60 Amazing Swimming Pool Designs

Whether you're putting in a new pool or upgrading an old pool, picking the right pool for your yard is important. However, there's more that goes into designing the right pool than knowing how much space you want it to fill. For example, you want to consider your lifestyle, too. Are there going to be a lot of kids in the pool? Do you want to be able to swim laps, or are you looking for a pool for relaxation only? Architectural Digest has some excellent tips to help you determine which type of swimming pool is best for your needs.

Before you start sketching out a blueprint of what you want, take a few moments to peruse this collection of amazing swimming pool designs. You're sure to find some inspiration no matter what type of pool you're looking for. There are infinity pools, inground pools, above-ground pools, lagoon-style pools, and even some shapes that may surprise you.

1. Swim laps or relax

While the pool design at this home may seem somewhat simple, it's unique that you can swim laps, then into the circular area to relax. The design also looks sleek and pretty. 

2. Cool beans

This bean-shaped pool looks stylish and the shape makes it easy to have different areas of depth. Not only is it gorgeous, and more unique than a basic rectangle pool, but the shallow end is perfect for a home with kids or for guests who just aren't big on hanging out in the deep end!

3. Fancy stonework

Pool design is more than just the design of the pool itself; having the right pool deck is important. This cobbled stone surrounding area adds to the beauty of this round pool.

4. Water spray fixtures

This looks like your basic rectangular pool, but it has a fun feature that's simply for aesthetics: The water spray feature along the one end of the pool gives it a fountain feel and adds to the tranquility of the space.

5. Pool lounging deck

What makes this basic pool layout unique are the accessories. The lounge chairs in the shallow part of the pool allow you to get a little wet while sunning yourself and the wonderful lounge deck lets you sit poolside in the shade without a wet backside!

6. Stoney waterfalls

This amazing pool has a beautiful waterfall at the deep end. Swimming in a pool designed like this will have you feeling like you're visiting a tropical island.

7. Vintage-look above ground pool

While the architecture around inground pools offers the most eye-appealing options, above-ground pools can look cool and stylish too. This pool is in an angled plot of land, giving it a neat off-kilter look. The wood grain design makes it look almost vintage.

8. Angled pools

Use the space you have. Don't be afraid to design a pool that fits your backyard, even if that means having it look like this cool angled pool.

9. Indoor pool with lots of light

Here's another chance to make your pool design about more than just the pool. There is plenty of space to have fun around this indoor pool. And, with the windowed enclosure, it feels like you're outside (but you'll have less mess to clean up in the pool each day).

10. Cool pool bottoms

Part of your pool's design may revolve around what your pool bottom looks like. This neat circular design almost gives the calm pool a wavy appearance and it enhances the color of the clear water.

11. To infinity and beyond

Infinity pools are magnificent works of art. If it weren't for the trees, you would think this pool was connected to the sea in the distance. In this view, it's almost as if the house is simply floating on the water.

12. A pool with pizazz

Imagine your delight when on a hot day you can enjoy both the childish wonder of running under the garden hose and a dip in the pool, both at the same time. Not only do these fountains look cool, but they also look fun.

13. Tranquil designs

The unique shape of this pool gives it a bit of a lagoon or small lake look. The hot tub is a nice accent to the side, and the ample but tranquil lighting makes this pool inviting for nighttime swimming.

14. Beautiful desert design

The owners of this lagoon-style pool went with simple yet elegant when it comes to design. The hot tub tucked next to a flower bed adds to the whimsy and charm.

15. Perfect for laps

Even pools with a basic rectangular shape can look beautiful. If you want a pool perfect for swimming laps or playing with the kids, this is a great choice.

16. Go big and stay home

Whether you have a big family or want to fill up your backyard with a pool so that there's less mowing to do, this beautiful design will ensure your pool is big enough for plenty of people to enjoy it at the same time.

17. Giving an above ground pool inground appeal

If you don't have the right yard for an inground pool, whatever the reason, above-ground pools don't have to look tacky. The gorgeous deck around one end of this pool makes it look almost like an inground pool.

18. Interesting shapes

Get creative with the shape of your pool. This one kind of looks like the shadow of a house. This interesting design doesn't take away from the space to swim laps, either.

19. Modern waterfalls

Waterfalls add so much beauty to pools, and this pool gives the waterfall a modern look. Instead of rocks, there is a gorgeous tile design.

20. Lazy lagoon

This beautiful pool offers a nice lagoon-style, without all of the excess plant care. Don't be afraid to go with a minimalistic look no matter what style of pool you choose.

21. Diving fun

The privacy hedge adds an excellent accent to this backyard pool, but what makes it fun is the diving board. The design is fairly simple but still inviting.

22. A tree in the pool

If you want whimsy and delight in your pool, consider a neat little island like this one. The bridge lets you get to the island without even getting wet.

23. A stony space

Design your pool like a paradise getaway. From the stone steps leading up to the hot tub to the stone wall, this pool is divine.

24. All the triangles

The lines are mesmerizing in this pool design. So many triangles and angles; it looks like a work of art you can swim and relax in.

25. Pretty white pebbles

This pool border looks so clean and classic. Pebbles of any size or color shouldn't be used around the entire pool and may find their way easily into the pool, making more cleanup if you have children.

26. Swimming and comfort in the same room

Whether you want a luxurious dip in the pool or you simply want to lounge in comfort, this pool room has it all.

27. Lovely pool lighting

Indoor pools offer a great way to enjoy pool life without the harmful effects of the sun (and with less cleaning each day). This pool is beautifully lit by the chandeliers above. 

28. Serenity in a pool

This copper-tiled pool room looks like pennies from heaven. Swim in serenity with nothing but glorious candlelight to guide you.

29. Indoor luxury

If you want an indoor pool that looks like a spa, this is an excellent design to strive for. It's beautiful, perfectly lit, and filled with comfort.

30. Add some spa amenities

Spa-like pools aren't reserved for professional spas. If you're longing for shower jet sprays, consider adding them to your pool design for awesome comfort.

31. Perfect for swimming pros

This pool is simple yet elegant. It's large enough to practice for the Olympics or have a pool party with all of your friends. The blue lighting adds an extra relaxing atmosphere.

32. Rooftop pool

If you have the right style of home to work in a rooftop pool, do it. This pool space has a great view and looks so comfortable. Relax in or out of the pool.

33. Soften the edges

Pool design doesn't have to be sharp and rigid. Consider looking at something with rounded corners for a more zen appeal to your pool time.

34. Creative shapes

This pool has a creative and unique shape that almost looks like two different junctions jutting out from the placement of the hot tub.

35. Fun and privacy

The placement of your pool can give a different aesthetic. This pool is mostly surrounded by greenery, making it look like a private hideaway from the rest of the world.

36. Design something different

You don't have to follow some set design when it comes to your pool; it doesn't have to be rectangular or bean-shaped. This quirky pool offers plenty of swimming space and lots of little spots for people to hang out by the sides.

37. Long and lean

This gorgeous, lengthy pool has a unique feature: steps along one entire length. Ready to get in the pool? No need to wait in line!

38. Stone-covered paradise

This pool design has a mystical edge. From the water overflowing from the hot tub down the rocks and into the pool to the murkiness of the water, it's like you're swimming into a different dimension. 

39. Fancy figure eight

When it comes to pool design, there's nothing wrong with going big. This beautiful figure-eight pool has two hot tubs and lots of space for nighttime swimming fun.

40. Walk the plank

The plank-style deck on one portion of this pool is coupled with the cement and stone elements, giving this space such a modern and natural feel.

41. Pool plateaus

Inground pools are all about the depths, and this pool offers some great shallow areas where you can lounge without getting your head wet. 

42. Small pool delight

Even if you have a smaller backyard you can still enjoy a dip in the pool. Something small like this circular pool allows some swimming room and lots of fun.

43. Soothing sounds of running water

You don't have to have fancy water spouts or big waterfalls to get the sounds of trickling water in your pool. This little spout of water adds soothing sounds while you swim and relax.

44. Walking on water

While there are cool clear "bridges" you can put in a pool to make it look like you're walking on water, a cool bridge like this one adds something different to your pool design as well.

45. Jump or stroll in

Perhaps the stairs in the shadows of the water are on the other side of the pool, or maybe they're inside the pool. Either way, it looks magnificent.

46. Hot tub combos

Even small pools can include designs for a hot tub. The higher set hot tub gives a clever look to this cozy place of fun and relaxation.

47. Not all small pool are round

Here's another delightful space-saving pool. Not all small pools need to be round, and this rectangular pool looks perfect for cooling off in.

48. Deep blue pool

The gorgeous dark blue of this pool isn't caused by dyes in the water, it's a hue caused by the cool dark blue tiles used in the pool.

49. Square pools are cool

Looking for a unique pool design? There are plenty of round, lagoon-style, and rectangular pools out there. How about a square pool?

50. Beyond the infinity pool

Infinity pools are an amazing combination of beauty and scariness (really). Most of them seem to be designed as rectangular pools with sharp angles, but they don't have to be.

51. Make it look like rapids

The bubbling hot tub at the head of this gorgeous pool gives it the look of rolling rapids. Not only does this pool combo look relaxing, but it also looks exciting.

52. Desert watering hole

Your desert home deserves a cool place to take a dip. This pool has natural vibes with the rocks and shrubbery, but also feels fancy with the brick paths.

53. Pool overlooking water

Want something that looks like an infinity pool but doesn't instill fears of floating off the side of the pool? This pool has an edge, but you can still get a great view of what's beyond.

54. Tropical oasis infinity pool

This is a creative way to extend your infinity pool and feel like you're swimming in a tropical oasis: build it next to plants. You could also put plants on the side that doesn't "go on forever" and the reflection will have a similar effect.

55. Look at those pool steps

Don't let the step get in the way of your laps. This pool designs gives the steps into the water their own place out of the way of swimming and having fun.

56. Is this a pool or a bathtub?

The water coming down from the wall or building at the end of this pool resembles the water cascading from a faucet as you soak in the bathtub. It's like having a giant luxury tub to swim around in.

57. Humanmade pond or pool?

This gorgeous pool doesn't look very deep, but there's definitely ample depth for swimming. What makes this a unique design is that there are no rough pool edges, so it looks like a pond.

58. Pretty peninsulas

Add style and creativity to your pool design by implementing peninsulas where you can have trees, flowers, and other plants. It adds to the serenity of the pool.

59. Mountain oasis

No matter the design of your home, there's a way to design a pool that works for you. This gorgeous spot for swimming and dipping your feet looks like an oasis in the mountains.

60. Play with the lines

This is a neat pool design with lots of sharp lines. The square hot tub perfectly placed by the shaped pool gives a clean and creative look to this design.