25 Garden Fence Ideas That Will Make Your Outdoor Space Even Better

As Robert Frost described, "good fences make good neighbors." Installing a border fence around your property can help define your private home area or add definition and detail to an otherwise bland landscape. Fences can help promote safety for children and pets and define boundaries such as blocking off a swimming pool. Different fence types can help increase area greenery or block out neighboring sounds. Even a simple garden border can help elevate your area and add beauty.

Installing a fence for your garden is a task that can be done by hiring professional labor or by DIYing the project on your own. While prices can vary significantly based on materials chosen and the size and area of the fence, Bob Vila estimates that the average homeowner will spend between $1,667 and $4,075 for a new property fence, averaging about $13 to $50 per linear foot, which may be smaller or larger than your total garden space. While wooden fences have traditionally been more affordable than many other materials, it's best to check for up-to-date pricing.

Choose the right fence for you from this diverse array of designs — and get building!

1. Natural wood with lattice top

Traditional, classic, and absolutely beautiful, a natural wood fence with lattice top balances both privacy and light. A popular choice is western red cedar which can be stained to bring out colors that best suit your home and yard decor.

2. Rustic wicker fence

This rustic wicker fence is a simple DIY for your garden and affordable too. Using fallen sticks and pruned trees, you can create your own country look with ease.

3. Wattle fence

A wattle fence is another variation on wicker that practices a tightly woven branch pattern. Experts suggest that willow or hazel are favorites of these traditional fences when it comes to DIY.

4. White picket fence

Few things are as traditional as a white picket fence, but what a look this provides to a classic Craftsman home. The Smithsonian describes the history of the white picket fence as it grew in popularity after the cold war as an affordable and easy-to-maintain option for home borders. 

5. Glass bottle fence

Upcycle those extra bottles and create your own glass bottle wall or fence. In addition to being eco-friendly, this design can be a DIY project at home. Let the light in with a glass bottle highlight wall or extend the project for a longer border fence.

6. Chain link fencing

A chain-link fence is an effective and affordable solution to create a border to your property or garden. Available in a variety of heights and styles, installation of this fence is typically straightforward.

7. Simple alumnium fence

Aluminum fencing is both strong and lightweight. As Mills Fence describes, it provides a great value for the cost in a variety of shapes and sizes. Corrosion-resistant and easier to install, many prefer aluminum to its stronger iron counterpart.

8. Stained glass fence

This stained glass fence is a fantastic way to upgrade an existing wooden garden fence. The Modern Pioneer describes the process used as drilling holes into the existing fence and filling these openings with glass beads or marbles.

9. Rolled bamboo fencing

Bamboo is a fast-growing plant that is highly renewable and makes an attractive backyard feature. Bamboo fencing can be found in easy-to-unroll panels at your local home improvement store like Lowe's and added to an existing fence or spread among fenceposts as a stand-alone garden feature.

10. Ipe Fencing

Ipe is a type of hardwood highly desired for its outdoor durability and rich, deep natural color. Ipe Woods USA shared that ipe is "8X harder than domestic woods like California Redwood." Available in multiple thicknesses and lengths, horizontal board patterns are common with this fencing material.

11. Wrought iron fence

Wrought iron fencing can be both durable and elegant. Excellent for security, this heavy-duty fencing can also last for years. Wrought iron is an iron mix using low carbon content, which helps make this malleable and corrosion-resistant for outdoor use.

12. Stone wall fence

Stone walls and fences have been around for centuries, and fortunately, our knowledge of sealants and construction has evolved with these near medieval looks. A stone wall-style fence can help your property embrace nature and natural materials with added strength using this age-old building tradition.

13. Shrub fence

If hardscapes aren't your thing, consider a green plant or shrub-based fence wall. Ivy can be grown across many different existing wall types, according to HomeGuides. Alternatively, you can plant a dense and fast-growing shrubbery to cultivate into an all-green wall of your choice.

14. Mosaic Fence

Adding a mosaic fence to your garden is quite simple when it comes to DIY, requiring mostly tiling know-how on a compatible board. The tricky part for mosaics comes with the design, and few people have more beautifully extensive patterns than Mango Mosaic featuring this lush and colorful ceramic wave pattern.

15. Simulated stone fence

For those who love the look of a stone fence but don't want the hassle of balancing heavy materials, faux stone fencing like EcoStone is a handy solution. Made with 25% recycled materials, this fake stone veneer covers reinforced steel panels and is said to be unaffected by water or salt spray.

16. White vinyl fence

Vinyl fence has continued to grow in popularity over the years. As described by Southwest Vinyl Fence, this material is prized for its "long-term durability, beauty, and convenience." Lightweight and easy to work with, this product is also strong and weather-resistant, as well as available in a large variety of shapes and sizes.

17. Textured metal fence

This metal fence is both strong and durable, without the traditional look of corrugated steel. Many metals can be painted or textured to create or more natural appearance while still maintaining the benefits of security and affordability of common building materials.

18. Simple wood fence

Simple wooden fences are easy to scale and affordable to create borders for large areas. If you have extended gardens like this vineyard, a "log and pole" construction may be a great solution to outline your property.

19. Decorative chain link fence

Adding material and color can be a way to elevate the idea of chain link fencing. This design pairs green metal poles with an additional green outdoor fabric for added privacy.

20. Perforated metal fence

Another take on metal fencing for your garden is to build a perforated metal fence. While the example above shows brown metal panels with square holes, perforated metal fences can come in multiple colors with holes in different shapes and sizes to find the right match between light and privacy, according to Arrow Metal.

21. DIY pallet fence

Is there anything that can't be built out of used pallets? DIY enthusiasts love these versatile wood platforms for simple building and affordable materials. Pull apart the planks to create your own individual fence panels or assemble whole panels at a time with decorative paint and planters.

22. Deer-proof fence

Deer are known to enjoy snacks in well-tended gardens and sample on different shrubs near residential homes. Westchester Wildlife explains that the average deer will be deterred by a fence at least 6 feet tall but can jump as high as 8 feet if under duress. As a result, many homeowners add extra layers of wire or lattice atop regular fences to keep these gorgeous pests away from their plants.

23. Glass panel fence

If you want privacy without losing your view, glass panel fences are an option. Although these are more common as railings for decks and stairs, you can purchase glass panels designed for rugged outdoor use and create a truly unique space at home.

24. Pine wood fence

Fixr shares that pine wood fences can cost as much as 50% less than similar designs in cedar. Pine is widely available, affordable, and versatile — and can be combined with additional elements such as metal or cement features. However, Pine will require more maintenance than many other fencing types, so research before you buy.

25. Lighted fence path

In addition to daytime use, some fences serve a purpose after dark. Solar fence lights can help provide a friendly atmosphere and promote safety on almost any type of fence — even this simple rope and bamboo beach fence.