25 Dazzling Airbnb Rentals In San Francisco

You may be eager to visit San Francisco if you have friends or family in the area, but there are plenty of other reasons to spend some time in the popular city. Visit California points out that along with cable cars and a stunning waterfront, San Francisco also offers you views of the Golden Gate Bridge, historic landmarks, incredible culture, top cuisine, and of course, plenty of amazing homes that come in a wide and thrilling range of both sizes and styles.

If any or all of that piques your interest, then you may want to book yourself a chic rental in the city. And you're in luck because while there are certainly stunning places to stay in Nashville and dreamy homes to temporarily rent in Palm Springs, not to mention marvelous short-term stays in Miami, we've also tracked down 25 dazzling Airbnb rentals in San Francisco that you'll absolutely love.

1. Striking design in Pacific Heights

Anyone who stays in this four-bedroom Pacific Heights Airbnb rental will surely be charmed by the stylish design. Distinctive furniture and striking décor set off the walls that either boast art, doors to the outdoor space, book-filled shelves, or a statement-making mirror.

2. Sky house with views

You could surely spend your days blissfully gazing at the fireplace in this gorgeous six-bedroom Airbnb rental. That is if you can take your eyes off of the view of the water that can be seen from the home deemed Sky House.

3. 'Contemporary masterpiece' with wide windows

There's a reason why this five-bedroom Airbnb rental is described as a "contemporary masterpiece." The modern design and chic mostly black and white style can only be outdone by the view outside of the wide windows.

4. Popular art in the middle of San Francisco

This modern two-bedroom, multi-level Airbnb rental that can be found near the Castro district is filled with fine touches that will definitely impress you. However, it's the artwork that will catch your eye. Yes, that is an unmistakable and unmissable metallic balloon dog by Jeff Koons.

5. Ultimate relaxation in a house of peace

There's a reason why this six-bedroom Airbnb is called the House of Peace. Just take a peek at the pics and you'll see endless spaces to kick back and relax, including in the bathtub that happens to be in the middle of an open space and below a bright skylight.

6. Garden suite with gorgeous outdoor space

This Airbnb rental may be on the smaller side with just one bedroom and space for two people. However, the outdoor space — which is lusciously green and has a hot tub — is the perfect space for a couple or single person to enjoy some time alone.

7. Beachfront getaway with room for a family

If you're searching for a getaway by the water, then you'll adore this Airbnb rental. Found right across the street from Ocean Beach, you and your friends or family will be able to make plenty of memories while staying in this four-bedroom home that's stylishly and comfortably decorated.

8. Bright townhouse on Potrero Hill

This two-bedroom Airbnb rental boasts a beautiful bright living space thanks to its light-colored walls and windows that take full advantage of the view. You'll find this townhouse at the top of Potrero Hill with the owner willing to make themselves scarce if you want more privacy during your stay.

9. Mural-filled rooms

There is no way anyone could claim that this truly unique and creative Airbnb rental is boring! Located in San Francisco's French Quarter, the walls of the available rooms are covered in work by artists from the area.

10. Queen Anne Cottage that's bigger than it looks

With a deceptively tiny front, this Airbnb rental is bigger than you might expect. A three-bedroom, three-story Queen Anne cottage, the interior may not be sprawling, but it is beyond stylish. While it was originally built in 1890, it has various modern updates and even its own library space.

11. Pristinely perfect historic home

This two-bedroom Airbnb rental in San Francisco has obviously received its fair share of TLC over the years. That's because it looks absolutely stunning and perfectly pristine even though it dates all the way back to the 1910s.

12. Dreamy ocean view

When the listing of this Airbnb rental mentions its "epic ocean view," it's not exaggerating! With a large window that looks out directly over the water, you'll surely be able to relax while watching the waves roll in.

13. Condo with a uniquely angled wall

If you're looking for a condo in San Francisco, then you definitely need to check out this Airbnb rental. Offering you two bedrooms and 900 square feet, it also features wood details and brightly colored walls with one being uniquely angled.

14. Magnificent minimalist home with a groomed yard

The interior of this Airbnb rental is a sleek, minimalist dream. Outside, the decently sized yard is just as wonderfully simplistic and perfectly cut, trimmed, and groomed, which means that it will be ready for you to enjoy during your stay in San Francisco.

15. Adorably blue house

This blue Airbnb rental could not be any cuter! Painted two different colors of blue with a beautiful paneled exterior, there's also a deck where you can enjoy a view of the city. Inside, there are two bedrooms for you and your traveling companions.

16. Super-sleek penthouse loft

A magazine-worthy penthouse loft? Yes, please! Stay in this Airbnb rental and appreciate everything from the library ladder and twisting stairs to the trendy décor and artistically two-tone floor.

17. Centrally located condo

This Airbnb rental is another condo that will make you feel right at home. Along with two bedrooms and just as many bathrooms, it also has a fireplace, an amazing view, and a desirable location that will give you plenty of opportunities to enjoy what the city has to offer.

18. Private apartment with a plant-filled patio

Talk about an oasis! This Airbnb rental features an in-law apartment that you get all to yourself as well as an outside space where you can sit out on a private, plant-filled patio. If you'd rather wander, then you'll love the fact that residence is right by the beach.

19. Industrial loft with heated floors

If you're the kind of person who can appreciate the stark style of a loft that has an industrial vibe, then you'll want to book a night or two at this Airbnb rental. FYI: Anyone who's worried about chilly feet should know that this place has heated floors!

20. Luxury condo

Find yourself with modern conveniences and awesome amenities in this Airbnb rental. A two-bedroom condo with all the frills, it's filled with luxurious touches and even has an office space if you need to get some work done during your trip.

21. Remodeled home with a view of the ocean

A remodeled Airbnb rental that embraced contemporary touches, take a peek at the wood-paneled wall and beautiful blue wall. Of course, you'll also want to take notice of the amazing ocean view.

22. Art-filled studio in downtown San Francisco

View the city as it surrounds you from this fabulous Airbnb rental that sits in downtown San Francisco. Perfect for art-lovers, the space features plenty of intriguing pieces that will bring a creative vibe to your visit.

23. Chic contemporary farmhouse

This Airbnb rental may be described as a farmhouse. However, the closest thing to livestock around is surely the (faux?) animal-skin rug. Instead, the space is both pleasantly chic and wonderfully contemporary.

24. Central location and a garage

This Airbnb rental in the Inner Sunset neighborhood is close to restaurants, shops, a park, and the water. But what makes this place super-unique is the funky backyard patio and the fact that it comes with a garage if you need a spot to stash your car during your stay.

25. Massive home with amazing amenities

With terraces, a fireplace, art, an infinity pool that sits on a hillside that overlooks the bay, and a tennis court, what more could you want from this massive five-bedroom Airbnb rental that has enough space for 10 guests? Although it's not in central San Francisco, it's close enough to everything you might want.