Inside The Amazing Homes Owned By The Cast Of Million Dollar Listing

According to Bravo, ever since the early 2000s, those who love all things glamorous have dutifully watched real estate agents grace our screens with "Million Dollar Listing." We've celebrated the highs and lows of real estate and life with them, watching them sell billions of dollars worth of homes across the United States, while also battling personal obstacles along the way.

Since then, a lot has changed for the agents on both "Million Dollar Listing: New York" and "Million Dollar Listing: Los Angeles," mainly for the better. The show's agents have been propelled into stardom. They now enjoy their own million-dollar homes that are just as worthy of being featured on the show as any other Beverly Hills paradise or Manhattan penthouse. They've hired the same designers and stagers to help them create their own personal respites, although, not surprisingly, most of these agents represented themselves in the initial transactions. Here's where the top dogs in real estate TV call home.

Fredrik Eklund's colorful Beverly Hills family home

Anyone who has watched a single episode of "Million Dollar Listing: New York" knows that with his high-kicks, colorful wardrobe, and even more colorful personality, Fredrik Eklund doesn't aim to blend in. His Beverly Hills home fits that vibe to a T. Although the city is known for its modern white boxes, Eklund's family home — which he shares with husband Derek Kaplan and twins Milla and Freddy — is full of pastel tones and personal details. According to People, those details include paintings created by Kaplan, heirloom furniture, and many colors.

However, despite Eklund's evident eye for design, he didn't complete the six-bedroom home renovation on his own. Just like his own clients do, Eklund called in the experts. Paris Forino, a luxury interior design firm based in New York City, helped Eklund create his dream home. His dream home looks vastly different from the black-and-white New York City apartment that Eklund and Kaplan left in favor of a new life on the West Coast, said Architectural Digest. It seems that with this sunny new abode, Eklund is embracing Los Angeles living in full, which is a huge change from his initial hesitancy to move to "The Golden State." Some of those sunny home elements include bright gold drapery in the living room, a kitchen nearly completely outfitted in pink, and a dining room table with multicolored chairs.

Josh Altman's Beverly Hills mansion went up for sale for $12 million

Through the years, fans of "Million Dollar Listing: Los Angeles" have seen Josh and Heather Altman's relationship come full circle. They went from a new couple, to an engaged pair on the brink of a breakup, to a happy family of four. Their homes have evolved right along with them, and it seems that now they're ready for the next chapter alongside their two young children. Per People, the king and queen of real estate put their Beverly Hills abode on the market in August 2021 for $12 million, which is nearly double what they paid for it just three years prior.

So why the huge markup? The seller's market likely had some effect on the inflated price, as did the Altmans' complete renovation of the space. Not only did they paint their exterior white, but they also added personality to the interior. Through the 6,500 square foot mansion, buyers will find pops of personality like a black-and-white checkerboard floor in the foyer, wrought iron banisters on the staircase, regal chandeliers throughout the minimalist space, and, in true L.A. style, a stunning backyard. In the yard, there's an infinity pool and a colossal deck with a fireplace and TV, making it ideal for entertaining and outdoor dining. Plus, it's all hidden inside a gated, secure community.

Tracy Tutor's century-old, move-in-ready Mediterranean estate in the Flats

Unfortunately, Tracy Tutor's marriage didn't last, but the real estate superwoman definitely found the silver lining. Once she and her ex-husband Jason Maltas parted ways, they sold their stunning Carmelina estate for nearly $22 million. Once the sale was complete, Tutor headed for the (Beverly) Hills. Dirt reported that Tutor picked up an $8.2 million mansion in the Flats in August 2021, opting for a century-old Mediterranean paradise that was move-in ready and outfitted with modern updates. That includes exposed wood beams, clean white walls, and lots of black, gray, and neutral tones.

To no "Million Dollar Listing: Los Angeles" fan's surprise, Tutor worked with another celebrity realtor when searching for a new home for herself and her two daughters. Everyone's favorite no-nonsense agent Josh Flagg represented the sellers in the sale of the Mediterranean estate, which includes eclectic touches like a gold patterned kitchen floor, a tiled staircase, and a suite bedroom fit for a queen. It has a colossal vanity for applying designer makeup, a huge closet that rivals most middle-class bedrooms, and a fireplace and tub perfect for destressing after those nail-biting real estate deals. Plus, outside, there's a lush lawn, a pool for enjoying the California sunshine, and a great entertaining space with a dining table, patio, and set of lawn couches.

Tracy Tutor's $20 million Brentwood marital house with lots of color and creativity

Although Tutor and Maltas parted ways in 2019, it wasn't so easy to do so thanks to their out-of-this-world family home in Brentwood. Dirt reported that Tutor, Maltas, and their two daughters lived in the dream home for a decade after buying it for a little more than $13 million, which is a whopping $10 million less than they listed it for when it hit the market. However, perfection clearly comes at a cost, especially when it's 10,000 square feet of perfection.

Outside, the house has a row of manicured shrubbery and roses hiding a white-brick wall, which offers the celebrity home some privacy. Once Tutor and Maltas moved in, they got to work giving the estate their own personal touches, which was no overnight task. "We did the interiors top to bottom with my designer Kirsten Maltas," Tutor told People. "It was a long process because we went a little crazy and had to take it a room at a time."

The living room was bathed in teal, contrasting beautifully with the gold couch and marble ceiling. The family room had sky-high ceilings and chandeliers dating back to the 1970s, as well as lots of glass details. The home also included a personal fitness center, a lounge area just for kids, a gourmet kitchen, and a suite bedroom with two bathrooms and two enormous closets.

Ryan Serhant's chic Brooklyn townhouse that cost $2.6 million to renovate

Some "Million Dollar Listing: New York" fans might remember that it wasn't easy for wife Emilia Bechrakis to convince Ryan Serhant to pack up and move from Manhattan to Brooklyn. But after some debate, they made the leap. According to Bravo, they put their own touches on a Boerum Hill townhouse that they bought for $7.6 million in 2018. After three years and another $2.6 million in renovations, they had the home of their dreams.

The living room has Portuguese chairs, a mantle entirely constructed of marble, and ultra-modern lighting. The kitchen has marble and personalized details like a marble oven hood and custom-made cabinets. Then, there's the 26-foot long closet, which we're sure both Serhant and Bechrakis enjoy. In Serhant type-A fashion, the wardrobe's chevron flooring is symmetrical with everything from the air vents to the light fixtures. The townhouse's bedrooms have the same elegant, neutral gray-and-white tones. But funny enough, out of all of these gorgeous spaces, Serhant's favorite room is the main bathroom (and we're still surprised it isn't his home office.) It has the same square footage as the kitchen and includes a marble shower, a gray-and-white checkered floor, and a separate soaking tub.

Ryan Serhant's sunny West Soho penthouse that rents for $15,000 per month

Before there was Brooklyn, there was West Soho. "Million Dollar Listing: New York" viewers may remember the touching moment when Serhant showed Bechrakis a 2,000 square foot condo in West Soho, only to reveal to her that he bought it for the happy couple. (We also remember the moment when Serhant let his former assistant, Olivia, know she lost their bet because he found a buyer for the listing first. Little did she know, it was Serhant himself.) Per the New York Post, Serhant is hanging onto the condo despite his move to Brooklyn, but not just for sentimental reasons. He sees the area continue to flourish, so in August 2021, he put it on the rental market for anyone who has $15,000 per month to spare.

With its interior flooded with natural light, two private patios with fire pits, and a marble-covered kitchen, the condo has come a long way since Serhant bought it in 2015. It needed an entire revamp when it was first on the market. It was covered in red, brown, black, and red tones, making it seem like a cave rather than a home for a soon-to-be engaged couple. Besides doing a total renovation — similar to what Serhant just completed at his Brooklyn townhouse — he and Bechrakis made the penthouse space lighter and brighter and added a bathroom and closet.

Steve Gold's completely renovated Hamptons escape featuring his art collection

Steve Gold took two years to find the perfect getaway in the Hamptons, the chosen land of New York City's elite. He finally found the house he wanted to buy while on vacation in Europe, but had to wait until he got back to see it. But once he viewed the property, he made an offer then and there. "The day I got back, I drove out there, I saw the house, I made an offer that day, and that was it," he told Architectural Digest.

Gold almost immediately picked up the 4,000 square foot home, conveniently located right in between a local downtown area as well as the beach. He began to remodel it in 2016, which included converting the home to an open floor plan and modernizing the kitchen and bathrooms. He did this while keeping the space's classic ambiance — like exposed beams and original windows — completely intact. "We kept as much of the original detailing as possible because it's really what made me fall in love with this house," he said. Gold made sure to put his own touches on the space, too. His décor includes a personally curated artwork collection, which he has been collecting for over 10 years and keeping in storage until he had a big enough house to hang it in. Now he can finally display his collection in its full glory in the Hamptons.

Steve Gold's SoHo modern-rustic penthouse for his growing family

For many episodes of "Million Dollar Listing: New York," viewers watched bachelor Gold head home to his Chelsea apartment with his dog, Pablo. However, once he met Gawlowska and they got pregnant with Rose, it was time for the growing family to upgrade their digs. Per Architectural Digest, Gold found a SoHo penthouse in 2019 thanks to a client. A seller contacted Gold to sell his 3,400 square foot property, but Gold could immediately see himself and Gawlowska living there.

So, Gold bought the century-old apartment and got to work restoring its three bedrooms, 3.5 bathrooms, and other living spaces while still keeping the home's exposed beams, colossal ceilings, and beautiful windows. In the kitchen, he implemented modern, state-of-the-art appliances, as well as a standout marble island and backsplash. The bathroom has the same marble details, utilizing nearly all-marble walls and floors as well as lots of mirrors for a luxe feel. Gold opted for dark wooden floors and lots of neutral colors in the bedroom to create a perfect space for some shut-eye after a long day of real estate dealing. "It is modern, yet authentic and relaxed, with a small touch of rustic—a difficult balance to achieve," he shared with E! News. "While I used the rarest materials and finishes, the loft still maintains an understated elegance that requires a sophisticated eye to notice some of the details."

Tyler Whitman's apartment that showcases his newfound fame

After Luis Ortiz departed "Million Dollar Listing: New York," show producers replaced him with Tyler Whitman, an agent with a go-getter attitude to match Ortiz's. Viewers quickly grew a soft spot for Whitman, who detailed his weight loss journey and struggle as a gay man growing up in the conservative South. They also cheered with him as he picked up his first big listings and learned how to make it in the cutthroat world of real estate. All of that hard work paid off, and now he has a 2,300 square foot apartment he can call his own with a private gym, two bedrooms, and lots of personalized artwork and hand-picked furniture, as per Bravo.

Whitman's ultra-modern apartment, which he moved into in 2021, spans the building's floor and is outfitted with lots of sleek details and plenty of white. That white in the open floor plan space is popped with blasts of color through the many pieces of artwork displayed on the walls. The element is tenfold in Whitman's apartment's guestroom, which has white walls, fluorescent orange chairs, and a fluorescent orange closet. "Million Dollar Listing: New York" fans likely remember Cheryl Eisen, who has staged many apartments on the show, and she chose the décor in Whitman's apartment, too. Her designs include a white-and-gray colossal bedroom headboard and a piece of abstract purple artwork with an added neon purple light.

Josh Flagg's elegant Beverly Hills mansion that he renovated over three years

Josh Flagg can always see potential in listings in need of some TLC on "Million Dollar Listing: Los Angeles," and it seems that he did just the same with his purchase of a nearly 100-year-old Mediterranean-style mansion with five bedrooms and five bathrooms. Dirt reported that Flagg picked up the property, which had an interior stuck in the 1990s, for $7 million in 2018 after being enlisted to help sell the property. Three years later, he finally unveiled the now-luxe home situated in the ultra-expensive Flats neighborhood (via Bravo).

Now the home includes a private movie theater, a professional stone pizza oven, a cold plunge tank, and many other luxe features. But as Flagg fans know, he also loves a tasteful, vintage touch, so the pad also includes a '20s-inspired sitting room. It comes complete with leather chairs, a full bar, and a marble fireplace. The dining room has show-stopping gold floral wallpaper, gold dining chairs, and a glass chandelier. But other parts of the home, like the kitchen and the bathrooms, have been renovated to be decidedly modern, featuring lots of marble, black accents, dark wood tones, stainless steel, and state-of-the-art appliances.

Michael Lorber's traditional Hamptons estate that dates back to 1810

It's been a while since we saw Michael Lorber on "Million Dollar Listing: New York," but clearly he's still doing just fine for himself. According to the New York Post, Lorber offloaded his 200-year-old, five-bedroom Hamptons estate in September 2021 for $5 million. Although Lorber's house sold for about $1.5 million less than his asking price, it still seemed to be quite the celebrity destination. Fitness expert Tracy Anderson lives across the street, and Luann de Lesseps and Jill Zarin from "The Real Housewives of New York City" also have homes nearby.

Located in Sag Harbor, a Hamptons village with just 2,000 residents, the traditional pad with a blue-gray façade includes seven fireplaces, a chef's kitchen, and an entertainment room. It's known as the Glover House, and it includes a carriage house built in 1850. But that's not to say the house is old-fashioned. It has modern design touches thanks to interior designer Nick Olsen (via The Real Deal). While Lorber offloaded the house, that doesn't mean he's downsizing. Instead, he bought an even bigger house about 15 minutes away.

Michael Lorber's eclectic NYC apartment in an Art Deco building

Lorber always struck us as a traditional guy. Still, his former apartment in Lenox Hill, which he put up for sale in late 2017 for about $5 million, says otherwise. 6sqft said that after Lorber bought this three-bedroom haven in 2014 for more than $3.5 million, he enlisted interior designer Nick Olsen to transform it. That means Lorber's Hamptons home is not the first that the designer teamed up with the real estate agent. What resulted was a space with tons of color and personality.

The apartment had blue living room walls, a maroon living room couch, a green entryway ceiling, floral dining room wallpaper, a purple kitchen with a black-and-white patterned floor, and tons of creative artwork. It was also furnished with lots of vintage pieces, like a glass table dating back to the '70s, a wood mirror, and an urn made into a lamp (via House Beautiful). Interestingly enough, Lorber's building was quite traditional, dating back to 1941 and constructed in an Art Deco style. That created a nice contrast to Lorber's funky aesthetic.

David Parnes' glam Los Angeles home in the Bird Streets

Hailing from England alongside his partner-in-crime James Harris, Parnes always oozes class. That seems to be reflected in his Los Angeles home, too, located in the desired Bird Streets. Parnes rented the white-walled house with exposed dark wood beams in 2017, when he and now-wife Adrian Parnes were engaged to be married. According to Bravo, Adrian, who also works in high-end real estate, did all of the decorating for the home. Considering the abundance of pink flowers and gold and glass details throughout the 1,600 square foot space with two bedrooms, that's not surprising.

Parnes refers to the home as having an old Hollywood glam style that's been relaxed to a degree, which is a stark change from the modern style he formerly preferred. It includes amenities such as a wine fridge ideal for entertaining, as well as a pool and killer views of the city beyond. But unfortunately, there doesn't seem to be quite enough space here. Parnes said that his clothes and shoes had been denounced to the guest bedroom closet since Adrian's wardrobe filled the entire closet in the main bedroom.