What Happens When You Put Lemon Juice In Your Toilet?

We have found that you can clean your bathroom's toilet bowl with many different products, whether they are specifically made for the toilet or have been a tried-and-tested DIY. We have also learned what happens when you put unexpected items in a toilet bowl, including Coke and Fabuloso, with results that may surprise you.

Since lemons are a common household cleaner, you may be wondering what happens when you put lemon juice in your toilet. Lemons have so many great uses besides making lemonade. According to The Spruce, lemon juice has a slew of household uses when it comes to household chores, from ridding a garment of underarm stains to cleaning a microwave. DIY Network swears by lemon juice as a cleaner to make kitchen counters shine or disinfect a cutting board. If you are considering putting lemon juice in your toilet and are wondering what will happen, read on to find out!

Lemon juice is an excellent option for cleaning a toilet

It turns out that lemon juice is an excellent product to get rid of toilet bowl stains, as well as hard water deposits because of its acidity, per The Pink Plumber. If you have adamant stains, the company recommends scooping out any excess water and pouring in the lemon juice, although they note that vinegar also works like a charm. Then, let the juice sit anywhere from a couple of hours to the entire night, depending on how stubborn the stains are.

Ken's Plumbing notes that lemon juice can be used to clean a toilet tank, too, which may help keep stains out of the toilet bowl in the first place. Merry Maids says that even the base of a toilet can get grimy, so soak a toothbrush in a mixture of lemon juice and distilled white vinegar and scrub that area, too. We bet after all of this, your loo will look like new!