Abby Kolonsky

Photo of Abby Kolonsky
Philadelphia, PA
Arcadia University
Decluttering And Organizing Small Spaces, Mental Health Connections To Interior Design, Creating Comforting Spaces
  • Abby has long been obsessed with HGTV shows, which led to her interest in interior design.
  • No stranger to DIY projects, she has painted, refinished, and reupholstered several pieces for her apartment.
  • She is constantly scouring Etsy and thrift stores for unique décor items, and if she can't find what she's imagining, she makes it herself.


After graduating from college, Abby fell in love with writing and started a personal blog about designing her apartment and mental health. House Digest is the perfect combination of her passions, and she has been honing her writing and editing skills while learning new things about design every day. In addition to being a freelance writer and editor, Abby writes YA fiction, short stories, and poetry.


Abby graduated from Arcadia University with a degree in psychology.
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