Black-Owned Decor Companies You Need To Know About

Here are a few Black-owned décor companies you need to know about because, well, there is no better time than now to bring a delectable slice of the creativity and originality from the Black community into your home. And the way to do this, as a homeowner or lover of this design and décor, is to browse our mini-directory of Black-owned businesses and hopefully, shop with them. The home décor companies we have featured fill the accessories, pillows and textiles, furniture, and wallpaper and wall art spaces. 

From authentic pieces that pay homage to Black culture to original artwork, we are certain that you will find a piece or five that reflect your taste and style. If you prefer clean, sustainable merchandise, you will have a blast at Laura Hodges Studio and the Global Attic. Reflektion Design will introduce you to African prints and textiles, while Pardon My Fro will show you the beauty of wearable Black art. Mandana Blvd, not to be left out, will help you to expertly balance vintage and decorative pieces in one space. 

Laura Hodges Studio

The first Black-owned company on our list is a boutique interior design firm piloted by founder and principal interior designer, Laura Hodges. Hodges is known for marrying international aesthetics with her client's style and taste to create bold, tailored, and sustainable spaces embellished with natural elements, curated art, and vintage and antique finds. She draws influences from her picturesque hometown in northern England, extensive travel portfolio, and rich multicultural background — Norwegian grandmother, British mother, and Jamaican father. As expected, her unique culture and experiences seep deeply into her work. 

You can see this for yourself by visiting Domain by Laura Hodges Studio, an online and physical home décor shop located in downtown Catonsville, Maryland. The Domain showcases various collections, as well as locally and internationally sourced sustainable home décor. This includes handmade jewelry, original artwork, custom throw pillows, knitted blankets, vases, Moroccan poufs and ceramic garden stools, custom scented candles, and rare vintage pieces. Check out @laurahodgesstudio on Instagram.

Global Attic

Global Attic founder Kabria Cummings has a story to tell about her travels, and she does so expertly using wooden furniture pieces and curated items from Africa and Asia. Global Attic inspires people to convert dull interiors into tribal luxe spaces brimming with individuality and intentionality. As one of the Black-owned décor companies you need to know about, Global Attic lives by the motto: "Your Home. Our World," and works conscientiously to make both a better place. 

Global Attic fulfills the first half of their mission by selling exquisite handmade merchandise crafted by artisans from around the world using natural and sustainable materials. For the second half, the company sends a portion of your purchases and donations to charities that help artisans and creatives to improve their quality of life. True to its name, Global Attic houses exotic treasures from around the world, including wall décor, necklaces and adornment jewelry, textiles, furniture, and fans. But if you are daring enough, you will also find unique items like a Nigerian clay bowl, Miao silver ceremonial necklace, Senufo bowl from Ivory Coast, and tribal armlets. Learn more about the @globalattic on Instagram.

Reflektion Design

As seen on Apartment Therapy, HGTV, and Architectural Digest, Reflektion Design is a dynamic hub of handmade products wrapped in African culture and textiles such as batik, wax print, fancy printed cloth, and Kente. Founder Anitra's love affair with African culture and aesthetics began in 2006 when she visited Ghana, West Africa for eight weeks as a Fulbright Scholar. The visit proved worthwhile because she was unexpectedly inspired by the Ghanaian culture, vibrant textile industry, and wondrousness of the local marketplaces. But it was not until seven years later that Reflektion Design roared to life, an ode to an impactful and glorious moment in time.

Today, the company, well-known in Atlanta and Los Angeles, serves ethically sourced African products to a long list of culturally-inspired clientele who crave pieces that reflect their truest selves. Anitra's collection, whether African art, décor, tableware, or accessories, is remarkably curated with the help of artisans in Ghana, Kenya, and Uganda to inspire people and design professionals to create meaningful transformative spaces, not just decorative spots. Shop fabrics, wall art, lighting fixtures, pillow covers, tableware, baskets, and more at Reflektion Design, and be sure to check @reflektiondesign on Instagram.

Pardon My Fro

Pardon My Fro is one of the Black-owned décor companies you need to know about. It is a brand that has transcended home décor and is now known for making waves in the clothing, accessories, and lifestyle spaces. Even though Pardon My Fro started as thunderous applause for and unceasing celebration of women who are unapologetically Black by Dana Bly in 2010, it has extended its arms to women of all races. As long as you are proud of your heritage and hair and live life on your terms, you can join this circle of sisterhood, irrespective of your color, size, and shape. 

In the home décor space, Pardon My Fro impresses with a monthly collection of unique doll illustrations that can be purchased as large fine art prints. They also offer a beautiful artsy perspective of Black culture and images on blankets, mugs, bath mats, yoga mats, as well as on kimonos, sweatshirts, travel bags, trolleys, and umbrellas. Find @pardonmyfro on Instagram.

Mandana Blvd

For a thoughtful collection of all things vintage housewares that can still blend well with modern living areas and décor, hop on Mandana Blvd. Mandana is the Persian word for eternal, and that is what this Black-owned company hopes to inject into your life — pieces that will last for many, many years. Mandana Blvd is operated by life partners and founders Cristina Ramos and Nu Goteh, who believe that the timeless aesthetic of a home can be achieved through a careful combination of three things: that which is beautiful, that which brings joy, and that which is essential.

For this reason, Mandana Blvd offer a curation of vintage and contemporary interior design pieces. The former showcases vintage, bohemian, and mid-century exotic wares like an Afghan maimana woven rug, teak kitchenware, El abrazo de una madre drawing, apothecary vases, etched brass goblets, and a 1960s pewter pitcher. Purchasing these vintage home décor items is a sure way to add character and timelessness to your home. Find @mandanablvd on Instagram.