The Best Celeb-Owned NYC Apartments

There's a reason why so many of the glam reality shows that grace our trash-TV-loving screens are often set in New York City — it's a really, really expensive place to live. Actually, according to Time Out, it's the most expensive place to live in the entire country, despite the fears of many that the city would tank after the Covid-19 pandemic. A one-bedroom in the Big Apple will cost you an average of $2,810, with San Francisco's rent coming in a close second at $2,800.

But with its high-end designer stores, amazing luxury residential buildings, an abundance of historic landmarks, and tons of entertainment studios, it's also long been a hotspot for the stars. Many celebrities have picked bought apartments here for when they're in town, but they weren't exactly a bargain (by our standards, anyway.) Instead, these celebrities are doling out millions of dollars for apartments with way less square footage than mansions. However, what these apartments lack in space, they make up for in jaw-dropping details. Here are some of the most stunning celebrity homes in New York City.

Barbara Corcoran's Fifth Avenue penthouse

As a businesswoman, speaker, consultant, author, columnist, and star of "Shark Tank," Barbara Corcoran knows how to make a buck. That's clear when you see her Fifth Avenue penthouse, which Corcoran bought for $10 million in 2015. Even in New York City, that's no small chunk of change, but these days, the penthouse is likely worth much more than that. Before moving in, the Corcorans completely renovated the already-stunning abode, according to Closer Weekly. Just a few of their home improvement projects included changing the floor plans and updating the kitchen, which has a spectacular 16-foot conservatory made of glass that leads to a rooftop patio with the best views in the city.

Now, Corcoran's star-worthy home at 1158 Fifth Avenue also includes four bedrooms, seven bathrooms, a few different living areas, a formal dining room for family dinners and special occasions, and a game room for the kids. Perhaps most impressive, though, is that Corcoran had her eye on the unique home long before it ever had a for-sale sign. According to People, she first laid eyes on it while working at her second job as a messenger and delivered an envelope to the home's owner. When she saw the sunny conservatory, she asked the owner to give her a call if she ever thought about putting it on the market – and sure enough, she did. The rest is history.

Gigi Hadid's bohemian NoHo apartment

Gigi Hadid may be known as a glam supermodel, but at home, it's boho vibes all the way. That's clear from her NoHo apartment, which Hadid expanded by purchasing two units. Specifically, she resides in 10 Bond Street in a building designed by Annabelle Selldorf, a cutting-edge German architect, reported New York Post. Hadid bought the first apartment, which has two bedrooms, back in 2015 for nearly $4 million after she fell in love with its substantial 10-foot ceiling, casement windows, and roomy kitchen ideal for a busy home cook. She then purchased the second apartment, a three-bedroom duplex with a 770-square-foot outdoor terrace ideal for entertaining, in 2018 for $5.82 million.

According to Hadid's Instagram post, she spent nearly all of 2019 flexing her interior design skills by creating her dream home. And right on time, as the pandemic that kept all of us at home wasn't far behind. Now, Hadid's home features creative elements like a couch with colorful cushions, a white kitchen with a marble backsplash and a wooden centerpiece filled with billiard balls; and a marble bathroom lined with a shower as big as a walk-in closet. It all seems to reflect the young model's fun-loving and glowing personality.

La La Anthony's loft with a basketball hoop

As the former wife of basketball player Carmelo Anthony, La La Anthony — who is also a television personality, author, businesswoman, producer, and actress — knows the game of hoops. According to People, her young son, Kiyan, does too, which is why she gained major mom points when she installed a basketball hoop in their living room. However, that's just one element of the star's 2,300-square-foot loft, which, unlike some other celebrity homes, is full of life and personality reflected in the items she loves most. A few of those items include personal letters from Michelle Obama, a close friend of Anthony's; a poster from the Broadway production "Eclipsed" in which she was an executive producer; and an NAACP Image Award that she earned.

To no surprise, though, one of the stylish star's favorite places in her apartment is her colossal closet, which was once another bedroom. Now it's full of clothing racks and memorable pieces, such as the first pair of designer heels she purchased once she became successful. It's also home to the Versace blouse that she wore while on the television show "Power," and the jumpsuit that she donned for basketball player Dwyane Wade's disco-themed retirement party. Beyond the closet, her girly pink bedroom features candles and preserved flowers.

Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner's Nolita condo

With its nearly 3,000 square feet, custom white oak floors, keyed elevator, and private foyer, Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner's Nolita condo is undoubtedly fit for a celebrity. But since the couple, who has a new baby, has mostly been spending time in their Los Angeles home, they attempted to offload their New York City pad for $6.5 million in mid-2020, according to Observer. However, it was to no avail, as the apartment has since been taken off the market after being relisted several times with price drops.

But that doesn't make this apartment any less beautiful. It features elegant touches like a white open kitchen adorned with marble counters and a breakfast bar, ideal for quick meals before heading to the set or studio. There's also a dining room and a living room with stunning views, as the space leads to a private outdoor area with a whopping 1,450 square feet. Plus, their suite has chic floor-to-ceiling windows, a walk-in closet with plenty of room for designer labels, and a relaxing bathroom with its own outdoor space.

Meryl Streep's Tribeca pad

Meryl Streep might no longer be a resident of a 4,000 square foot penthouse with impressive views of the Hudson River, Statue of Liberty, and Empire State Building, but the apartment she sold for an astounding $15.8 million in early 2020 will always have the star's stamp on it, according to House Beautiful. Streep initially tried to list the home for $24.6 million before adding price cuts after weeks of no offers. Being that Streep is one of the highest-paid actresses on the planet, her luxe former penthouse with four bedrooms, four and a half bathrooms, and a 10-foot expansive wraparound terrace seems perfect for the A-lister.

Despite her celebrity condo taking up an entire building floor, Streep kept the décor simple while she lived there and let the views do the talking. Here, minimalist furniture, small pops of color, and even a classic clawfoot tub defined the design of Streep's old home. But there was at least one element that any star-powered woman would appreciate: A walk-in closet that's so big it even has its own seating.

Jesse Tyler Ferguson's Chelsea apartment

Much to the dismay of its 7.4 million viewers, "Modern Family" graced screens for the final time in 2020. However, for Jesse Tyler Ferguson, who played Mitchell Pritchett on the hit sitcom, there was also a silver lining to the show's end. The former theater actor no longer had to live in Los Angeles and could spend more time in the Big Apple, reported Architectural Digest. So, he did. Ferguson and his husband Justin Mikita moved to New York City and bought a condo in a brand-new, modern Chelsea building filled with sunshine and tucked-away features.

They bought their two-bedroom, two-and-a-half bathroom apartment at the d'Orsay for $3 million, reported Elle Décor, and made the 1,402-square-foot pad their own while still enjoying its best features. The building offers amenities like a 24-hour doorman, a personal elevator for optimum privacy, a fitness center and relaxing spa, and communal outdoor space on the top of the building that's outfitted with lush foliage and even more amazing views. However, despite the apartment's modern white and wood elements, Ferguson and Mikita wanted their new home to reflect their style, too. These days, it includes creative decorative details like a colorful furry mural, art from a local flea market, and pops of blue throughout the space.

Trevor Noah's Hell's Kitchen penthouse

We're used to seeing "The Daily Show" host Trevor Noah in the studio with a Washington, D.C. backdrop, but the comedian spends his downtime at his two-story Hell's Kitchen penthouse. It's been Noah's residence since 2017, reported Fancy Pants Homes, after he purchased it for $10 million, which was $3 million less than the apartment's initial market price. Inside, the three-bedroom home features a private terrace with stunning views of the city, including the Empire State Building. It also has a colossal 29-foot living space, a kitchen with tons of designer touches, bathrooms connected to two of the guests' bedrooms, and a den with huge ceilings that let in lots of natural light.

However, Noah wasn't new to Stella Tower. Before he sealed the deal on the 3,600-square-foot apartment, he rented another unit a few floors down for $15,000 per month, according to Insider. It seems that the apartment's location was a real selling point. It's a short walk away from where he films "The Daily Show." But Stella Tower is also as beautiful as it is conveniently located. It's a historic Art Deco building that dates back almost a century. It was designed by Ralph Walker and was formerly used as a telephone building.

Taylor Swift's Tribeca abode

It's been a long time since Taylor Swift's days in Nashville, where she started as a country singer. Now, she has an apartment in Tribeca at 153 Franklin Street that she shelled out $18 million for, despite its not-so-glamorous past. According to New York Post, it was previously owned by Dominique Gaston André Strauss-Kahn, the former head of the International Monetary Fund. After being charged with sexual assault and attempted rape, he was confined to house arrest.

However, there was a reason why Swift scooped up this four-bedroom penthouse. It's stunning, as it was designed by Leopoldo Rosati, an established and leading Italian architect and home designer. Thanks to Rosati, Swift enjoys chic home features like skylights that bring in tons of natural light, a galley kitchen with black and dark brown tones, and a staircase encased in glass for significant wow-factor. However, despite the three-story apartment's state-of-the-art elements, it has lots of classic charm, too. After all, it was built more than a century ago (vis Localize). It has a traditional brick façade and modern exterior, creating a welcoming entrance.

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Alec Baldwin's Greenwich Village apartment

As an acclaimed actor with a long-running and varied career, it's no surprise that Alec Baldwin is raking in the big bucks. He's now worth about $60 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth. But in 2011, he shelled out $11.7 million of that fortune to buy a 4,137-square-foot pad in the coveted, historical, and restored Devonshire House building in Greenwich Village, reported Pursuitist. However, the duplex that takes up the top two floors wouldn't be Baldwin's last buy at the structure designed by Emery Roth on East 10th Street. A year later, Baldwin bought an 840-square-foot apartment for $1.2 million next door to that unit; and five years later, he purchased yet another apartment for $1.3 million. During that timeframe, he even bought one more unit but didn't keep it. Baldwin sold it just two years later for $150,000 less.

Although the three apartments could be constructed into one mega-unit, Baldwin hasn't done so yet. In the meantime, though, Baldwin is undoubtedly enjoying his 4,137-square-foot home with four bedrooms (via Mansion Global). And, there's even more square footage outside. Just that one home includes two outdoor, star-worthy spaces.

Bette Midler's Upper East Side abode

These million-dollar New York City celebrity apartments don't have anything on Bette Midler's former palace at 1125 Fifth Avenue on the Upper East Side. With 14 separate spaces encompassing 7,000 square feet, as well as 3,000 square feet of outdoor living space, it's an apartment that most realtors will never get to see the likes of. Its price reflects that, too. According to The Real Deal, Midler and her husband – actor and director Martin von Haselberg – offloaded their home for a whopping $45 million after it sat on the market for nearly two years during the Covid-19 pandemic. Although the couple didn't get the $50 million that they had hoped for when they listed the six-bedroom triplex in late 2019, the price was still significant given the city's unrest during that time. Plus, it's presumed to be a huge gain for Midler and von Haselberg, who bought the apartment about 20 years prior.

Besides its sheer colossal size in a city tapped for space, the home in the building designed by Emery Roth also commanded that price for many other reasons. Among those, according to 6sqft, is the three-level home's enormous library with its own entrance to an outdoor area; a living space longer than a bowling lane; a lush outdoor terrace with birds-eye-views of Central Park; and classic design features that will stand the test of time.

Sting's Central Park South penthouse

Billionaire's Row houses the most upscale residential buildings in the world, all set along the southern limits of Central Park. It is home to tech entrepreneurs like the creator of PayPal, the creator of Farmville, the CEO of Yelp, and the former CEO of Oracle. But clearly, it isn't just for a brainy bunch. English musician Sting moved here in 2019 after dropping $65.7 million on a 5,800-square-foot penthouse at 220 Central Park South, according to Architectural Digest.

Crazily enough, Sting's apartment on the 79th floor isn't even the priciest in the building. That title falls to a $238 million unit owned by the CEO of Citadel. But with its park-facing views, a swimming pool that's longer than a semitrailer, and a private gym with a yoga studio, it's clear why this unit fetched such an amazing price (via 6sqft). Although it's notoriously hard to find photos of this building due to its exclusive nature – renowned French chef Jean Georges even opened a restaurant here for residents only – real estate fans were able to get a glimpse of it right before Sting's purchase when an apartment listing went up for $59,000 a month. 

Jennifer Lopez's Flatiron apartment

The Flatiron penthouse that Jennifer Lopez purchased in 2014 for more than $20 million may be beautiful, but it's simply not ideal for a star who needs as much privacy as she does, according to New York Post. So for the past four years, she's been trying to unload it for varying prices (currently at $25 million) but hasn't received any competitive offers. It's located on the top of the century-old Whitman Mansion, a historic building at 21 East 26th Street with the best of both the old and the new with its cutting-edge features (via CityRealty).

Lopez might be stuck with her 9,500 square foot luxe abode for the time being, but let's just say she's not exactly suffering. The home has many high-end features, including floor-to-ceiling windows throughout, marble bathroom floors, and four separate outdoor spaces for every view possible of nearby Madison Square Park. Inside, pops of color and greenery give Lopez's home personality while it still stays modern in design.

Shonda Rhimes' Upper East Side pad

Shonda Rhimes may not be on the big screen, but the screen is still paying off big-time for the television producer and screenwriter. In 2018, Rhimes dropped $11.75 million on a top-floor luxe pad in Lenox Hill, an affluent Upper East Side area. While it might sound pricy, it was actually a crazy-good deal for the unit at 765 Park Avenue, reported The Real Deal. The same unit, which was initially owned by a woman from Palm Beach, Florida, was first listed for $14.75 million and then $12.5 million. Before the seller put the apartment on the market, she spent two years renovating it, making it walk-in ready for Rhimes.

As a historic building dating back to 1927, Rhimes' home has plenty of vintage touches while still having the modern amenities loved by stars. Those vintage touches include candlelit chandeliers, several wood-burning fireplaces, and a traditional brick façade outside. It also has dark wood floors and funky, colorful patterns throughout the wallpaper, furniture, and décor (via 6sqft).