This TikTok Hack Will Easily Get Rid Of Hard Water Buildup On Faucets

​​So you're scrubbing away at your bathroom sink, trying to make all the surfaces sparkle, when you catch a glimpse of something on the underside of the faucet that makes you wince — that pesky, unappealing hard water buildup. Often, the stubborn buildup is a real challenge to clean, even with your typical cleaning solutions and methods of choice. Luckily, CleanTok has come to the rescue once again with a great tip to get rid of that hard water buildup, almost no effort needed, as TipHero reports.

As TikTok user and cleaning guru @vanesamaro90 explains, all you need for this trick is a rubber band, a Ziploc bag, and some white vinegar. First, you simply need to fill the bag with a small amount of white vinegar — she doesn't give measurements, but it should be enough to cover the faucet head in the next step. Then, just position the bag with the vinegar around the faucet head and secure it with the elastic band. Leave the faucet for about 20 to 30 minutes and allow the vinegar to do the hard work for you.

Now, you do still need to do a bit of scrubbing in order to remove that hard water buildup — the vinegar doesn't fully remove it. However, with some Dawn dish soap and a toothbrush, you should be able to scrub away that hard water buildup effortlessly, as the vinegar will have loosened it.

What people are saying about the hack

While you might not think a simple hack for getting your sink sparkling clean would go viral, in actuality, this TikTok video racked up over 2.4 million likes and nearly 6,000 comments from individuals who couldn't get enough of the easy to implement trick that targets such a problem area in many bathrooms.

One user couldn't wait to level up her cleaning routine and target that area of the faucet more effectively, as she wrote, "I'm always "cleaning" that!! Now I know how! Thank you!!!" Another could hardly contain her excitement and commented, "Brb. Gotta go clean ALL THE FAUCETS IN MY HOUSE."

However, one word of warning — those considering trying out this hack may want to take a moment to see what type of material their faucet is made out of. One user commented that vinegar doesn't mix well with brass fixtures, while another suggested that this hack could potentially damage your faucet, depending on the finish. So, a bit of research could come in handy to ensure that the material your faucet is made from can withstand the vinegar soak without any potential damage.