Trendiest Design Ideas For Your Foyer

Foyers are a cross between beauty and functionality, as noted by SFGate. As the entrance to your home, a foyer should both reflect your design style and create an expectation for the rest of your home. To that end, when decorating a foyer there are some important pieces you should keep in mind to keep your foyer functional. These pieces are an entry table or shelf for keys, additional décor, a shoe rack, a coat rack, a bench to put shoes on, a mirror, and a welcome mat or carpet runner. You can pick and choose what you believe is necessary for you. 

When designing your foyer, another thing to keep in mind is how to create a divide between the foyer and the rest of your home; this is especially important for open concept homes. Turning your foyer into a mudroom is also an excellent idea for a family with children to contain any mess from the rest of the home. So without further ado, here are the trendiest design ideas for your foyer.

1. Open concept

This open concept home divides the foyer from the living room area by including a black welcome mat and matching benches on either side of the door. The exposed wood between the welcome mat and plush cream rug in the living room is what creates the separation between different sections in the home.

2. Farmhouse

This modern farmhouse foyer is styled with a wood slat accent wall, marking the functional seating area to remove or put on shoes. The black door stands out against the grey-toned walls with white wainscoting as the focal point of the foyer. 

3. Trenty appartment

With apartments, you need to make the most of your space. Here, even the back of the door is useful for bags that don't fit on the coat rack and shoes are kept on the shelf under the bench. 

4. Add storage

The shelves here add to the décor while being useful for organizing all the items needed before leaving the house. There's a shoe rack, shelves for hats and bags, and a basket to toss in any miscellaneous items. 

5. Boho apartment

The foyer of this apartment is small but packed with the necessities. To fit the boho-chic look, there is a jute sun hanging on the wall, a large mirror, a jute basket under the bench, and greenery. 

6. Modern

This modern home does a great job hiding away anything that doesn't fit the décor with an entry table that can display the pretty key bowl, but hide away anything else behind its doors. 

7. Add color

Adding a pop of color like this muted blue table adds to the décor of the foyer and fits in because of the blue throw blanket. 

8. Large foyers

Depending on the layout of your home, you can't always have your entry table next to the front door. This home shows how to remedy this by putting the entry table in the area slightly to the side of the door and expanding the foyer to this area since the staircase is directly in front of the door. 

9. Stylish and functional

Foyers need to be more than pretty. This foyer satisfies the need for functionality while remaining stylish. There is a shoe rack, bench, and cabinets that look good in this foyer because the wood accents in all three pieces match each other, as well as the front door to this home. 

10. Chic and stylish foyer

A chic foyer like this is stylish and functional. The drawers of the entry table hide away everyday items that you don't want to have on display. The light jute rug is also in front of the entry table and mirror instead of the front door, likely so it wouldn't be ruined by dirty shoes. 

11. Mudroom

A mudroom is a great way to keep the mess from outside out of the rest of your home. The slate floors are easy to clean, and the benches, cubbies, and coat hooks are useful for staying organized. 

12. Industrial foyer

With studio apartments, it's important to differentiate between the foyer, living room, kitchen, and bedroom. Because it's all one big room, one way to do this without feeling cluttered is to strategically place carpets, furniture, and glass partition walls. 

13. Functional farmhouse

This farmhouse-style home utilizes coat hooks instead of a coat rack to utilize available wall space in a small foyer. There is also a beautiful glass bowl on the entry table for keys to be placed in. 

14. Small spaces

This home shows how you can make use of a small entryway. Because the door opens almost into a wall, the foyer was pushed to the side with a built-in bench and coat hooks. Everything is painted white to reflect light and make the room appear larger. 

15. Be fun

This foyer is filled with pops of color. Decorating your foyer according to your personal design style is important so you feel good in your space. Here the walls are used as storage, making up for not having an entry table. 

16. Add a mirror

Putting a large mirror in your foyer is very useful for checking your outfit, hair, or makeup before leaving the house. Large circular mirrors are what's trendy at the moment. 

17. Simple foyer

A foyer doesn't need to be packed with décor to be useful. Here there is only a rug and entry table in the foyer. The intricate pattern in the glass of the front door is the focal point of the décor. 

18. Trendy sage green

Sage green is Benjamin Moore's color for the year 2022. Here the trendy color is a more vibrant version and is paired with industrial style décor.

19. Add plants

This large foyer is packed with décor. Large plants and flowers bridge the gap between indoors and outdoors. The large blue patterned rug takes charge of the space, marking where the foyer ends. 

20. Functional appartment

This foyer is beautiful with its white exposed brick walls. It is designed modestly with a welcome mat, coat hooks, and a cubby entry table.