30 Gorgeous Green Living Room Ideas You Can Recreate At Home

Green is a wildly popular option for people wanting to freshen up their living room. It is equal parts trendy and classic, pairing well with popular decoration styles while remaining timeless and adaptable. Greens can manifest in rooted and earthy tones, bright electric hues, or fresh and light shades, all with different psychological and physical effects. More than just a popular paint color, green furniture and decorations can also liven up a space in a variety of ways, whether as a simple accent wall or minimal decorations, or a grand scale overhaul.

While different shades of green can produce different effects on the mood and psyche, green generally promotes creativity, according to Psychology Today. This is beneficial for those with creative pursuits, as well as for daily problems that require creative solutions. Green is also commonly associated with revitalization and boosting energy, both physically and mentally, per Dunne Edwards.

Green can also help aid in creating a physical mood. For example, darker greens can make a space seem more intimate and subdued, lighter greens can create an airy and spacious appearance, etc. Keep reading for inspiration on how to incorporate green into your living room.

1. Zen green furniture

Green is a great option for those looking to achieve a Zen look and feel. Lighter but rich greens will create a truly Zen effect, especially when paired with light and white woods.

2. Midcentury green and gold

Green is an incredibly popular accent color for midcentury aesthetics, due to its versatile and earthy feel. Incorporate it via accent walls, throws, plants, vases, etc., and pair with pops of gold for a true midcentury effect.

3. Matching emerald green

Emerald green is a great, comforting, and glamorous shade. If you can't decide how to incorporate it, make it the theme of the room. Make it the wall color, and add a matching couch, chairs, and plants.

4. Olive green couch

Add a versatile but eye-catching green to your living room by getting an olive green couch and ottoman. Pair with lighter woods and white walls to let it stand out.

5. Mint green motif

Mint green is a lovely, subtle shade of green, and can be brighter and more obvious, or lighter and more subdued. Incorporate multiple tones to create a calming, airy environment.

6. Green hue mix and match

Can't decide what shade of green to incorporate in your living room, or how? Make everything green! Make sure the tones and hues are compatible, and add one shade to the wall, one via your couch, lamps, plants, pots, decorations, etc.

7. Calming light sage

Sage is an incredibly versatile shade of green due to its hue range. Paint the walls a light, almost gray green, and pair with a medium toned, true sage couch to carry the sage motif throughout the room without overwhelming.

8. Emerald green accent furniture

Emerald green is a great paint option, but it can be a bit overwhelming. And, while it's trendy, it isn't necessarily adaptable. Incorporate emerald green in a more timeless way by getting an emerald green couch. Pair with funky retro art for a fun and groovy aesthetic.

9. Trendy olive green

Olive green is a great green paint option. Opt for a darker color for a trendy approach, especially when paired with pink, gold, and rose gold furniture and décor.

10. Botanical beauty

Plants are a great way to incorporate green into your living room. Bring in a trendy botanical aesthetic with a surplus of plants. Add plant printed wallpaper, foliage colored green paint, and throw blankets to enhance the look.

11. Bright emerald

Bright emerald green is sure to be an eye catcher, especially in the living room. Pair with whites and golds in your furniture and décor for a glamorous, bold look.

12. Rustic luxe green

Rustic doesn't need to be homey. Create a luxurious rustic look by incorporating classic dark browns and woods with dark green, picture frame molding walls.

13. Dark and warm military green

Military green is a flatter, more neutral tone of green, but when it's darker it produces an intimate, charming feel. Make it a theme in your living room by making it the wall and furniture color, paired with darker green plants and dark wood tones.

14. Dark sage tropical glam

Create a high-end tropical aesthetic by painting the walls a dark, flat sage green. Pair with golds, pinks, palm plants, and black and white flooring for a complete tropical glam look.

15. Eclectic retro emerald

Rich emerald walls offer an array of décor options. One great route is a retro, dark wood music themed room. Add a simple white couch, dark warm toned woods, vinyl records, and a retro turntable for the full effect.

16. Midcentury mix and match

Mix and match green tones in a midcentury inspired living room to add a twist to the popular décor style. Keep the walls dark for an intimate feel and the couch light to keep it inviting. Match with light and warm wood tones for a true midcentury feel.

17. Emerald art deco

Introduce 1920s glam by adding dark emerald green art deco style wallpaper. Add pink in the wallpaper, furniture, and décor for a modern touch.

18. Simple and clean sage green

Create a simultaneously trendy, classic, light, and calming environment by adding light sage green tones around your living room. Keep it classic with white walls and light wood flooring, and introduce the green via the couch, lampshades, plants, etc.

19. Demure dark emerald

Create a demure and luxe living room by painting the walls a dark and rich emerald green. Add similarly colored throw pillows and blankets for the full effect.

20. Gatsby-inspired green and pink

Bring in a bit of Jay Gatsby glamor by painting your living room a flat dark green, paired with pink and gold furniture and accents. Add an array of plants for a lush, lively feel.

21. Emerald green accent wall

A deep emerald green accent wall will go well with any décor style. Create an updated rustic feel by pairing with a burnt sienna couch, dark woods, and faux animal mountings.

22. Artistic green gallery wall

Make a gallery wall stand out by painting it green, but ensure it goes with the colors in the art. Orange, pink, and gold tones will pair wonderfully. Add plants to incorporate more green.

23. Modern green and grey

Introduce a deep, dark green accent wall to a modern living room to shake up a monochrome color pallet. Add a few matching accent pillows or blankets to keep the green consistent.

24. Rustic green accents

Add a modern touch to a rustic room by introducing earthy green tones. A simple accent chair, decorative plates, and plants will add life to an otherwise dull room.

25. Groovy green and orange

Bring in a '70s vibe by pairing orange furniture and décor with a green accent wall. Keep other colors simple and neutral to keep from going overboard.

26. Minimalist green accent chairs

Minimalism, while a popular decorating style, can be a little monotonous and plain. Add warmth and color while still maintaining the clean feel of minimalism by adding in a couple dark green accent chairs.

27. Dark emerald accent wall

Bring warmth into your living room in a trendy way by painting a dark emerald green accent wall. Leave it as is, or add pops of bright mustard tones for a retro-inspired feel.

28. Pops of emerald green

For a youthful and trendy way to include green in your living room, pair lighter pink tones with a rich emerald green. An emerald green couch, accent pillow, and/or wall décor will pair beautifully with the pink shades.

29. Subtle mint green

Light mint green is a great alternative to white. Paint the walls, get a mint green couch, add the color in accents around the room, or do all three for a color motif. Pair with lighter wood tones for an airy, mi century inspired aesthetic.

30. Funky lime green couch

Add a funky twist and pop of color to your living room by opting for a bright lime green couch. Pair with simple yellow toned woods to keep the room from being overwhelming.