home

It is becoming increasingly clear and obvious that the rules and norms around what constitutes a "healthy relationship" are evolving and changing. From gender roles to the amount of time spent with one another, there really is no foolproof formula for creating the right kind of dynamic between partners. At the end of the day, everyone is different, and each couple has a different set of needs and priorities that have to be met in order to be in a relationship that is happy and healthy. And when it comes to being a celebrity, the pressure to portray a relationship in a perfect and conventional box is sometimes even more intense, but there are several celebs who have chosen to march to the beat of their own drum.

From living in different homes to residing in different states, many celebrity couples have chosen to live separately ... even married ones! Though it may be unusual to forgo sharing a space while sharing a deeper relationship, this is a dynamic that has simply proven to work better for some than others. As a source once told Us Weekly in 2018 when talking about David and Victoria Beckham, "It's not unusual for couples to change and grow apart." In order to best navigate that change and growth, it makes sense that a little space is sometimes needed. Keep reading to learn about different celebrity couples who chose to not share a home at one point or another.

Ashley Graham and Justin Ervin

After meeting in New York years ago, Ashley Graham and Justin Ervin have since tied the knot and had a beautiful baby boy, creating a somewhat picture-perfect life that most people only dream about. However, despite having a classic and sweet love story, the dynamic couple has gone down a more unorthodox path by living in separate residences 3,000 miles apart. With Ervin being a cinematographer in L.A. and Graham a model in New York City, the two made the decision after getting married to be bi-coastal, and despite the challenges that might pop up along the way, they happy couple has managed to make it work quite well.

However, that doesn't mean that not sharing a home doesn't come with some extra upkeep. In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Graham said, "We have a rule. We don't go longer than two weeks without seeing each other ... It's absolutely fabulous. I love it. We just meet in L.A. or New York. We meet in Paris, Miami. It's pretty sexy." Though it has not been confirmed if the two have officially moved in together since the birth of their son, they quarantined together during the COVID-19 pandemic, and it is expected that they spend more time together than in the earlier years of their marriage.

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West

It is no secret nor surprise that Kim Kardashian and Kanye West lived rather independently throughout their unique relationship. The two business moguls made it very clear from the beginning that they were two people who valued hard work and pursuing passions, which is why it didn't really seem too odd when they would go long stints of time apart. Though their relationship has since come to a close, the two share four children together and they seem to have done a wonderful job at remaining friendly, even through the divorce proceedings.

Before living apart in 2020 due to West wanting to find some space and freedom in Wyoming during the COVID-19 pandemic, the couple also lived separately in 2016 when West was receiving outpatient treatment in order to improve his mental health following a scary hospitalization. At the time, a source had told Us Weekly, "Kim is being very protective and doesn't want Kanye around the kids right now ... Kanye's behavior took a huge toll on their marriage. But Kim feels relieved he is getting the help he needs. She thinks this is what it will take to save him — and help their marriage." Despite the fact that their marriage did end up coming to a close, it does seem that this time apart in 2016 led to the couple being able to last longer and in a healthier manner until their split in 2020.

Julia Roberts and Danny Moder

"Pretty Woman" star Julia Robert and husband, Danny Moder, have been married since 2002, proving that living apart does not always result in a negative outcome. While some tabloids may judge and call their relationship strange, Roberts and Moder seem to make their love work by reportedly living in separate homes that are just up the road from one another. Despite In Touch Weekly putting out a piece that suggested that their marriage was on the rocks due to Moder moving into the $6.84 million house directly across the street from Roberts' $10 million Craftsman-style home in Malibu, the two have avoided separation or divorce.

In 2017, a source at In Touch Weekly said, "Julia is hoping that by giving Danny his own incredible surf spot, it will stave off any talk of divorce." Though we will never know the ins and outs of Roberts and Moder's private relationship, we can assume that moving into close yet separate homes potentially saved their marriage — meaning that not only does living apart not have to be a sign of turmoil, but it might even be the solution to avoiding it.

Gwyneth Paltrow and Brad Falchuk

Being that Gwyneth Paltrow is no stranger to being unconventional, it makes sense that she and her husband, Brad Falchuck, chose to live in separate residences during the first year of their marriage. Though they have since moved in together, Paltrow felt that allowing for their family to blend without force was a good idea. In 2019 she told InStyle, "Married life has been really good. We took a year to let everybody in the family take it in and let the dust settle ... And now we're moving in together this month."

Before this, Paltrow had given some insight into her first year of marriage with Falchuck during an interview with The Times. "All my married friends say that the way we live sounds ideal and we shouldn't change a thing," she revealed. For that first year, Paltrow explained that the couple spent four nights out of the week together as family, yet the other three were spent at their own separate homes with their children from previous marriages. Though that might not be what is considered "normal" when blending a family, it actually makes a lot of sense to go for a more gradual change, especially when kids are involved.

David and Victoria Beckham

In addition to having separate wings in their Oxfordshire, England home, Victoria and David Beckham put even more physical space between themselves in 2018 after Victoria decided that she no longer wanted to live in Los Angeles. According to an insider at Us Weekly, "They will always be family ... But David and Victoria are leading very different lives." The source also mentioned that while there is still a lot of love in the relationship, both parties prefer to do their own thing and avoid stress.

However, being that their Oxfordshire home was literally designed with a need for space and seclusion in mind, it seems as though the Beckhams have never felt compelled to be connected at the hip. "I think they quite like having somewhat separate lives. When you've been married that long, some regular distance does you both good!" the source continued. They also mentioned that the kids David and Victoria share will always keep them close. A second source also assisted in normalizing their dynamic by saying, "They are like every married couple I know — some days lovey-dovey, other days cold ... It comes with being together so long."

Kaley Cuoco and Karl Cook

Though the two have separated, actress Kaley Cuoco and Karl Cook chose to live in separate homes even after being married for more than one year. Back in 2019, Cuoco defended her "unconventional" marriage while sitting down with E! News, clarifying that their dynamic of living apart and having space actually worked quite well for them. "We're building our dream house and we're eventually going to be under the same roof forever," the former "Big Bang Theory" star explained. "We have a very unconventional marriage, you know. We have different locations that we're at a lot. We're not together every single day."

Unfortunately, after a year and a half of living together, Cuoco and Cook chose to end their marriage. Ironically, while on Brad Goreski's Brad Behavior podcast, Cuoco had expressed concern about moving too quickly with her partner. "Yes, we have separate lives and then our lives come together and he's so supportive of me," she stated. "He lets me be me and I let him be him ... I've obviously never been in a better relationship and I want this to last the rest of my life so in a way, we're actually taking it slow." Nonetheless, the two parted ways with respect and love for one another.

Claire Danes and Hugh Dancy

After many years of struggling to establish compatible work schedules, actors Claire Danes and Hugh Dancy have finally found it possible to live in the same house, let alone the same state. However, for a while there the two had to figure out how to make it through the distance and come out on top, which thankfully, they did. While sitting down with Net-A-Porter, Danes explained how difficult it was to maintain their relationship while working and living on different parts of the East Coast for several years. "That was tough," she explained. "That distance is corrosive, and I'm just bad at it. And I don't particularly want to get good at it. We learned along the way how essential it is for us to be physically together as often as possible."

Thankfully, once Dancy was able to land a role on the final season of Danes' hit Showtime series "Homeland," the two were able to reconnect in the same place. "That was such a nice way to end the show," she continued. "I didn't have a single scene with him, but on my days off, I would go to his set. He's very good. I don't exactly forget that, but we don't talk about acting much, so it was a really nice reminder."

Nico Tortorella and Bethany Meyers

Nico Tortorella and Bethany Meyers are two celebrities who have made being open about their unorthodox relationship a real art. In addition to being polyamorous, the two also chose to live in different homes for months after they officially tied the knot. "We have an apartment in the city and a house upstate, so we still spend a lot of time apart from each other," she told People in 2018. "And I think that's really healthy for our relationship and any relationship, to keep that sense of individuality, even in a union."

While they have since moved in together, Tortorella and Meyers definitely maintain that balance needed to retain their individual identities as they navigate their partnership. The two have even expressed a desire for children in the future, meaning that navigation will continue to evolve and take new turns. "I was for sure that it was going to be this year but now I'm like, maybe a little longer," Meyers continued. "I think both of us believe that our children will come to us exactly when they're supposed to."

Khloé Kardashian and Tristan Thompson

While there is no denying the fact that Khloé Kardashian and Tristan Thompson have certainly had their ups and downs over the years, the couple has chosen to live apart even when in a good place due to their careers. With Thompson playing for the Cleveland Cavaliers and Kardashian having made a luxurious life for herself in Los Angeles, it made sense for the two to remain long distance, even after she got pregnant with their daughter, True Thompson. Though Kardashian made many attempts to settle into a routine in Cleveland (she even gave birth to her daughter there), she still maintained a life in Los Angeles, both before and after their first breakup.

Though their long distance relationship certainly had its trials, Kardashian also saw the silver lining in that. "Being long distance also means you get to appreciate one another on a deeper level without the distractions of physical getting in the way," Kardashian told Women's Health in 2017. "And it makes simplest things — like holding hands, eating at the same table, feeling each other's touch, taking a walk together, smelling their hair — the sweetest when you're in the same city again."

Sarah Hyland And Wells Adams

Perhaps one of the cutest couples in Hollywood, Sarah Hyland and Wells Adams are no strangers to remaining in love while living apart. Before settling down in a beautiful farmhouse in Studio City, California, Hyland and Adams did long distance for years, with her in L.A. and him in Nashville. Despite living on opposite sides of the country, the adorable love birds never went too long apart. "I think the longest we've gone without seeing each other is like two to three weeks because five days is already too much for us. So we always try to make sure to see each other," Hyland told Us Weekly.

Hyland also gushed over Adams' willingness to put in the effort necessary to make the relationship work, ensuring that she wasn't in it alone. She added, "He's a friggin' trooper and always flying out here every weekend ... or every other weekend at least to see me if my schedule has been too busy to see him, which it has been in 2018 with awards season and with 'Modern Family.'"

Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux

Despite breaking up in 2017, Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux chose a more unconventional path for a large part of their loving relationship. To put it simply, she was an L.A. lady, and he had an intense love affair with New York City, leading the two to have a bi-coastal relationship for many years. Theroux was also forced to remain in New York during the first year of their marriage for an acting gig, though it doesn't seem that the two would have chosen to live together even if he hadn't. "It was never your typical marriage," a source told The Sun. "Obviously he has had work in New York but he also had all his friends and his social life over there too — he loved going out in New York, pretty much his life revolved around the city — whereas Jen was an L.A. girl."

However, it wasn't as though the spouses didn't attempt to live in the same time zone. Apparently, one of the big issues with Aniston wanting to move to New York City had to do with paparazzi. According to another source at Entertainment Tonight, "He really wanted her to be comfortable in New York ... He even negotiated with the paps to make a deal that they would only shoot her once per day and then leave her alone. He also agreed to move out of his apartment, which he loves." Nonetheless, the two separated amicably.

Gillian Anderson and Peter Morgan

While dating pretty seriously, actress Gillian Anderson and writer-producer Peter Morgan managed to find great happiness through living apart while together. In fact, while talking with The Times, Anderson said, "My partner and I don't live together. If we did, that would be the end of us. It works so well as it is — it feels so special when we do come together." Unfortunately, the two had a rather strange and difficult breakup at the beginning of 2021, but their time together as non-cohabiters appeared both functional and happy.

In fact, around the same time that Anderson spoke out about the wonders of living apart while in love, Psychotherapist and broadcaster Lucy Beresford told The Guardian that Anderson might truly have the right idea, saying that the trend was "the opposite of codependency and collapsing on your partner." However, Beresford also mentioned the potential consequences of living apart while together, stating, "Nothing gets resolved, nothing gets processed. Millions of people make it work. But there are important skills that no one should run away from — around compromise, respect and accommodation."