The Luxurious Home Of NFL Star Matthew Stafford

If you're a fan of football, then you likely know who Matthew Stafford is and what he's done. However, if you're not overly familiar with the sport and its players or could simply use a refresher, Stafford happens to be a quarterback who plays in the NFL.

Taking the field for years with the Detriot Lions, his time with the team ended in 2021 due to a buzzworthy move in the sports scene. Stafford found himself traded to the Los Angeles Rams in return for fellow quarterback Jared Goff as well as a trio of future draft picks, according to CBS Sports. Although heading over to a new team was surely an adjustment for Stafford as it would be for any player, it certainly hasn't appeared to hurt his money-making abilities. As Celebrity Net Worth notes, his fortune sits at an impressive $80 million, while that will surely rise as he continues to benefit from his $17 million salary.

With that kind of money coming in, it shouldn't be too surprising to find out that just like other professional athletes who have awe-inspiring homes, Stafford is now the owner of one super-impressive mansion that was seriously pricey but certainly sounds worth every penny.

Matthew Stafford's mansion is a modern masterpiece

Matthew Stafford's trade to the Los Angeles Rams has come along with a move to the Los Angeles area for the football player. Settling down in Hidden Hills, the athlete is now neighbors with other famous figures like Kylie Jenner, Lil Wayne, and DeMar DeRozan, as well as Dwyane Wade and Gabrielle Union, according to the New York Post. However, Stafford didn't just buy another celebrity's former residence despite the community being packed with stars. Instead, he decided to build a brand new house that may leave you seriously impressed.

Spanning 15,000 square feet, the massive modern home offers the football player and his family six bedrooms and nine bathrooms. On top of that, the residents will be able to enjoy the library, theater, gym, spa, and massage room, not to mention the wine rooms (yes, there's more than one), guest house, and a six-car garage that has enough space for convenient (if undoubtedly pricey) vehicle lifts. Outside, the sizable property includes a large covered patio, terrace, bar, exterior kitchen, pool, and basketball court, just to name a few of the incredible amenities. Of course, there's also a "linear water feature," an olive tree that's half a century old, and canyon views.

The work of architecture firm 64North and EGC Real Estate Group, the home was named Seven Summits Residence thanks to its hilly location and pointed angles.

Matthew Stafford's home features eye-catching touches

When Matthew Stafford opted to build a sizable space for himself and his family, he apparently wanted it to have the kind of features that make it a truly dreamy place to spend time. Along with all of the top-notch amenities, Stafford also has a home that will take your breath away, thanks to the seemingly endless eye-catching touches.

For instance, when guests walk into the home, they surely won't be able to miss either of the twin chandeliers that were placed in the entryway, which is definitely meant to impress. The space, which is surrounded by glass walls, leads into a "grand foyer," according to 64North, which is where visitors will get a glimpse at the rest of the glasswork, which has resulted in massive windows in pretty much every room.

Further inside the home, the luxurious additions continue, including the winding, almost sculptural staircase and ideal art as well as the marble-covered counters and backsplash. It appears as if no expense was spared when it comes to perfecting the inside of this dream home — and the same can be said of the exterior.

Matthew Stafford's backyard is an oasis

When Matthew Stafford is ready to take a break from the football field, he can either return home to kick back with his family in his stunning residence, or he can enjoy the equally awesome backyard. Not only does the athlete's property feature everything needed to have some fun — such as the pool and basketball court along with everything else we previously mentioned — it also boasts the kind of landscape that makes it an enviable oasis.

With gorgeous views of the hills around the home, the property itself is filled with natural life. Along with the 50-year-old olive tree, anyone wandering outside may also come across Australian Willow trees and New Zealand Tea trees, per 64North. There also happens to be the adorably named Sweetshade trees as well as oaks, cedars, and a range of fruit trees. That's not to mention the buffalo grass that grows where it pleases and not one or two but nine kinds of lavender that can be found both along the driveway and on the ridge.

Honestly, Stafford must really love playing football because it's hard to imagine why he'd ever leave his awesome abode, considering he lives in such an incredible home!