A Sneak Peek Into Ty Pennington's Savannah Home

From hosting ABC's reality show, "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition" to writing multiple books focusing on house make-overs and remodeling, Ty Pennington has become a pinnacle of home design. Not only has Pennington helped hundreds of people create their dream homes, but he also put a great deal of his work and skill into his own homes. Fans awed as they watched him turn his Florida house, which was once an old fishing cabin, into a new luxury home, per House Beautiful. Since purchasing a new home in Savannah, Georgia with his wife, Kellee Merrell, his fans have been anxiously awaiting the reveal of Pennington's next big remodel.

The couple purchased the property in September 2020, and they have been slowly renovating the 1800s main residence into their dream home since then. Although there has been admittedly slow process, Pennington enjoys showing the realistic rate at which dream homes are created (via Apartment Therapy). Throughout Pennington and his wife's journey of remodeling their 19th-century abode, Pennington has shared their progress through small sneak peeks on social media, making their fans even more anxious for their final reveal. Here's what we already know about the 19th-century Savannah home.

Inside Ty Pennington's Savannah home

Based on the few sneak peeks Ty Pennington shared on Instagram, you can clearly see a beautiful creamy, white house with pale blue shutters. Other posts show bits and pieces of the renovated bathrooms, kitchen, powder room, and dining room. From these images, we can see the style and noteworthy additions he is bringing to his new home. For example, there is the original tiling and antique furniture that is seen in one of his bathroom images.

Another key feature of the 19th-century Savannah home is the beautiful courtyard, which was used to host their small, intimate wedding this past November. Although the wedding only consisted of eight guests, the event was still special and memorable for the newly wedded couple. From the few images posted from the wedding and the sneak peek shared from a patio view of their courtyard, you can see it is compete with a small pool and hot tub, as well as a carriage house, which has yet to be renovated.

The big reveal to come

In an Instagram post, Ty Pennington proudly shared his and his wife's plans to start the renovations on their carriage house in the spring. Their carriage house is a small building detached from their main house, but it's connected by their beautiful courtyard, where their wedding took place

Although they are making steady progress, Pennington and his wife are not planning on being completely done with their home renovations until this summer. This means that from start to finish their renovations will have taken a total of two years to complete.

Although this may seem like a prolonged time period, it shows the reality of home renovations — especially when you are a "do it yourselfer," a renovation process may take longer than usual (per Patrick Ediger). From the looks of it, Pennington enjoys sharing the steady progress he his making on his own home, opposed to the unrealistic timeframes that are presented on reality shows.