What Color Palettes To Use If You're Featuring Pink

Pink is an excellent color to theme a room around. While it has the reputation of being girly and romantic, pinks come in a range of shades — sophisticated gray hued pinks, orangey and earthy terracotta tones, flat and retro hues, and more. Of course, pink can also create a romantic and feminine feel as well, if that's what you want.

According to House Beautiful, pink is a very calming and soothing color. More specifically, Empowered By Color said that pink is a reassuring color, helping release feelings of anger and resentment. It is also a color that instills feelings of hope, warmth and comfort. And who wouldn't want to promote that in their home?

With a myriad of aesthetic approaches and results, as well as the beneficial color psychology, pink is a great and versatile shade to feature in a room. With that myriad comes a surplus of possibilities. Keep reading to get an overview of different colors to feature with pink.

Feminine black, white, and gold

For a more feminine but classic approach, pair pink furniture, pillows, and throws with a black and white theme. Add sporadic touches of gold to bring out the warmth in the pink and feminize the gray scale theme.

Zen pink and gray

Pink can be an overwhelming color, despite its calming properties. Enhance the zen vibes without getting overwhelmed by pairing the pink with a gray scale color pallet. Lean towards a cooler, neutral toned gray for a versatile and modern feel.

Retro burnt orange and pink

Pink is a great color for adding a retro flare to a room. Pair darker, more rusty colors of pink with burnt oranges and terracotta tones for a funky, retro feel.

Dusty rose and cream

Dusty rose is a great, versatile shade of pink. It has a flatter and darker tone, resulting in a less overpowering color. Keep the subtle feel continuing by incorporating a cream and warm white color pallet.

Pink and blue

A great way to create visual intrigue in a room is to contrast with warm and cool tones. Mix in multiple shades of blue into a room featuring pink for visual intrigue, as well as to balance the feminine and masculine energies.

Trendy pink and emerald

A great and trendy color combo is pale pink paired with a rich, deep emerald green. You only need touches of the green, as the dark color will stand out and potentially overwhelm the pink.

Pink and mint green

Stick to a sweeter, feminine tone by adding pops of mint green in a room featuring pink. The mint green will make the pink a bit more sophisticated, while still remaining youthful. Bring it down a bit with some black furniture and gray accessories.

Youthful muted rainbow

Rainbow is a great, easy to accomplish color pallet, as it doesn't stick to any certain rules. However, it can become overwhelming very easily. Use a light pink as a base, then add a myriad of warm but muted colors of the rainbow — olive green, mustard yellow, peacock blue, burnt orange, etc.

Gray and hot pink

Add a touch of life and color to a modern, grayscale room by incorporating a hot pink color pallet. Use the color sparingly, as the bold pink shade will stand out easily against the monochromatic theme.

Salmon pink and rustic wood

Salmon is a lovely, more gender neutral shade of pink. It has a rustic quality to it — enhance this by pairing with rustic dark woods, dark and flat grays, and worn copper or gold.

Boho muted baby pink and bamboo

Create a boho inspired feel by heavily utilizing a muted baby pink, almost beige, color. Pair with bamboo toned woods and accents for the full effect.

Pink on pink

Can't decide between different shades of pink? Use them all! Incorporate multiple shades and tones of pink — light and bright, dark and flat, dusty and deep, etc. — for a feminine haven.

Vintage pink, gold, and green

Bring in a roaring 20s flare to your space by matching a deep muted pink with an equally deep emerald. Add an abundance of gold accessories for a completely vintage feel.

Mature pink and blue

Add a bit more depth and maturity to the aforementioned pink and blue pallet by deepening the shades, adding darker woods, and black accents.

Warm pink and black contrasts

Opt for a really warm pink, paired with equally warm and earthy yellows and oranges. Add a lot of visual texture and interest by pairing the warm color pallet with a starkly modern black one.

Updated retro pink, black, and white

Pair a pink statement piece with a retro inspired black and white color pallet. Pair with gold accents for an even more retro feel.

Groovy pink and red

Pink and red may bring forth images of Valentine's Day in your mind, but the color combination has a lot of potential to create a really groovy, unique, retro look. Pair vibrant pinks with bold reds, and bring it down with gold tones.

Baby pink and gold

Baby pink, as the name would suggest, is a great color for a nursery. Pair with gold and white for a calming but visually pleasing room.

Coral pink and green

Create a trendy but vintage color pallet by combining a coral, flamingo pink with a rich, tropical green. Add hues of gold to tie it together.

Floral pink and gray-blue

Feature the pink tones innate to florals, and pair with a gray-toned blue for a more refined, neutral approach to florals.