The Surprising Reason There Are Four Toilets In A Bathroom In This Home

What makes this 3,913-square-foot house in Milwaukee, Wisconsin so special, and why has it garnered so much attention on the internet? The otherwise ordinary, attractive house has become wildly popular due to one of its bathrooms, which contains four side-by-side toilets and sinks. The Realtor listing says the house was built in 1851, and it is otherwise a beautiful house, with six beds and 2.5 baths (a total of six toilets). It also has an apartment in the back of the home, modern appliances, and an advantageous location.

After it was posted on Instagram, though, this house became popular for its unique, multi-toileted bathroom. Comments continue to roll in about the humorous nature of the bathroom, too. For example, @dinoflipcam shared, "I've had nightmares like this," and @haelnotrab said, "My toddler who won't leave me alone designed this bathroom." People are equally confused and amused by the architectural choice, leading to the simple question: why?

The real reason behind the four toilet bathroom

According to the New York Post, the answer is quite simple: The house functioned as a farmhouse for a while, and in the early 20th century (roughly the 1920s to 1930s) the house was donated to a Girl Scouts troop, according to listing agent Jane Dichristopher. She says the troop leader installed the multiple toilets and sinks for all the girls who used the bathroom, which likely had dividers up between toilets during its use as a Girl Scout gathering place.

While the toilets have been joked about online, Dichristopher told Oklahoma News 4 that the house has actually benefited from its internet popularity. "I have had a ton of people reach out to me, and we did initially have a lot of showings due to the marketing," she explained. Dichristopher has also said there is currently an offer pending.

House Beautiful added that the house is also historic, and was supposedly a part of the underground railroad. The resident Girl Scouts also had First Lady Lou Henry Hoover, President's Hoover's wife, over for tea.