The Best Crystals You Should Have In Your Home Office

Keeping a few select crystals in your home office can drastically change your energy, motivation, mood, and even improve your quality of work. Indeed, some believe that crystals have power and can affect the energy of you and your home, but whether you believe in the power of crystals or not, there is no denying that they make great d├ęcor pieces, no matter your personal style.

Placing crystals around your home can positively affect the overall energy of your space, but keep in mind that different crystals create different energies. For example, Better Homes & Gardens recommends using rose quartz to bring love and joy to your bedroom and carnelian in your kitchen to increase your creativity. Additionally, since some crystals have protective energies, they are particularly useful to keep in your home office. You may not think about how using a laptop every day for work affects you, but devices such as laptops, computers, or cell phones emit electromagnetic radiation fields (EMFs). EMFs can cause increased feelings of stress or fatigue, which can decrease both your workflow and quality of your work. Crystals can help reduce the negative effects of EMFs while also improving your focus, energy, and motivation. But which crystals should you keep in your home office?

Use crystals to stay protected and focused in your home office

After understanding the potential effects of EMFs, it's no surprise that people like to keep protective crystals, such as black tourmaline, on their desks or in their home offices. Forbes describes black tourmaline as helpful in reducing your exposure to EMFs. This crystal also helps protect you from the negative energies of others around you or the negative effects of social media. Plus, this shiny, black crystal adds an element of sophistication to your desk.

Other crystals can keep you feeling focused, motivated, and grounded while working from home, despite the potential distractions you may face. Citrine is recommended to use in your home office by Better Homes & Gardens because it is known to help with concentration and focus. Similarly, amethyst can help you focus more on work and keep an open mind to take on new projects. You don't need a lot of crystals in your home office to experience the positive effects; instead, focus on curating a collection of a few crystals that will meet your specific needs.