Erin Napier Has Strong Words For Her Critical Fans

Erin Napier, HGTV host of "Home Town," took to her Instagram story to speak out against her critical fans. She didn't specify what incident caused her to comment, but it's inferred that her fans don't agree with her baby niece, Nell's, face being shown on screen, according to People.

"There has been some extra rudeness happening in the comments for the last week or so," said Napier on her Instagram story. "If you feel like you are the kind of person who could leave your unsolicited rude opinion laying around on social media, go ahead and unfollow me so I don't have to do it for you. We aren't a good fit, you see. It's you, not me." 

The post in question is a teaser clip for "Home Town," of Napier and her husband visiting Napier Frames and choosing a frame with the help of their niece. The baby's face is shown in two shots for less than ten seconds. Napier also has two children, Helen (4 years) and Mae (9 months), whose faces she does not show on social media.

Comments are divided

Napier has responded to commenters individually as well. To one, she wrote, "because her parents approved? This is easy." Since calling out her critical fans, Napier has limited the comments on her posts. On the other hand, other fans are defending her point that there isn't a problem showing the baby's face on camera if the parents approve.

"All the babies that have 'parent approval' that appear on your show are all beautiful," wrote commenter deniseo58. "Really wish people would stay in their lane regarding how you raise your children-my opinion not judging."

While Napier herself doesn't post her children's faces, Nell's parents and owners of Napier Frames, Jesse and Lauren Napier, occasionally post Nell to their social media and even posted the teaser clip. This isn't the first time Napier has had to call out critical fans on her social media. In December 2020, she posted a picture of the back of her daughter's head, and her comments were filled with fans criticizing why she chose not to show her child's face.