10 Sage Green Paint Colors To Make Your Home Feel Calming

Sage green is a grayish, neutral toned green that can range from light to dark tones, and is a great paint option for any room in the house. It can have the neutral effect of grays, tans, and whites, but with added vibrancy and interest without overwhelming a space. It is also an incredibly calming color, making it a great addition to a room. Pantone's vice president of color authority told Southern Living that, "sage has a soothing appeal that leaves us in a calm and meditative state," adding that, "it expresses a need for cooperation and collaboration."

Different tones and intensity levels of sage green can create different moods, all of which at their core are relaxing and calming. A darker tone can create a homier, cozier space, whereas a lighter color can create an airy, refreshing environment. Here are just a few examples of the calming potential of sage green.

1. Classic light sage green

Keep it classic with one of the most common shades of sage green. This shade is almost gray, but it adds a hint of refreshing, soothing color to brighten up a room.

2. Deep and warm sage green

To make a space seem more intimate, opt for a deeper, warmer shade of sage green. Add touches of brass and gold tones around the room for a truly inviting space.

3. Light and airy sage green

Go for a very light, just slightly tinted shade of sage green to create an open, breezy environment. This shade is a great alternative to plain white walls, while still maintaining the classic, refreshing feeling they provide.

4. Vintage sage green

For a more vintage feel, choose a deeper, flatter shade of sage green. It will help create a warm and cozy environment, while adding a timeless spin on classic sage green. Add warm wood tones for a twist on mid-century modern, or darker woods and brasses for a truly vintage feel.

5. Medium-toned sage green

Create a completely Zen environment by choosing a medium-toned sage green paint. It will provide the light airiness of a softer sage tone, and the warmth and comfort of a darker tone, while remaining neutral and relaxing.

6. Dark sage green

Utilize a dark, vibrant sage green for a trendier take on the color. This shade lends itself well to more modern decorating styles, while still offering an inviting, calming feel.

7. Gray sage green

Create more visual interest by swapping out a classic gray wall for a gray-toned sage green wall. It will still provide the neutral effect, while creating a slightly more inviting, much more soothing environment.

8. Mid-century modern sage green

For a bolder sage green option, opt for a warmer, olive toned swatch. This color lends itself excellently to a mid-century modern approach, and goes best with light wood tones.

9. Bohemian sage green

Incorporate sage green in a bohemian d├ęcor style to soften and relax the busier aesthetic, while still having an earthy, rooted feel.

10. Minty sage green

Add a fun, youthful touch to a room by introducing a minty-toned sage green. It will provide the meditative feel of a classic sage, while introducing a playful tone.