This Crystal Is Like A Pacifier For Your Home

Crystals are a popular healing tool for many. With a wide variety of crystals, all with different metaphysical properties and benefits, incorporating gemstones into your home is a great way to enhance different emotions and produce alternate moods. Crystals also look magnificent and can offer value to a room merely as decorations.

The benefits of crystals aren't exclusive to adults. Babies and nurseries can also benefit from the healing properties and aesthetic value of crystals — just make sure they're kept out of reach of curious kiddos. Architectural Digest said the crystal lepidolite is a great calming crystal and goes well in a baby's room or nursery. Fussy babies can benefit from the soothing properties of lepidolite, as can their stressed-out parents. Similar in appearance to amethyst or lavender rose quartz, lepidolite is a light purple rock most commonly found raw and is an excellent addition to rooms needing a boost of calming energy.

Calm and zen lepidolite

Lepidolite gets its name from a Greek word meaning "scale" due to its scaly appearance, according to Energy Muse, and is found all over the world, though most commonly in the United States, Australia, Czech Republic, Canada, Brazil, Russia, Japan, and Sweden.

Lepidolite is most commonly known as a powerful calming crystal. Physically, this is due to the crystal's high lithium content, which is an element present in many anti-anxiety medications. Metaphysically, the crystal's purple color aligns with the third eye and crown chakras, which put the mind at ease when activated. The calming effects are also powerful in helping soothe you to sleep.

This is why Architectural Digest recommends it for a nursery or baby's room, saying it "acts like a pacifier for the overwhelmed soul." Growing babies are often overwhelmed, anxious, stressed, or in need of sleep. Consider placing a lepidolite crystal up on a high shelf near a baby's crib to help soothe their anxieties and help them achieve a peaceful night's sleep. Also, consider placing a lepidolite crystal by your own bedside table to reap the benefits yourself.