60 Incredible Mansions You Have To See To Believe

What would you look for if you were buying a mansion? According to CNBC, Harold Clarke, a luxury real estate expert and the owner and principal broker of Luxury Big Island by Harold Clarke, explains that "just as a fluctuating market dictates the inventory available and asking prices, the needs and preferences of wealthy buyers can change as quickly as the tides." But Clarke does note that location, views, number of bedrooms, and amazing amenities like the latest technology are some of the necessities and amenities that wealthy buyers consider before writing a big check and moving into a (super-pricey) new home.

Of course, those who purchase larger houses also have to take into consideration plenty of other things such as the style of the home and the outside area as well as the wow factor. For instance, check out these 60 mansions that are so incredible, you have to see them to believe them!

1. Private pond right outside

The wide-open, lit-up space this mansion offers looks incredibly appealing all on its own. However, the fire pit, fireplace, and patio right beside a picturesque pond with its own bridge is beyond beautiful.

2. Stone detailed modern mansion

This modern mansion obviously boasts a fair share of enviable aspects such as the amazing pool, hot tub, pond, and fire feature, not to mention the many windows and spaces to lounge around. However, it's the stone walls that set this home apart and give it a signature style.

3. British Tudor mansion

This mansion offers everything you want from a Tudor residence. That includes distinct lines thanks to the timbers, gabled roof, chimneys, and, in this case, plenty of space.

4. Spanish tiles on a modern mansion

This mansion boasts a stunning Spanish tiled roof that is surely notable. It also features other traditional details like a tower and arches, however, and incorporates that all into a spacious modern design.

5. Barn mansion

When you think of a barn, you likely don't imagine one that happens to be a pristine white mansion. This idyllic home may be massive, but it still keeps its quaint country charm. And how about that unreal reflection in the gorgeously calm lake?!

6. Dominating roof

Roofs come in more shapes and styles than you might imagine and just as many materials. Making the right choice for your home can make a big impact on the overall look, as this mansion proves. The dominating roof perfectly tops off the eye-catching residence that also features rows of windows and an entryway that's sure to impress.

7. Modern tropical mansion

Who needs to go away for vacation when your home is a tropical paradise? Thanks to a serene indoor space, a balcony that spans an entire side of the home, lighting that glows, an enticing swimming pool, and scene-setting plants, living in this modern mansion must make it feel like you're permanently on vacation.

8. Mill Neck Manor

Found in New York on the Long Island Sound, Mill Neck Manor was once the home of Robert Leftwich Dodge and Lillian Sefton Dodge. They were able to enjoy the 34-room mansion as well as the 86-acre property. These days, it's used as a school for the deaf.

9. Sunny yellow mansion

Painting the exterior of your house yellow can be a risky move. However, it certainly seems to work when it comes to this mansion. That might be because it has a Spanish-tiled roof in a relatively soft shade and is surrounded by an equally gorgeous green garden and beautiful blue water.

10. The Breakers Cornelius Vanderbilt house

Originally the home of Cornelius Vanderbilt house, the Breakers is a mansion that's found in Newport, Rhode Island. With construction on the jaw-dropping home finished in 1895, the mansion was built in an Italian Renaissance style and includes 70 rooms that were meant to mimic what's found in palaces from the 16th century.

11. Jacobean mansion

Jacobean homes were meant to stand as symbols of status and wealth, according to Britain Magazine. This mansion definitely conveys a sense of grandeur thanks to its stunning stone construction, seemingly endless windows, and enduring presence.

12. Culbertson Mansion

Indiana's own Culbertson Mansion boasts 25 rooms that fill the three stories of this seriously spacious 20,000-square-foot home. While the outside of the Second Empire-style residence is stunning enough, the inside features fireplaces made of marble, a staircase that was carved by skilled craftspeople, and even elaborate ceilings that were painted by hand.

13. Mediterranean style mansion

A boldly-tiled roof is set off perfectly with a stone exterior that's edged with bricks on this mansion. With a patio in a shade that's similar to hues used for the mansion, it might be a little too much of one kind of color. However, the purple plants and blue pool bring a vibrancy to the space.

14. Regency period mansion

If you've ever dreamed of living in a period drama, then a Regency period mansion might pique your interest. In that case, check out this white residence that includes a central structure as well as two additions to either side, providing what's surely a staggering amount of space to anyone dancing, swooning, or falling in love inside.

15. Australian mansion

When you live somewhere that has wonderfully warm (and sometimes downright hot) weather like they do in Australia, then you certainly want a nice outside space. This mansion not only has that but it also boasts an absolutely alluring inground pool to help residents cool down.

16. Mansion fronted with palm trees

It's hard to imagine anything standing up against palm trees that are so tall and impressive. However, the mansion that's located behind these trees definitely holds its own thanks to its angular Spanish-tiled roof and creamy golden exterior.

17. Gated mansion

It's hard to imagine this mansion looking any more regal, as it already has grand columns and a fantastic fountain. However, the gold and black gates certainly add an extra touch of lavishness to this home.

18. Country mansion

Not even the snow can dampen how warm and cozy this country mansion looks. In fact, it simply makes it seem like a winter wonderland — that is, if a wonderland included a super-spacious house that featured perfectly angled rooftops and bay windows.

19. Bright blue mansion

A blue paneled exterior makes this mansion a wonderfully distinctive and inviting home. Beyond that, the stone detail that lines the bottom of the majority of the walls, as well as the single column, add another level of style to the outside of this extensive abode.

20. Mansion with a yacht dock

This waterfront mansion is an example of what can be created when you want to take full advantage of your location. In this instance, that means a home that appears to span the entire property, walls made of giant windows to appreciate the view, and even a dock to keep a yacht right out front.

21. Brick façade mansion

A simple brick house may be something that seems more at home in the suburbs. Yet, there's nothing simple about this mansion that uses brick to achieve a stately style.

22. Contemporary mansion

If you get the chills every time you see a contemporary home that's executed to perfection, then you'll surely adore this mansion. With a design that embraces clean lines and two slightly different shades of white on the exterior, the metallic grated detail in the front is almost an artistic addition.

23. Fairytale cottage mansion

Living in this mansion is surely like being in a storybook. That's because, despite being a mansion, it still has all of the sweet details — like the wood doors, pastel paneled exterior section, stone walls, shingled roof, and brick chimneys — that you would want from a fairytale cottage.

24. Mansion perched on a cliff

If you're afraid of heights, then this might not be the home for you. However, if you don't mind getting up high to get the best view, then you would surely appreciate this mansion which sits on a cliff overlooking both a beach and the water beyond.

25. Rosecliff gilded age mansion

Get a glimpse of the gilded age thanks to the Rosecliff Mansion. Located in the Newport, Rhode Island area, "The Great Gatsby" was filmed in this luxurious home, which isn't surprising considering how lavish it is.

26. Sleek turreted mansion

Is it still a turret if it doesn't have a pointy top? Either way, this mansion boasts a circular section on the side that definitely stands out. The outdoor shower is another nice touch!

27. Palatial mansion and pool

This mansion has a palatial vibe due to its decorative railings and stacked stories. Of course, there's also the glassy pool that provides a picturesque view that can be seen from each level of the home.

28. Estate mansion

With an elegant grey exterior that's topped off with a roof that has a handsome hint of blue, this mansion in the Netherlands uses white details to add definition. A medieval home situated on an estate, the grounds look just as gorgeous as the house itself.

29. Modern minimalistic beach mansion

Is a minimalistic mansion a contradiction? You might think so, but there's no denying that this incredible residence — which sticks with an all-white exterior, sleek windows, and simple shapes — looks amazing sitting right beside the beach.

30. Wood-paneled mansion

This mansion features an arguably au naturel style. Stone sections on the exterior keep this immense home from appearing too monotonous due to the fact that it's mixed with tasteful wood paneling.

31. L-shaped mansion

This L-shaped mansion makes the most of the property it sits on. Granted, it does have a massive driveway that takes up plenty of space and — along with the three-vehicle garage — would be the perfect place for a collection of high-priced cars.

32. Desert mansion

Living in the hot desert may sound a little harsh. However, if you happen to have a mansion like this — is that a golf course behind the house?! — then it certainly would make the location a luxury.

33. Biscayne Bay beauty

A golden exterior, diamond-shaped details above the arches, and a property that's crowned with palm trees? This mansion in Biscayne Bay is made for regal coastal living.

34. Brick mansion with spacious lawn

The spacious lawn that stretches out around this mansion only makes you want to stand back and admire its impressive design. And although it's undeniably large, details like the round windows, dark shutters, and white accents make the house feel approachable and homey.

35. The Corbin Norton House

This Queen Anne-style house may seem like something out of a Victorian-themed dream, however, it's very real. In fact, the Corbin Norton House in Martha's Vineyard, Massachusetts actually burned down in 2001. It was then rebuilt and, as you can see, was clearly worth the effort to recreate the stunning roof, windows, balconies, and verandahs.

36. Indoor-outdoor Mediterranean mansion

Residents of this Mediterranean-style mansion could surely spend their days happily wandering from the inside to the outside and back again. That's because both spaces merge into each other in a seamless and gorgeous way.

37. Indoor-outdoor modern mansion

Being able to enjoy both the inside and outside of a mansion is ideal. But for those who prefer something a little more modern, this sleek home has both rooms that open up to the exterior as well as floor-to-ceiling glass walls and doors to keep the outside coming in even when the home is closed up.

38. Old Westbury Gardens

Old Westbury Gardens is another mansion with a connection to "The Great Gatsby." In fact, the 23-room home on Long Island was the inspiration for the Buchanan estate, which is the lavish residence found in the classic story by F. Scott Fitzgerald.

39. Fort Lauderdale canal mansion

This mansion is so massive that it surely offers more areas to relax than the residents could regularly take advantage of. On top of that, the exterior is almost entirely covered by balconies and patios, which makes sense since the home sits on a canal in Fort Lauderdale.

40. Dramatic mansion

Some mansions have a luxurious vibe and others offer extreme relaxation. This mansion, on the other hand, goes with a dramatic style — with a dark roof and matching railings as well as perfectly placed mood lighting — that's absolutely magnificent.

41. A spectacularly grand mansion

This grand mansion truly takes your breath away. It's hard to decide which aspect is more impressive. Is it the countless windows, the pointed towers, the rounded roofs, or the swooping stairs? Or is that there's so much going on and yet it all works so well together?

42. Spa-like spaces

Going to a spa is always a treat. That's surely why this mansion embraces much of what a spa has to offer with endless spaces to pamper yourself with some TLC.

43. Stark black and bright yellow mansion

You definitely can't miss this mansion! With a stark black roof and a mostly yellow main exterior that's almost beyond bright yellow, the colors will definitely leave a lasting impression. So will the three-story design and meticulously manicured garden.

44. Adorably retro mansion

Keeping up with the Joneses doesn't always mean that you need to ditch what makes your home fabulous. This mansion — that's like something out of the '80s or '90s — proves that with its adorably irresistible retro charm.

45. Virginia governor's mansion

Located in Richmond, you may recognize this white, columned Federal-style mansion if you're from Virginia. That's because it's the executive mansion of the state's governor. That means you could live there if you're up for the job!

46. Super-tall mega-mansion

This mansion has five ... six ... er, seven levels? Honestly, it's almost impossible to figure out how many floors this stunning residence offers thanks to the fact that it stretches so incredibly high and has rows of windows that somewhat obscure the overall layout. Frankly, that makes it even more enticing.

47. 19th-century Irish mansion

You almost can't see this Irish mansion thanks to the greenery that's growing both around and on it. However, the lusciousness of the plants and accompanying landscape only help to bring the stone residence to life.

48. Matching outer mansion structures

This home is substantial enough. However, the matching structures outside only make this mansion seem even bigger and more fabulous.

49. 17th-century classic mansion

Some people might think that a mansion from the 17th-century would be outdated. But this grand residence shows that some classic style is timeless.

50. Sprawling ranch mansion

Ranch homes stick to a single story. While that can limit space at times if a property doesn't offer plenty of room, this mansion is as long and meandering as its name implies.

51. Cubic mansion

It's impossible to miss the fact that this mansion is made up of various-sized cubes with windows, columns, and lights that all stick to the same general shape. In fact, even the driveway is a grid of rectangles.

52. New Orleans mansion

Isn't this exactly what you think of when you imagine a mansion in New Orleans? This home in the Garden district features classic columns to hold up its second-floor balcony which is perched above the main floor verandah.

53. Ornate Beverly Hills abode

When you're in Beverly Hills, you surely wouldn't expect anything less than over-the-top homes. This mansion delivers with ornate details around the door and windows as well as a gold-embellished gate.

54. Mansion in Southern France

If you appreciate properties that offer a little ooh la la, then here you go. This stucco mansion may make you want to save up and retire in Southern France.

55. Everything's bigger in Texas

Anyone who's been to Texas will know that it has plenty of wide open spaces and that its residents like to go big or go home. That's why it's not surprising to find out that this enormous mansion is located in the southern state.

56. Stunning symmetrical mansion

Symmetry is pleasing to the eye, and this mansion which mirrors itself on both sides is definitely nice to look at. Granted, that's also because of the exquisite exterior details.

57. Concrete mansion

There are plenty of amazing materials that can be used to create a dream mansion and, to be honest, concrete doesn't sound all that impressive despite (or because of?) its common use. However, it's hard to argue that this concrete mansion isn't a modern piece of architectural art.

58. Cabin mansion

This gigantic cabin allows its residents to surround themselves with the beauty of nature while they also bask in all the luxuries that a mansion has to offer. There likely won't be any roughing it in this amazing abode.

59. Mansion with a fabulous fountain

Stone walls, curved walls of windows, and a pair of chimneys are just some of the factors that make this mansion so stately. However, the grand fountain is definitely an eye-catching aspect that stands out among the rest.

60. The Biltmore House

How can you not be impressed with Biltmore House? This mansion in Asheville, North Carolina, which was the home of George and Edith Vanderbilt, is practically a castle and is the biggest home in the United States.