What Happens When You Put Mouthwash In Your Toilet?

Let us first say that we aren't surprised anymore by the magic potions that can be put in your porcelain throne. Did you know that you can put coke in your toilet for an excellent cleaning without too much scrubbing, per The Spruce? Or, you can put a mix of baking soda, boiling water, and vinegar in your toilet to unclog it, according to Hunker. This is a pretty ideal scenario if you ask us, considering you most likely have these items in your pantry already.

But have you ever considered putting mouthwash in your toilet? If we're being honest, we haven't thought about doing this yet. To that end, if you're wondering what can happen if you put the product that gives you ultra-clean breath down your loo, then you are not alone! Read on to see what happens when you put mouthwash in your toilet ... we think you may be shocked at the outcome.

The ways you can use mouthwash to clean items in your home

It turns out that mouthwash isn't just to keep your breath as fresh as can be. According to Today, it can also be used to clean several areas in your home, including foul-smelling laundry, garbage disposals, and humidifiers. You can also make TV and computer screens streak-free, and last but definitely not least, clean your dirty toilet bowl. When we think more about this, it makes sense since mouthwash can not only freshen breath but kills bacteria too. Today advises that you simply add 1/4 cup of your favorite mouthwash to the loo and give it ample time to sit, up to 30 minutes. Then you will want to take a scrub brush and give it a good scrubbing, and after ... you won't believe how clean your toilet will be!

We've learned that you can also clean the absolutely germiest part of your bathroom with mouthwash, which happens to be your toothbrush holder. Per Apartment Therapy, you can keep it free of bacteria by using boiling water, mouthwash, and a scrub brush.