Every Home Needs These 4 Starter Crystals

There's no denying that crystals are having a moment right now, with countless individuals from energy healers to celebrities gushing about all the benefits these stones can have through their unique individual properties, the vibrations they release, etc. Although, there isn't really any scientific evidence for crystal healing, as Healthline notes, and any benefits could simply be a result of the placebo effect.

Regardless of any metaphysical beliefs you may or may not have, crystals can be a fantastic addition to your home. First of all, they allow you to bring in a bit of nature, which as anyone who owns plants knows, can make a serious impact on your overall space. Second, they're absolutely beautiful — from the unique formations to the breathtaking colors, they're basically art pieces. Finally, even if you don't believe the crystals themselves are doing much to change how you or your home feels, perhaps the reminder you'll get by looking at them every day and thinking about what others associate those particular crystals with will help you make positive changes through your own strength.

If you're looking to add a few pieces throughout your home, here are four starter crystals to consider.

Citrine and rose quartz

When it comes to bringing good vibes into your space, two crystals to start with are citrine and rose quartz.

Citrine has a few different appearances and can go from a very pale yellow hue to an almost vibrant orange that light can still pass through, with white segments along a portion of the crystal, as described by Tiny Rituals. It's typically associated with "abundance, prosperity, and positivity," as The Spruce explains — in fact, as per Conscious Items, citrine is often colloquially referred to as the "money stone" or "merchant's stone." If you're looking to use your citrine crystal to level up your business or financial standings, you may want to put it wherever you do your business — for example, on your desk in your home office — or perhaps where you store your wallet or purse after coming home, as Subconscious Servant suggests.

If you're looking to turn your bedroom into a serene oasis, you may want to consider incorporating some rose quartz, a gorgeous pink crystal that can help create a calming, soothing, and restful atmosphere, as Parachute Home explains. It's also often associated with love. As Architectural Digest India suggests, consider placing pieces in the southwest direction in the bedroom to encourage romance, love, and marriage. Pedestrian recommends surrounding the space where you sleep with love by placing a crystal at each bedpost. It's also "the quintessential stone for rediscovering self-love," as Energy Muse says.

Black tourmaline and shungite

To help protect your home from a variety of different things, from electronic emissions to pollution, two crystals to start with are black tourmaline and shungite.

Black tourmaline is a crystal with an eye-catching black hue and, as Crystal Vaults explains, is said to guard against pollutants, whether environmental or internal, such as negative thoughts. It's also thought to be protective in general. So, if incorporating a black tourmaline crystal into your decor, you may want to consider placing it in the corners of a room where you want a little extra protection, as Parachute Home suggests, such as your bedroom. Alternatively, consider putting black tourmaline near the front door, as Better Homes and Gardens recommends.

For those with tech enthusiasts in their home, shungite may be another crystal to consider — it's said to help "neutralize and purify electromagnetic frequencies," which are emitted by devices like smartphones, as per Parachute Home. This makes it a great crystal to place wherever you keep a lot of your gadgets, such as on your desk, by your charging stations, or near your television. Made a New Year's resolution to drink more water? You might also consider storing some shungite in a water pitcher — as Maha Living states, it can help purify water. Energy practitioner Colleen McCann explains that "shungite's high carbon content acts as a natural high-filtering capacity for water," as Well + Good reports.