Feng Shui Design Ideas To Celebrate The Year Of The Tiger

With the advent of the lunar new year comes a shift in energy in the Chinese Zodiac. 2022 is renewing its energy by welcoming in the Year of the Water Tiger, according to Pure Wow. The new energy of the water tiger brings with it yang — or masculine — energies, symbolizing ambition, generosity, justice, adventure, enthusiasm, competitiveness, big changes, and risk-taking. In advance of the change, it's important to make sure your space is welcoming of the new energy, via the art of feng shui.

Per National Geographic, feng shui is an ancient Chinese art that purports the arranging of furniture, items, colors, etc. in a room can help energy flow efficiently and in a way that will encourage harmonious balance. More than that, it is a balancing of chi, or life force, composed of yin and yang which, when balanced, helps increase health, relationships, invite in luck, etc. Feng shui is still practiced contemporarily. The art form requires years of study to truly understand, though certain principles can be applied to everyday life and interior design to encourage balance in your home.

In the approaching Year of the Tiger, it is a good idea to apply feng shui principles that align with the specific properties of the animal, and welcome in the passionate energy of the tiger. 

Clean out bad fortune

According to Lifestyle Asia, one of the most important things for feng shui is to eliminate bad fortune, which can manifest in a variety of ways. Ensure your home is free from bad fortune in the new year by giving it a deep clean and assessment. Make sure all windows are clean, which will let in the sun, and with it, positive chi. Clean the house, paying particular attention to corners. Sort through any clutter and dispose of any dead plants, flowers, or broken items to avoid encouraging bad fortune.

Take care to fix any other visible and structural issues to the house. Remove unused nails and caulk the holes, fix any leaks (either from the roof, sink, etc.), and make sure the house is functioning properly. Once everything is cleaned, decluttered, and fixed, take a walk through the house. If you find any pieces of furniture blocking the natural flow, move them somewhere else. All in all, aim to have a clean, bright, naturally flowing, functioning house to properly begin welcoming in the energy of the water tiger.

Pay attention to the entryway

Lifestyle Asia also says to make sure the entryway of your home is in line with feng shui principles. Feng shui encourages having a clean, open entryway to encourage positive energy and get rid of bad fortune. Pay special attention when cleaning this area, making sure to remove any dirt, dead plants or broken items, fix any visible or structural issues, etc.

In terms of design, you should have a clear, unobstructed view when you open the door and step inside. Having cluttered items and furniture will restrict the flow of chi in the house. When designing the foyer, make sure nothing will inhibit you from opening the door and stepping inside. Consider getting shelves to place shoes and keys, and hooks to hang bags and coats, to prevent them from cluttering the entryway.

The first look into your living room, or whichever room the foyer leads into, should be unimpeded by large items or blockages. If there are any large items of furniture, such as couches or tables that restrict your walkway, move them in a way that encourages a more open, flowing design. If there are immovable items blocking your way, such as walls or pillars, consider adding plants to encourage the flow of chi.

Integrate shades of blue and green

The Year of the Water Tiger brings with it a set of color associations that will benefit the design and feng shui properties of your home. According to Karma Weather, the primary colors for the lunar new year are cerulean blue and mint green, as well as fiery red and imperial yellow — though the latter are not as pivotal as the former. Cerulean blue will bring the properties of appeasement, freedom, and peace, and mint green will encourage creativity, healing, and expansion. Cerulean blue will specifically help with communication, specifically in career terms, such as job interviews and resumes. Mint green will help with adaptation to new situations.

This year's primary element is water — hence the Water Tiger. Cerulean blue is the representative color for the water element this year, and is great for featuring in your house. Consider using it as an accent color — pillows, throw blankets, art, accent walls, etc. Be careful not to go overboard, as an overabundance of cerulean can cause coldness, laziness, or melancholia — feng shui is all about balance.

Incorporate water features

There are five elements in Chinese astrology: wood, fire, earth, metal, and water. Each element carries different properties, as well as creation and destruction abilities. According to Pure Wow, with each new year comes a new element, this year being water. The water element in conjunction with the tiger will encourage strong familial bonds, strengthened relationships, and a healthy display of emotion, as well as encouraging creative new beginnings.

Lifestyle Asia suggests bringing in elements of water into the home to materialize the element's properties. To that end, consider adding a water feature in the home. Add a fountain to large, empty spaces, or smaller fountains to end tables and desks, which will help physically represent the water element. For a more cost effective alternative, place painting and art representative of water features, lakes, oceans, etc. around the house. While the water element is important, ensure it's balanced with the other four elements. Whether you place a fountain or painting inside, make sure it is unobtrusive, and in harmony and sense with the flow of the house.

Decorate with plum blossoms

Another aspect of luck in Chinese astrology is flowers. Different flowers and plants can help improve the chi in your home, as well as usher in luck and harmony in accordance with the new year. According to Pure Wow, this year's lucky flower is the plum blossom. Per Verdissimo, feng shui states that flowers should be placed by windows, in the living room, or the sides of hallways for optimal energy flow. By the window, they'll repel negative energy, they'll facilitate communication in the living room, and they'll keep positive energy contained in hallways. Do not place the flowers in the bathroom, though, as it will facilitate bad energy.

Plum blossoms have a solidified role in feng shui. They are a symbol of hope and perseverance, as they flower in the winter, and are frequently featured in Chinese art and literature (via The Present Tree). Consider adding fresh cut plum blossoms around your home to increase positive chi. If you cannot find fresh flowers, opt instead for placing artwork featuring the flower around the home.