When Will Building Roots Premiere On HGTV?

We have wonderful news for anyone who loves home design shows and HGTV shows hosted by couples, and we know there are a lot of you out there! Married pair Ben and Cristi Dozier will be using their combined home design savviness to bring fans a new show on HGTV called "Building Roots." Will it be your favorite new thing to watch? It very well might be thanks to the fact that the Doziers — who hail from Pagosa Springs, Colorado, according to Discovery — will be transforming homes in ways that will surely take your breath away. Taking on projects that would no doubt be daunting to many, the Doziers will be both renovating and building homes for clients that are not only meant to be unique but will also go beyond what anyone could have expected or dreamed of.

When it comes to this and other new shows from HGTV, the network's president Jane Latman released a statement, per Deadline, saying, "Our audience loves that we are stretching the home genre without losing the great storytelling that they've come to expect from HGTV." Latman added, "We continue to break the boundaries of the home genre with unique, buzzy show concepts, celebrated experts, and dynamic influencers."

That likely makes you incredibly excited to watch the show, which is why you'll need to know when it will premiere, which is the info we just happen to have for you!

Ben and Cristi Dozier are excited about their show

If you're excited for the action to get started on HGTV's "Building Roots," then you're definitely not alone. Just take a peek at Ben and Cristi Dozier's shared professional Instagram account for their business Root Design Co, and you'll see what they've been up to. That includes the fact that on February 10, they posted a photo of themselves hard at work along with a group of others and — along with several hashtags including #rootforeachother, #bestclientsever, and #staytuned — added the caption: "This crew... It's been less about what we build and more about who we build up."

Along with one social media user who responded with clapping emojis and another who opted for raised hands and a fire emoji, another follower who obviously liked what they saw wrote, "What a great crew."

Each one of those commenters will surely be tuned in when HGTV's "Building Roots" premieres on Sunday, April 10, at 9 p.m. ET/PT, per Discovery. Will you be watching?