An Abandoned Home With No Bedrooms Sold For Millions In California

Property investors who've been in the management business for a while have probably seen residential and commercial units in all sorts of conditions. However, this property comes with a few surprises –- along with a sizable price tag. According to the New York Post, a derelict, empty townhouse has sold for $1.97 million. Granted, it's located in a prime location, the Noe Valley neighborhood of San Francisco. Nonetheless, the dwelling appears to be held up by nothing more than the paint, unlike the homes that flank either side. Thus, one can truly say that this structure stands out like the proverbial sore thumb. 

In addition to the distinct exterior features, this house has no bedrooms. Although the real estate listing on Compass features a narrow corridor, there appears to be one doorway to the right with another room at the end of the hallway. Otherwise, each room almost seems to be joined the next by nothing more than a doorway.

This home went to the highest bidder

Because of its condition, as the post on Compass states, the sale can be finalized with "cash only." In fact, the townhouse was sold at an auction to settle a conservatorship in court. When it was first put up for sale, the price was listed at $995,000. However, once the bidding began, the house ultimately sold for more than $600,000 above the starting bid.

As one can tell by the stats on Redfin, other houses on the same block have also previously sold for a little over $2 million. Thus, the realtor, Todd Wiley, stated his optimistic prediction of $1.6 million as the selling price via Business Insider. Regardless, the nature of an auction is for the participants to try to outbid one another, and this was definitely the case for this particular home. 

In spite of the post's description as a "fantastic contractor's special," the building does contain a kitchen and a bathroom. The rest remains to be seen –- or rather, renovated.