How To Decorate Your Home Like Emily In Paris

Bonjour! The much talked about "Emily in Paris" is back for a second season on Netflix, giving us another look into the chaotic escapades of American Emily Cooper as she experiences the highs and lows of the City of Light. Emily is a twenty-something from Chicago who ruffles more than a few feathers (both personally and professionally) as she acclimates to French culture while working at marketing firm Savoir. Between hot French chefs and viral social media posts, Emily's life is never short on excitement.

Love it or hate it, the show is one of the most watched series on Netflix (via The New York Times) and continues to make a splash with colorful fashions, Parisian flair, and eye-catching chocolate croissants. One of the best parts of the show is the beautiful Parisian architecture and interior design, which include Emily's quaint apartment and the stylish Savoir office. Understated, confident, and charming, the home designs have us saying Ooh la la. If you would like to give your home an Emily-inspired upgrade, here are some très chic design tips you can use to recreate the show's aesthetic.

Liven up your home with fresh flowers

Upbeat Emily tends to see la vie en rose, which might be explained by all of the fresh flowers she keeps around. She's is a big fan of pretty floral arrangements and is often seen with flowers, such as in this scene from YouTube where she meets Camille while buying a bouquet of roses. She also uses flowers to brighten up her desk at the Savoir office, per Elite Daily

Picking up blooms from your neighborhood floral shop or market is an easy way to incorporate this French-girl-style element into your home. Having fresh flowers in your home or work area is not only beautiful, but can also boost energy and relaxation, as well as clean the air in a room, per Flora Queen. According to Gardenista, you can give your floral arrangements a French vibe by choosing a monochromatic color palette, using a pretty and unfussy vase, and embracing a little imperfection by sourcing your own blooms and twigs from the backyard or garden. 

Try open shelving in the kitchen or living room

No Parisian apartment is complete without some open shelving in the kitchen, according to Daily Dream Decor. Whether you showcase your mac and cheese boxes and water glasses like Emily in this YouTube clip, or put your cutest dish collection on display, your space will instantly look more open, relaxed, and brighter with the addition of an open shelf or two. Not to mention, these shelves will increase storage space and are relatively inexpensive compared to installing new cabinets. 

Some things to keep in mind when incorporating open shelving into a kitchen is that they can quickly become messy and disorganized. It's best to avoid putting small appliances like toasters and blenders on the shelves on display, along with medium-use items like wine glasses since they will get dusty between uses (via Kitchn). If you do want to keep your mac and cheese on the shelf, repackage the pasta in glass jars or containers to make them easier on the eyes. 

Get romantic with a soft, neutral color palette

While the fashion on "Emily in Paris" never fails to turn heads, per Netflix, many of the show's interior spaces are dressed in much quieter, neutral colors. Romantic shades of cream, pink, and white can be found in Emily's apartment and the bedroom Emily stays in while visiting the château of Camille's parents in the Champagne region of France (via YouTube). According to Apartment Therapy, neutral colors will keep your interiors elegant, chic, and classically French.

To add this sophisticated color palette in your home, look for neutral bedding, accessories, and smaller pieces to pair with bolder furniture and art choices. Walls can be painted in a white or cream tone to create a classy background. But you don't have to avoid color entirely! According to One Kind Design, pops of bright color will keep things fun and interesting in your living space.

Look for bold, brass accents

From lighting fixtures to mirrors, the interiors of "Emily in Paris" are filled with beautiful brass accents. The Savoir office in particular features a variety of warm metal décor for a look that screams French luxury, according to Apartment Therapy

When bringing brass into your own home, there are a few tips to consider (via Domino). First, go for clean and modern shapes as pieces with lots of detail can easily feel outdated and out of place. Next, mix brass with different metals like gold and copper to create a more interesting design aesthetic. Adding one large brass piece will make the biggest impact. A good combination to try for yourself is brass and Carrara marble, which is a pairing you will often see in French cafes (all that's missing is a freshly baked pastry). And finally, be sure to regularly clean your brass with polish to keep it shining bright.

Mix old and new pieces

The secret to laid-back, bohemian French style is mixing antique pieces with new items, per Country & Town House. For example, Emily's bohemian apartment features shabby chic lamps and book shelves, along with newer curtains and artwork. The Savoir office seamlessly mixes old and new by combining sleek, modernist furniture with classic herringbone parquet floors and paneled walls, as seen in this YouTube clip.

To find unique pieces like the ones featured on the show, visit your local thrift store or flea market for vintage art and furniture pieces. You can also reinvent existing furnishings by giving them a fresh coat of paint or playing with different textures. Vintage rugs, mirrors, and vases will all add that antique touch that characterizes Parisian style, according to Leonce Chenal. To Frenchify your living space even more, you can display a collection of antique vases in a variety of different colors and shapes.

Cover your walls with eclectic art

Gabriel is not the only one with quirky artwork adorning the walls of his living space, as seen in this scene from YouTube. Emily's apartment, Savoir, and Camille's parents' place all feature interesting art pieces as part of their interior design. Art is essential in any home, and an important part of capturing the effortlessly chic Parisian style found in "Emily in Paris." 

When it comes to finding the right artwork for your home, look for pieces that speak to your unique taste and preferences. If you want to feel like you're in Paris like Emily, why not add a watercolor painting (via Elite Daily) of the Seine or Champs-Élysées to a wall? Or, you can look for contemporary sculptures and bold color block prints, like the one above Emily's desk at work. According to Leonce Chenal, contemporary artwork is a hallmark of Parisian style. Framed paintings and drawings are often left leaning against a wall or propped up on a chair to create a more laid-back vibe. 

Know you can never have too many scented candles

There's one decorative item that almost all French women have in their apartments, and that's a scented candle. Even though Emily is relatively new to Paris, she's already picked up on this cozy design staple. The table at her outdoor birthday dinner was set with a variety of gently flickering candles (via YouTube), and there are plenty of other scenes where these beloved decorative items make an appearance.

Wondering about the reason behind all this candle love? To start, candlelight creates a nice, comfortable atmosphere perfect for relaxing or entertaining guests at home. According to Leonce Chenal, candles can make any room feel more inviting. Many scents have a powerful soothing effect and can reduce anxiety, per Travel & Leisure. Popular aromas for creating a sense of calm include lavender, vanilla, and peppermint. But if you truly want to embrace your inner "Emily in Paris" you might just have to invest in a croissaint candle for your coffee table.

Cover your floors with parquet

Chances are if you're looking at the floors in "Emily in Paris" you will see parquet flooring. Even the Palace of Versailles (which was used as the setting for designer Elliott Dupree's fashion show in Episode 10, via YouTube) features this historic flooring.

Parquet flooring is a staple of French style, requiring skilled craftsmanship and an eye for detail. This hardwood flooring dates back to the 16th century when craftsman began to create floor designs by putting small tiles of wood together, according to The Spruce. Each tile would vary in both color and size, making it possible to form bold geometric patterns. Today, genuine parquet flooring typically costs around $20 to $45 per square foot. You can also purchase pre-made wood tiles for $7 to $10 per square foot. A high-quality parquet floor should last a lifetime (hopefully longer than it takes Emily to learn French). 

Brighten up your living space with chic lighting

When it comes to sexy, statement lighting, "Emily in Paris" does not disappoint. Many of Emily and her friends' favorite hangouts are decorated with bold opaline glass desk lamps and retro-inspired light fixtures, like Sylvie's desk at Savoir. Starting on Emily's first day, these chic lighting elements could be found dotted across the entire office, via YouTube. Inspired by the soft lighting used in Paris bistros, these fixtures create a relaxed atmosphere and flattering light that makes anyone look better. What else would one expect from the City of Light?

To get a Parisian-approved look in your home, add a statement table lamp to your desk or hang opaque globe lighting from the living room ceiling, as seen in Ecora. Art-Deco-inspired lamps are also on trend and light up spaces throughout "Emily in Paris." It's best to go for pieces with simple shapes and elegant finishes like brass and black, according to Emily Henderson.

Make room for elegant wall moldings

A key element to Parisian home style is moldings, which get plenty of screen time in "Emily in Paris." Every room of the Savoir work space has intricate moldings decorating the walls, ceilings, and doors, as seen on Emily's first day in the office via YouTube. This luxurious design statement is commonly found in Parisian apartments, since most were built in the early 20th century with elaborate plaster moldings, according to Hunker

You can easily replicate the elegant effect of moldings, no matter how old your house is. Wall trims like crown and baseboard moldings will give rooms a sophisticated, classic touch and can also hide any imperfections that may be lurking on walls. According to Lowe's, you can install the moldings yourself with a miter-cutting saw, wood putty, basic carpentry gear like a tape measure, and some woodworking savvy. From crown moldings on the ceilings to chair rail trim, the world is your oyster when it comes to choosing a molding type.

Create a statement headboard for your bed

"Emily in Paris" has no shortage of eye candy, but one of the true scene stealers is the sunburst headboard gracing Emily's apartment. The unique fan-shaped piece might look fairly simple, but it's a très chic showstopper. The best part is that you can definitely recreate it at home with an easy DIY project — maybe even while binging the show. 

According to Apartment Therapy, the headboard is composed of long fabric strips, which are placed at a central point behind the bed, arranged into a fan shape on the wall, and then secured with staples. To recreate this charming, breezy headboard at home, simply take an old sheet or fabric and tear it into long pieces. Secure it to the wall behind your bed with an anchor and then use nails, putty, or staples to fasten each individual strip to the wall. If you don't feel like taking on a DIY project, you can also find a similar fan-shaped headboard from an online shop.

Incorporate dramatic Art Deco-inspired shapes

With dramatic curves and bold shapes, the furniture in "Emily in Paris" has us wanting to sit down, take a seat, and sip on a glass of wine (or two). Influenced by the Parisian Art Deco movement, many of the furnishings feature bold lines, a refined look, bright pops of color, and are covered in luxurious fabrics like velvet or leather. The sofa and chairs decorating the Savoir office are a perfect example of this eye-catching trend, via YouTube. Not only is there a bright pink velvet couch in the entrance area, but the main meeting room features the chicest curved blue chairs. 

According to Emily Henderson, the Parisian Art Deco style is characterized by curvy furniture with lines evoking fluid movement, black and white color choices, sculptural art, luxe fabrics, and more. Gilded mirrors, light fixtures, and window treatments are also important elements required to nail the look. Embracing the trend means looking for pieces with dramatic details without going overboard. 

Organize your wardrobe with style

The French know fashion, so it makes sense that they would also know how to store their wardrobes in style. "Emily in Paris" might not have any show-stopping walk-in closets or luxury dressing rooms, but Emily's simple apartment does make room for an open clothing rack. Not only is this wardrobe organization style space friendly and easy on the budget, but it also helps tie the entire room together, per Apartment Therapy. Emily's oh-so-chic fashions and accessories are stored out in the open for all to admire, per YouTube.

Want to cure your lack of closet space? Say oui to a freestanding garment rack! The best part about adding an open clothing rack to your living space is that it is incredibly versatile. Use it as a home for clothes, shoes, plants, random items, and small art pieces. If you already have plenty of wardrobe space, you can still use a cute clothing rack for storing a few dazzling statement pieces.